Thursday, July 22, 2010

More MASC news

We now have 110 shooters signed up for the CED MASC. Still plenty of slots for Saturday or Sunday mornings available. Saturday PM is full.

All 6 divisions have enough shooters that we will pay a winner in each. That is $225for a division win! Not bad eh?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Sponsor

The Mid-Atlantic Section Championship now has a sponsor! Competitive Edge Dynamics is supplying timers for the match and has become the sole sponsor. Based right here in Pennsylvania and manufacturer of the best timing equipment in the sport they were a natural fit. We really are stoked to have new timers that will be consistent from stage to stage. If you're in the market for a timer or any shooting equipment be sure to check out their site at

Thursday, July 15, 2010

PA state steel challenge prizes

2010 PASSC Payouts

1st KC Eusubio $220
2nd Mike Digennaro $132
3rd Ben Thompson $66
4th James McGinty $22

1st Jason Koons $230
2nd Rich LaBrocca $138
3rd James McGinty $69
4th Wayne Hardesty $23

1st Greg Jordan $240
2nd Jason Koons $144
3rd Dave Olhasso $72
4th Scott Campsey $24

Revolver Irons
1st Dave Olhasso $50
2nd Josh Lentz $30

Revolver Scoped
1st Dave Olhasso $60
2nd Mike Digennaro $36

Rimfire Irons
1st Scott Campsey $130
2nd Jason Koons $78
3rd Dave Olhasso $39

Rimfire Optics
1st KC Eusubio $240
2nd Scott Campsey $144
3rd James McGinty $72
4th Rich LaBrocca $24

1st Greg Jordan $100
2nd Kirk McWilliams $60

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July FunShoot

Is DEFINITELY this Saturday July 17th a week earlier than usual. Ignore all other rumors, especially those started by me.

We will play with our usual friends, with a twist or two, and the IKES Gallery was popular enough, that I will set up another one.
Round count will be just under 100. Pistol caliber carbines (yes .22Lr too) are now standard fare, bring 'em whenever you want.

As always, please visit the following links for info and reminders, and of course, shoot me an email at with any questions or comments.


Monday, July 12, 2010

PA State Steel Challenge Results

The results are posted at and have been since about 3:00pm yesterday. A special thanks to Rob Burkindine for such fast results. Kirk is mightily relieved to have this match behind him and wants to thank shooters and staff for making it another successful year. The payouts should be posted here in a few days and I promise they will be impressive.

We already have a list of improvements for the 3rd Annual PASSC. We hope to see you all next year.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

PA state steel challenge details

Official Start times for the 2nd Annual PA State Steel Challenge

Saturday AM – 8:30am

Saturday PM – 1:00pm

Sunday AM – 9:00am

** Match briefing 15min before START TIMES.

** Registration opens 45min before start times.

We will have Breakfast sandwiches and coffee for sale early in the morning both Saturday and Sunday. We will have lunch and refreshments for sale both days as well. Come hungry!


Please make sure when you are called to shoot that you have both guns ready and all required magazines loaded and ready to go. You will shoot both guns back to back. On every stage, barrels will be placed next to the shooters boxes for bagged guns and magazines for your convenience.

Kirk McWilliams
Match Director
PA State Steel Challenge