Monday, November 24, 2008

This Blog over the winter

This blog has generally been posted to about twice a week. That's probably enough. However with the season coming to a close it may become a little more sporadic. Nothing going on means nothing worth posting about. I'm not abandoning the blog and I will post a least once a week throughout the winter. About Jan 1 we'll really start thinking about shooting again the posts will become more frequent again. I promise. Meanwhile check in once in a while, and if you see or hear anything ineresting email me and I'll include it in a post.

I will continue the series on things we can do to ensure our shooting future. If you have any ideas about that email me. I do have a few more, but a lot of thinking and researching goes into them before I post. This is a well planned endeavor. I want it to mean something.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Step 2

Join the NRA. It amazes me how many shooters are not NRA members. I've heard all the excuses. "They're always asking for money." or "What have they done for me lately?" or "I don't like that candidate they backed." or "They couldn't stop that bad legislation from being passed." But, the truth is they are our best ally and resource. With over 3 million members, a ton of money, experienced lobbyists, and full time staff, they do have political clout, and they are the best place for all your research when you want to argue our Second Ammendment rights.

At $35 per year it is very affordable. The magazine is good and there are many other benefits, like insurance. Less than $1 a week is not much money when yuo consider the money we all spend on shooting. Many of the companies we regularly deal with offer discounted memberships with their products. If the NRA requests more money as a donation to fight for your rights you can always tell them no. And if you tell them not to call anymore they do as thy're told.

The NRA and it's political wing the NRA-ILA offer facts which we can use against the anti-gunners emotional arguements. Their website is 24/7 and available to non-members and members alike. Gary S. sent me this link which further explains Obama's anti-gun agenda just this morning. It comes from the NRA.

I think they are the best ally we have available. Please join if you're not already a member. Call 1-877-NRA-2000 or go to Do it today.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Step 1

Obama IS anti-gun. This should not be news to you, but there are some who think that he doesn't really care about gun control. Take a moment to search the internet and you will find hundreds of articles outlining his anti-gun tendencies in Illinois, and dozens more about his anti-gun campaign promises. It is a fact.

If we want to save our sport and more importantly our rights as legal firearms owners we are going to have to make a serious, and well orchestrated effort, and we are going to have to convince as many people to help us as we can. I have been giving this issue a lot of thought since the election and I am going to do a series of articles here to help promote this cause. If you are with me check back often to see what I've came up with, take the time to do what I suggest if you agree, tell your friends about it, and please comment or email me if you have anything to add, or if you think I'm wrong.

Action is paramount. If you sit back and think the NRA, GOA, or someone is going to save us you're wrong. We must all be a part of the effort. Your personal actions will make the difference. Do not sit this one out. Take time to put forth an individual effort. Believe that YOU can make a difference!

Step 1: Write your Representatives and Senators. It's not too early to start bombarding our federal legislators with letters, phone calls, and emails, telling them that we are against all forms of gun control. Go to this link if you need help finding contact info for your legislators. Take a few minutes to compose an email, letter, or make a phone call, to tell them what you believe. Keep it brief and too the point. Be organized and calm. Don't make any kind of threats, not even ones to vote them out of office. Politely point out that we use semi-autos for sport, and no gun ban, especially not the Clinton gun ban, ever had a positive impact on crime and that studies by the CDC and many other neutral and even anti-gun organizations back this up.

Most of our Congressmen already have a pro or anti gun leaning, and we probably can't sway many of them, but there may be a few. There is also the possibility that they may have to answer a call from Barack Obama, Sarah Brady or some other radical, and we want them to be able to say "Our office has been inundated with calls and emails from our constituents against any from of gun ban."

Do your duty as a gun owner. Take action now. Spread the word. We need every gun owner in the country to back us on this one.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pistol for Sale

A friend of mine called me and told me he had just bought a pistol like we use in competition in a multi-gun deal and wants me to see if anyone is interested. He's sure it is quite the ticket for Open division. You may note he has never been to a USPSA match. Check this thing out.I looked at this thing and it is some kind of dinosaur. .45 cal Auto Ordnance. Laser sight about a foot and a half above the bore. Some kind of funky thumbrest which prevents two handed firing. A strange tint hard-chrome job. Aside from that it it extremly well done and certain things lead me to believe it it probably very accurate. I think it must have been built for some kind of bullseye shooting.
If you have any interest in this thing let me know and I'll get you in touch with the owner.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few more pics

Most of my squad, having a ball. Notice the supressed MP5 that showed up to play. What fun. I'll have a link to some videos I took in a few days.

November USPSA match

Our last match of the year is now in the books, and it was a great one, capping off a great season. I want to issue a huge thank you to our many shooters this year. It was an enjoyable season and I'm looking forward to next year already.

Kevin M. really focusing on the targets as he heads into a reload.

Does Tom L. Look like he's having fun here or what?

Our very own John Z. tears into some targets.

Super Kirk ROs Pat C. as he he leans out to engage some targets.

Husband and wife, Tino and Barb run Fredericksburg, believed by many to be the best club in our Area.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Woe is us

By now we've all had time to reflect upon the election results. We all know how poorly the Presidential election went for gun owners, but what you may not have considered is how badly the Congressional elections went for us also. The anti-gun socialists also picked up members of the House and the Senate. Depending on ballots still being counted in close races the anits may have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate.

We are in trouble, and I don't know what we can do about it. My best advice is that if you want new guns, mags, or ammo buy it now, before Obama takes office. He will quite likely have a "First 100 days plan" and it will quite likely include anti-gun legislation that will already be written up, likely passed by Congress, and ready to sign immediately upoin his taking office. Obama has repeatedly promised to pass a new tougher Clinton gun ban bill, and his history has proven that he is vehemently anti-gun. Especially the kinds of guns and mags we enjoy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November USPSA match sign up

Once again it is time to sign up for our monthly USPSA match. It will be a 7 stage pistol match with about 150 rounds required. To sign up email Dave at with your name USPSA#, division, and any squadding preferences. You should receive a confirmation email within a day or two.

You may elect to shoot a pistol caliber carbine this match instead of pistol. We’ll use the same stages as the pistol shooters, but there will be alternate start positions on some stages. If you plan on doing that please let Dave know. There will be two divisions, Open, and Limited. Basically, the difference is Open has optics. If there are enough carbines and usually there are we will do payouts just like pistol.

Entry fee for either pistol or carbine is $20. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. Please drive slowly entering and leaving the club grounds.

This will be our last match of the year, and it looks to be a good one. The stages look challenging and fun.

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday, your gun rights are at stake. NObama!