Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My thoughts on shotgun ammo

I fielded a couple questions lately on shotgun ammo so I'll post about it.

For the majority of multigun shooting I use 7.5 shot, and most people I know do.  I use Winchester bulk pack from Walmart for most practicing.  I use Winchest AA 1300fps, ounce and an eigth load also from Walmart for matches because it is a litle more reliable, and it is worth the cost in my opinion.   Remington STS ammo is as good as AA and maybe even better but harder to find.

I use Remington Reduced Recoil 1 ounce slugs, and they work well and are accurate.

It's also advisable to have some Fiocchi spreaders in your bag just in case you run into something right in your face.  Again 7.5s.

I also carry a box of 6s in case I run into some steel that's hard to knock down, but they're not legal everywhere.  They're not at York for instance.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Funshoot results

Well, that whole time thing just didn't work out the way I planned, so I have listed scores by raw points.  I'm working on a new scoring plan for next month (with the help of a friend) that will actually make sense.
Interestingly enough, all but one of the scored shooters were Center-fire Autos.

Thanks for coming out, I saw lots of smiles.  See you in March.

Jim S 700
John Z 700
Mike W 670
Mark w 670 Shotgun
Rick V 650
Gary P 620
Art L 610
Robert T 590
James M 560
Chet W 550
John S 542
Joseph W 530
Lee H 500
Paul K 490
Grant S 490 RFA
Marty K 480
Jesse G 440
Bob S 360
Marty H 330
Dave H 260
John S 240
Liz D 240
Robert G 200

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A few reminders when arriving for a FunShoot

When you arrive for a match/shoot.

1. Your gun(s) must be unloaded, and separate from any loaded magazines, and separate from any ammunition when you arrive at the club, even for CC permit holders.

2. Check in with registration before handling your gun, you may carry it around in your range bags.

2. You may only handle your gun(s) in a designated safety area or as commanded by a range officer/official. Your vehicle is not a designated safety area.

3. You may not handle loaded magazines or ammunition in the safety area.

5. Guns, whether they are loaded or not, may only be pointed downrange (safe table excluded). Allowing the muzzle to wander uprange even if unloaded is unacceptable.

Failure to follow any of these rules at any time will result in match disqualification and especially flagrant or repeated offenses may result in your not being invited back.

If you have any questions about gun or ammunition handling ask a match official before you make a mistake.

All other procedures will be explained at the mandatory shooters briefing.



Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring 3 man 3 gun

There are only 2 spots left in the Spring 3 man 3 gun.  I will fill them by post mark.  First come, first served.  I will not hold spots if you call or email me.  It wouldn't be fair.

If you are already in you should've recieved a confirmation from me.  I just sent out 4 emails and I an up to the minute with that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Falling Steel Fun Shoot

Confirms went out last night, if you shoulda, but didn't, let me know.

And there are still a few slots left if you would like to play


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yes there is a February Fun Shoot

Wow, last week was such a blast, we have decided to do it again, funshoot style.  

On Sunday Feb 26th we will host a Falling Steel Fun Shoot consisting of 72 targets, open to most any handgun or carbine in standard pistol calibers, including .22's.  You can run for time, for score or for fun.  There will be one flight, limited to 40 shooters and preregistration is required at  The cost is $10.  Sign in from 11:30 to 12:15, shooters brief at 12:15 and shooting begins at 12:30. We should wrap up by about 3pm.

We are also having our second York RO class on Sunday Feb 26th from 10-12:00 am.  This class is open to shooters who have been shooting with us long enough to know our ways, and wish to step up and help run squads during any level of activity here at York.  It is free of charge, and lunch will be provided.   You must sign up for that at  as well.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last call for 3 man 3 gun teams

I now have 39 paid applications in my hands with at least 3 more on their way.  We will only take 49 teams and that number is set in stone.  If you want to get in this match you better get your applicaion in the mail.  This match will definitely be full by the end of February.

Application available at

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Falling Steel Results

These results deserve more than a comment on the previous post.  Thanks again.

What a great day!

Thanks to all of you who came out and enjoyed the day with us.  Results will be on our website with stage results.  I'll let you know.

Name Gun(s) Division Total
Kirk McWilliams Carbine Limited 157.92
Gary Swope Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 115.76
Bryan Charboneau Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 116.42
Jim Sheehy Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 128.45
Mike Weiss Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 141.42
Ben Deroner Pistol Limited 0.00
Mike Stephens Pistol Limited 151.20
Jay Sessions Pistol Limited 154.92
Walt Romaniw Pistol Limited 177.53
Mark Cooper Pistol Limited 185.27
Greg Senft Pistol Limited 193.76
Tom Ordille Pistol Limited 208.74
Mike Collingwood Pistol Limited 247.43
Tasha Kearney Pistol Limited 265.75
Gary Rowe Pistol Limited 268.02
Kyle Ordille Pistol Limited 354.21
Brian Shank Pistol Open 120.20
Leonard Perry Pistol Open 146.68
Jerry Missimer Pistol Open 152.50
Jim Fort Pistol Open 276.42
Mike Shulo Pistol Open 372.79
Fred Pickard Pistol Open Rev 163.30
Tom Olewine Pistol Open Rev 190.80
Patrick Foley Pistol Open Rev 218.36
Bernie Fallert Pistol Pro 0.00
Lee Hankey Pistol Pro 0.00
Rich Poole Pistol Pro 0.00
Casey Dudeck Pistol Pro 114.42
Tom Gallup Pistol Pro 197.51
Ken Smith Pistol Pro 199.98
Logan Brown Pistol Pro 207.71
Marty Kalister Pistol Pro 211.20
Sean Horning Pistol Pro 217.56
Adam Cavanaugh Pistol Pro 245.75
Jim Sevick Pistol Pro 252.90
Fred Zimmer Pistol Pro 256.94
John Lerch Pistol Pro 265.64
Paul Scarborough Pistol Pro 284.20
Bob Whiteford Pistol Pro 310.22
Phil Matte Pistol Pro 314.82
Bob Spangler Pistol Pro 335.37
Sophia Kapranos Pistol Pro 494.23
Steve Paterno Pistol SS 161.46
Gerry Velasco Pistol SS 196.37
Roger Pederson Pistol SS 271.92
Chet Wise Pistol SS 318.06
Rick Zapf Pistol SS 328.62
Kraig Baer Pistol  Pro 236.24
Jeremy Missimer Shotgun Limited 178.85
Matt Nagel Shotgun  Limited 0.00
Howard T. 2nd run Shotgun/pistol Limited 88.64
Howard Thompson Shotgun/pistol Limited 95.47
Chris Martin Shotgun/pistol Limited 99.38
Dean Deturk Shotgun/pistol Limited 108.41
Mike Stephens Shotgun/pistol Limited 141.66
Jim Sheehy Shotgun/pistol Limited 164.77
Dave Stephens Shotgun/pistol Limited 189.19
Kirk McWilliams Shotgun/pistol Limited 202.96
Jeff Hoge Shotgun/pistol Limited 205.86
Paul Krick Shotgun/pistol Limited 319.17
John Migliaccio Shotgun/pistol Open 101.96
Gary Parsons Shotgun/pistol Open 117.65
Dave A 2nd Run Shotgun/pistol Open 121.37
Dave Albanese Shotgun/pistol Open 138.81
Dave Williams Shotgun/pistol Open 213.29

Lets shoot!

7:39am: Roads are clear.  Hardly a breath of wind.  I'll bet it's not even as cold as predicted.  I might wear shorts.  Let's shoot!

See you at the range.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roads update part 2

11:50pm: I just got home from work and the roads aren't even covered.  The snow which never really amounted to much should be stopping any minute, so I don't see the roads being a problem in the morning.

It is supposed to be cold and windy tomorrow but we've got the aforementioned burn barrels and wood ready to go and the walls and berms block much of the wind in the back pits where we will be shooting.

We are going to discuss changing the rule sin the morning to all pistol shooting done from low ready so we don't have to unbundle to shoot.  We'll vote on it or something.

See you in the morning,  H-

Road update

The roads around the club are clear.  A little wet but absolutely no snow or ice as of 4:00pm Saturday.  There may be a dusting tonight but I doubt anything more serious.  We're on.

I'll get home from work tonight sometime between minight and 2:00am.  I'll try to update you again.  Check in the morning if you like, but I'm sure we'll be fine.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Falling Steel Shoot weather

Well it's February so you knew it would be cold when you signed up, and now it looks like we may have a dusting of snow.  Neither of these things will stop us from having the match Sunday.

We expect everyone who signed up to be there Sunday regardless of the weather.  There is very little movement so snow won't matter, and we have burn barrels ready to go if it's cold.

We have been turning shooters away since Wednesday so to not show up would be very poor form and will be remembered for future matches, and may effect your ability to get into them.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Falling Steel match is full

There is now a waiting list.  You can email to be placed on the waiting list, but I can't make any promises.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Falling Steel Shoot updates and procedures

Wow!  This thing is more popular than I imagined.  The 10:00am slot is full and there are only a few left at 1:00pm.  There are a lot of new shooters and this is a little diferent than our normal matches so I though I'd go over how this match will work Sunday.

Please be at the ranges at least a half hour before your assigned time slot.  When you get to the club you may park over around the shooting pavillions or in the grass by the driveway.  Gather up your unloaded, cased gear and walk over to the little building under the pavillion between the rifle and pistol range and get registered.

Registration will entail paying your entry fee of $10 per time slot, paying $2 each for chamber flags for your long guns if you don't have them, seeing what squad you are on and finding out where you will begin shooting, and collecting your score sheet if you want one.

Chamber flags are now mandatory for long guns at all York Izaak Walton matches.  If you don't bring them you must purchase them.  You will use them for the duration of the day any time you are not engaged in a course of fire even if they are in a case or on a cart.

After registration you should fill out the parts of your score sheet that you can, and get your gear prepared.  You may load magazines and put your holster on under the pavillion but you must only handle your firearms at the SAFETY AREA. You may not handle ammunition at the safety area for any reason.  There will be 2 safety areas for this match and they will be marked as such.   One will be on the other side of the white trailer and one will be in the back pits.  Safety areas are the only place you may handle your firearms all day unless engaged in a course of fire.

15 minutes before your assigned shooting time you should be paid up, geared up, have your score sheet filled out and be waiting under the pavillion for the match briefing.  I will call your attention for the match briefing and say a few words about the match and send you out to shoot with your squads.

Please keep your squad together and help reset the steel, run the timers and clipboards.  We will have a full house so everyone will need to be cooperative.  This match should be a lot of fun but we need your help.

Keeping score will be optional for this match.  There are no payouts so there is no pressure.  We will however be using timers for everyone.  First as a start signal. and secondly as a time limiter.  You will have one minute on each stage to hit all the steel you can.  When the par beep goes off at 60 seconds if you are not already finished you must unload and show clear and the course of fire is over.

There will be written walk-throughs or stage briefings on all 4 stages.  Each walk-through will have several options for the different kinds of guns and combinations.  If you are writing down your scores please abide by the walk-throughs so we can have a fair comparison of scores.

If you are shooting a long gun you must carry it between stages in one of the following manners:  In a case.  On a cart designed for carrying long guns.  On a sling muzzle up or down.  You must have a chamber flag in the long gun regardless of carry method.

This will be a lost brass match.  There will not be time to pick up brass between shooters.  There may be an opportunity to pick up brass at the end of the day.

You may change divisions or guns up until the time you begin shooting.  Just write it on your score sheet.  You do not have to email me to change beforehand.

A lot of shooters are signing up for Production pistol.  That's cool, but remember that Production will have a 10 rounds per magazine limit.  If you have a Production pistol and want to load up your magazines you may sign up for Limited and do so.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  See you Sunday, Howard

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Falling Steel Shoot

What started out as an unorganized thing is becoming much more. I guess people are just itching to shoot.

On Sunday, February 12th we will be hosting a falling steel match at York Izaak Walton. This match will have a lot of options availables so it should suit just about everyone. There are 112 pieces of steel so bring plenty of ammo. How much you need will depend on how much you miss.

There will be 2 time slots. The first one will be 10:00 am and the 2nd one will start at 1:00pm. We will take a maximum of 40 shooters for each and I expect each group to shoot for about 2 hours. You may only sign up for one slot at this time. (As of 1:13pm on 2/6 there are 2 slots available for 10:00.  Start putting on your request if you can shoot at 1:00 if you don't get in at 10:00) I want as many different people to have an opportunity to get in as possible. If we have openings after Wednesday I will allow those interested to sign up for a second time slot. I'll post on the blog Wednesday if there are 2nd slots available. Each slot will cost $10 and there will be no payouts.

There will be several gun choices:
Centerfire pistol only
Centerfire pistol caliber carbine only
Shotgun only (7.5 or 8 shot only)
Centerfire pistol and centerfire pistol caliber carbine multi-gun
Centerfire pistol caliber carbine and shotgun multi-gun
Centerfire pistol and shotgun multi-gun

Each of these gun choices will have several division choices:
Revolver (handgun only)
Single Stack (handgun only)
Production (handgun only = production style gun with 10 round mags)
Limited (handguns = load 140mm mags up & iron sights & no porting, carbines = iron sights, shotguns = no loading devices or detachable mags, 9 rounds max)
Tactical Optics (handguns = load 140mm mags up & iron sights & no porting, carbines = any optic, )
Open (handguns = load 170mm mags up, optics and porting allowed on all guns, shotgun = max 11 rds)
Outlaw Open (all guns allowed porting, multiple optics and no mag limits of any kind)

We are going to do advance sign up for this shoot. I wasn't going to, but now I am. Email me at and let me know if you want to shoot the 10:00am or 1:00pm slot and what gun(s) you'll be shooting, what division those guns are in, and if there is anyone you would like to shoot with. Do not delay, I expect this match to fill quickly.

Email me if you have any questions.

Check back here periodically for more details and updates.