Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to join York Izaak Walton #67

We're always looking for new members, and if you're checking the pistol blog then you're exactly the kind of person we're looking for.  Joining the Izaak Walton has many advantages, and you probably already know about the ranges or you wouldn't be on this site, but we also have a lot of great things going for us.  If you want to learn more be sure to check our clubs website.  There is a link on the right sidebar.

Joining our club is simple.
- You have to attend one of our monthly orientations where we take you on a one hour tour and discuss the rules of the club and all of it's many features as well as answer your questions.
- We get you an application which we sign as sponsors at the orientation, and you can turn it in right there with your check if you like.
- We take it to the next board meeting which is generally the first Tuesday of the month where it is voted on.  Everyone passes.
- You can pick up your membership card at the next open meeting which is the third Tuesday of the  month, or you can have it mailed to you.

Once you're in all you have to do is enjoy the club, and pay your yearly dues.  Of course we will invite you to become more involved but it is not mandatory.  You'll get out of it what you put into it.

Our next orientation is Sunday, December 30th at 1:00pm.  If you attend and turn in your application then we'll have you in by January 17th.

I hope to see you there.  If you're already a member tell a friend.  The more the merrier.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Single Stack Poll Results

Based on poll results and feedback from the few real Single Stack shooters we have it is obvious that we will adopt a 10 round mag limit for all.  This is going to be easier to RO and the fact that it is the same for Production and L10 makes like simpler for all involved.  Now if they just started making 10 round revolvers....

Friday, November 30, 2012

Production poll results

I think the results of the poll are pretty clear.  Although a lot of people think that we should allow 15 round capacity, and a few "anything goes" the vast majority agree that we should closely follow USPSA Production equipment rules.

After monitoring the debate and comments I think the concensus is that we allow people who want to shoot USPSA Production type equipment have the Production division, and anyone who wants to shoot a production type gun with modifications and/or high capacity mags can shoot in Limited and be at no real disadvantage.

Limited, and Open equipment rules are already very close to USPSA so I think we should leave them the same, with no major and minor power factors.

Revolver should also remain tied to USPSA equipment rules as far as I am concerned.

Single Stack....Ah, that is interesting.  Hence the next poll.

USPSA Single stack is messed up in my opinion.  The one thing I heartily disagree with is that minor calibers may load 10 rounds in a mg while major may only load 8.  That's not going to work for us for sure because there is no major or minor in IMGA/Time Plus scoring.  So what do we do?

The four choices don't show up well in the poll.  They are:

- Allow only 8 rounds in any caliber
- Allow 10 rounds in any caliber
- Allow only eight in .45 but ten in 9mm or .40
- Allow only 8 in .40 or .45 but ten in 9mm

And please comment.  Remember Anonymous comments don't carry as much weight as ones that the owner is not afraid of.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Production division poll

Note there is a poll just to the right of this column asking what we should do about Production division next year.  We are not going to be USPSA sanctioned next year so we will have to write in our own rules for pistol only divisions.

My first thought on Production is that we should closely follow USPSA rules so that if you do shoot USPSA matches it will be very similar with no equipment differences.  However, we do have the option of removing mag capacity restrictions or anything else we want to do.  So, I ask you, what do you think?

Please leave comments to this post as well.  Your opinions are important (as long as they're not anonymous)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November pistol match results

The results are posted on our regular website at:

This match marks the end of USPSA at York.  Next year will be focused on multigun, but with an option available for pistol shooters.  Keep an eye on this page for announcements of exciting things for next year at York.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

November USPSA match

On Sunday, November 11th, we will be hosting a 6 stage USPSA match in which all 6 stages will be classifiers.

The entry fee will be $20 and there will only be one time slot 9:00am.  We will finish set up and registration at 8:00am and match briefing will be at 8:45am.

To sign up for this match email us at and tell us your:
- Name
- Division
- Anyone you wish ot be squadded with.

We will only be taking 40 shooters, and the round count is under 50 rounds so this match should go very quickly. The entire match will be shot in the back pits, and the registration and match briefing will be near the back gate.

There will be no multi-gun options available this month, and you may not use rifle or shotgun to shoot this match. It would be possible to use a pistol caliber carbine and shoot it for fun.

Some of us will be shooting Monday, 11/5 at 12:00pm for score because we have conflicts on match day.  If you would like to shoot Monday let us know and you will be welcome to join us.

There is some possibility some of us will shoot Saturday the 10th for score.  Please comment if that interests you, and if there is sufficient interest we will arrange it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October FunShoot results

Here they be.  Thanks again for yet another fun day, and all the work you all did. We at York are truly blessed with the quality of folks that hang out with us.  The FunShoot is shutdown until January, but fear not, there is one more Action shoot in a few weeks.



Timed Points
Centerfire Iron Auto  Centerfire Iron Auto  Multigun
Tom L 377.41
William H 555.52 Rob S 820 Jim W 540.98
Gregg T 535.82 Nate D 610
Jim H 271.77 Jeff H 1040
Corey G 348.39 Joe M 1170
Dave W 230.99 Greg S
Paul W 247.67
Kevin D 226.57
Paul K 426.1
Lee H 393.51
Joseph S 240.49
Dianna R 629.47
Sam R 438.47
Buddy K 232.82
Centerfire Scoped Auto
Robert T 113.69
Rimfire Iron Auto
Mary H 349.03

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thank you fun shooters!

All you Fun Shooters, I hope you had a great time today at Gary's Halloween extravaganza, and I want to thank you for giving us some of your time to prepare for the impending disaster.  If Sandy decides to flood us I think we are as ready as we can be.   I feel like we'll be pretty safe with anything up to 3 feet of water over the banks, and it is rare for that to happen, though possible.  I know we wouldn't be this ready without you.

I had a lot of fun today (I always find fun shoots relaxing) and thoroughly enjoyed talking to a lot of you.  I had two topics come up quite often and thought I might address them here:

1. What do I have to do to join?  Joining Izaak Walton is easy.  We need you to fill out an application available at  then attend an orientation where we show potential members around the club and show them what we have to offer, and discuss the rules.  We have one scheduled every month, and can do special orientations if needed.  Then submit your application and a check.  We vote on your application at the board meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, and by the 3rd Tuesday you're in.  We're always looking for new members.  Feel free to email me at if you have more questions.

2. How do I get more involved with the pistol committee?  The pistol committee is actually a fairly active committee and we communicate a lot by email.  Just email me and tell me to put you on the "pistol committee list" and you're in.  You'll receive emails about our work details, set ups, and shoots.  I really don't care if you're a Izaak Walton member or not.  If you want to work come do it. If you want to shoot with us you can be one of our guests.  That being said, membership has it's privileges.  Again, email me if you havbe more questions.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year, and having another great Fun Shoot season in 2013.  I'm sure Gary will come up with even more great ideas, but I know he's always open to suggestions.  Don't hesistate to email him with your thoughts.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The future of action shooting at York

I received an email today asking if we were really giving up USPSA shooting at York Izaak Walton.  This is the reply I sent:

"Yes, it does mean the end of USPSA at York Izaak Walton.

We have decided that USPSA is no longer representative of our needs. We have decided to continue action shooting, with pistols, as well as multi-gun, in a manner very similar to USPSA but without their rules or scoring system. The rules of USPSA are very restrictive and change so often that we can't keep them straight. Their scoring system is unnecessarily complicated and time consuming. By dropping USPSA we will also be saving the club a great deal of money on the activity fees we paid to USPSA. In 2011 it was about $2000.00. Set up for non-USPSA matches is infinitely easier and faster.

Action shooting is stronger than ever at York and it will easier to set up and more fun to shoot without USPSA. We will be using a form of IMGA rules and Time plus scoring. We ran a beta test last at month's match and it was universally approved. Without USPSA we will have more variety of targets to choose from and more leeway in designing courses of fire. Safety will remain our foremost concern, and keeping action shooting enjoyable for both shooters and our staff will be second.

All of your current equipment will remain competitive and the divisions are so similar to those of USPSA that you won't have to change anything.

November 11th will be our last USPSA match and it will be a 7 stage match with 6 classifiers, so if your classification matters to you we will provide one last opportunity."
This is not an invitation to sign up.  Expect that around November 4th.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ocktorba FunShoot

York IWLA presents our Monthly FunShoot, this Saturday, the 27th of October.

Consisting of around 100 targets, this shoot will be open to all standard caliber handguns and carbines, with 2 hybrid classes for handgun/shotgun (7 1/2 shot or smaller, 4 slugs minimum), or handgun/carbine.

This month we honor Halloween. Be prepared for ghostees and goblins, spiders and spooks.  We will have 6-7 stages including spooky steel, a little USPSA style monster action, gallery of not so much stuff, choose your own clays (if you dare), terror on the bullseye stage, and (if mother nature cooperates) bobbing for pumpkins.

There will be 3 scoring classes:
Points, where you will be scored by total points in an exact round count count,
Timed, where the fastet gun to smash all targets wins,
IDC, a non scored option where you do pretty much what you want, as long as you are safe, within reason, and under the guidance of your squad Range Officer.

The weather is looking reasonable for the weekend, so lets say final setup and check in start at 7:30, shooter brief about 8:30 and shooting 'round 8:45.

Cost is $15 adults, $5 for under 18.  OH! And if you show up in costume (firearm safe, even a witches hat alone will do, and I don't care if you are your kids worst nightmare, dressing up as yourself won't make it past the panel of judges...), you get $5 off the price of admission, and a small and totally insignificant prize will go to the best costume.  

Preregister now at  We will only be accepting 50 shooters max.

Remember, York is a cold range, please have all firearms unloaded and secured when you arrive at the range, including CC permit holders.  Handle firearms only after you register, and only at the safe tables or under direction of a range officer.

See you all Saturday


Friday, October 19, 2012

Final results

The final results for Octobers Action Matches have been posted to our regular website at the following links:

Pistol results

Shotgun/pistol results

Rifle/pistol results

Congratulations to our winners and stay tuned for upcoming events by checking this blog.

We have a fun shoot scheduled for October 17th and the invitation post should appear here around the 20th.

We also have a USPSA Special Classifier scheduled for November 11th.  It will contain up to 6 classifiers.  The invitation for that should appear on this blog about November 4th.  It will be our last match of the year.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Prelimnary pistol and rifle Multi-gun results

Name Div 8 7 6 5 4 Total
Brennan Keil Lim 33.65 57.46 44.65 49.14 60.75 245.65
Mike Robinson Lim 38.34 92.48 55.83 101.38 115.87 403.90
Paige Dalton Lim 69.49 218.04 61.16 88.34 112.43 549.46
Bob Spangler Lim 93.20 123.33 80.35 157.23 180.89 635.00
Paul Nowotarski Open 27.21 48.45 33.64 58.05 51.52 218.87
Dave Albanese Open 35.60 53.48 50.65 40.33 54.31 234.37
Howard Thompson TO 24.19 44.59 33.49 47.07 42.67 192.01
John Migliaccio TO 33.33 56.03 34.90 46.74 53.27 224.27
Robert Schmelz TO 48.63 44.83 49.16 37.30 57.38 237.30
Steve Mease TO 31.46 50.89 43.18 60.86 59.77 246.16
Gary Swope TO 24.75 50.30 52.08 61.78 64.39 253.30
Barney Knight TO 34.39 92.30 37.55 59.75 43.70 267.69
Nathan Barndt TO 33.50 63.49 59.68 51.43 75.37 283.47
Dan Kaminkow TO 50.59 59.15 55.93 57.65 73.21 296.53
Allan Evler TO 52.99 75.21 44.24 82.46 79.25 334.15
John Lerch TO 43.87 88.61 90.59 63.79 54.56 341.42
Joe Padian TO 30.12 81.64 62.45 52.87 129.15 356.23
Staale Johannessen TO 62.41 80.36 54.40 78.05 83.15 358.37
Jim Fort TO 74.88 70.80 65.93 115.79 79.38 406.78
Marty Kalister TO 58.77 124.48 52.69 91.33 93.98 421.25

Preliminary pistol only results

Name Div 8 7 6 5 4 Total
Casey Dudeck Lim 10.99 18.13 30.14 18.67 35.10 113.03
Kraig Baer Lim 7.30 28.91 31.58 39.47 31.52 138.78
Robert Gibbons Lim 8.76 34.24 36.87 38.33 21.69 139.89
Fred Leeper Lim 15.97 45.29 55.57 55.59 42.11 214.53
Jeremy Bollman Lim 12.80 64.23 115.97 53.21 82.44 328.65
Tom Gallup Open 8.79 14.04 17.79 20.74 19.84 81.20
Gary Parsons Open 7.14 18.95 23.59 20.92 20.22 90.82
Dave Ragland Open 8.08 16.06 25.35 20.81 21.81 92.11
Steve Loser Open 24.00 33.16 44.30 35.70 31.54 168.70
Jim Hauer Open 17.74 35.96 45.90 64.46 33.87 197.93
Jerry Missimer Open 27.41 57.64 43.90 42.57 28.77 200.29
Phil McNaughton Pro 7.87 26.00 32.62 33.59 27.70 127.78
Russell Fortney Pro 7.06 24.69 54.42 20.96 27.06 134.19
Rob Burkindine Pro 7.35 26.46 38.64 28.93 35.34 136.72
Brian Shuey Pro 9.77 28.75 29.99 39.81 28.55 136.87
Bernie Rhee Pro 11.43 29.96 30.21 37.89 28.82 138.31
Pedro Quinones Pro 12.73 33.15 34.19 33.71 40.59 154.37
Lucito Lara Pro 9.41 39.31 50.76 30.19 51.90 181.57
Greg Senft Pro 12.04 35.39 59.17 44.39 55.02 206.01
Rick Zapf Pro 11.87 48.40 63.26 46.16 52.77 222.46
Rick Vahaly Pro 18.16 59.40 40.93 68.70 60.58 247.77
Phil Matte Pro 20.69 71.30 73.76 58.72 54.13 278.60
Lee Hankey Pro 14.54 102.09 76.84 55.43 94.71 343.61
Doug Novin Pro 16.49 54.79 64.16 46.81 207.81 390.06
Jay Sessions SS 7.36 36.60 48.59 47.39 96.08 236.02

Preliminary Shotgun Pistol Results

I started on the smallest set first.  Look them over.  I will send them all to Rob to be put on the website in as soon as I work through all of the results.

I lumped everyone who was not Open into TacOps, because there really is no difference in shotgun except for Open.  Next year we will have to have a Pump division.  I know a couple people used them.  In fact Bernie Rhee was 4th in TacOps using a pump.  He really tore stage 2 up.

Dave Albanese Open 31.17 36.40 39.76 107.33
Paul Nowotarski Open 55.73 32.09 56.56 144.38
Gary Parsons Open 55.49 42.14 56.56 154.19
Jim Fort Open 58.30 67.98 52.28 178.56
Nathan Barndt Open 315.32 56.51 117.71 489.54
Howard Thompson TO 26.95 34.54 32.80 94.29
Jeremy Missimer TO 36.66 31.38 47.35 115.39
Steve Mease TO 32.72 43.28 47.19 123.19
Bernie Rhee TO 48.42 28.82 54.84 132.08
Robert Gibbons TO 51.16 28.78 53.48 133.42
Robert Schmelz TO 44.71 40.95 47.87 133.53
Barney Knight TO 34.86 66.88 35.69 137.43
Rob Burkindine TO 41.00 34.77 69.03 144.80
Gary Swope TO 40.15 36.52 68.45 145.12
Rachael Granico TO 29.81 44.87 81.88 156.56
Dan Kaminkow TO 44.29 30.56 91.58 166.43
Jim Sevick TO 55.46 42.64 76.86 174.96
Rick Zapf TO 71.84 49.93 63.16 184.93
John Lerch TO 63.71 35.32 86.63 185.66
Joe Padian TO 66.61 63.16 62.46 192.23
John Migliaccio TO 62.34 34.62 96.79 193.75
Staale Johannessen TO 66.94 57.14 108.60 232.68
Tom Levenhagen TO 61.68 48.99 152.83 263.50
Doug Novin TO 58.66 68.12 180.00 306.78
Allan Evler TO 51.40 71.21 460.00 582.61