Friday, June 29, 2012

Fall Team 3 gun

I've already got 23 teams registered.  Still a lot of familiar teams I haven't heard from yet and our cutoff of 49 teams is set in stone.  Don't delay.  Get yuor teams application in the mail. 

Link to application:

This is a fillable pdf.  Please type in the information before you print it.  It's much easier to understand.  Especially when it comes to email addresses.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Funshoot results

Thanks for coming out.  We had 50 plus shooters, including a few newbees.  welcome to all.
Results are in, and as always, for an questions, comments, complaints or suggestions, drop me a  line at

Centerfire Iron Rimfire Iron
Dave C 708 Bill Stone 608
Conner S 652 David B 262
Marty K 554
Bernie F 527 Rimfire Iron timed
Ted B 507 time stage 2
Walt B 505 Mary H 207.28 105
Coleen W 488 Paul K 354.69 86
Laurie B 378
Julie K 90 Rimfire Scoped
Centerfire Iron Timed Craig S 627
time stage 2 Gabriel D 454
Robert G 140.37 110
Rick S 162.11 101 RImFire Scoped Timed
Ian P 181.16 88 time stage 2
Roger P 216.43 113 Robert T 106.47 36
George S 238.04 86
Rick V 258.26 65 Pistol / shotgun points
Jack U 268.48 74
Rob S 283.29 80 Tom L 806
Phil M 301.06 89 Joseph W 546
Lee H 301.35 88
Dennis B 317.49 103 Pistol / Shotgun Timed
time stage 2
Centerfire Scoped Pistol Timed Buddy K 97.84 103
time stage 2 George D 156.59 90
Jim H 161.35 115 Paul S 167.42 99
Allen E 187.08 85
Paul K 192.28 103

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Funshoot signup

Signup is going along at a nice clip, about 30 emailed so far, with another half dozen or so verbals.
Confirmations will go out Thursday evening, I am helping/shooting the Sr games at the club tomorrow.

If you will be 50 yrs or better by Dec 31 this year, come on out for a round of trap, 5pm for practice, 6 pm for score.  If you are able, Chet will be running a 50 yard rimfire, iron sighted rifle match on the rifle range at 2pm.  Bring your own arms and ammo for both.   There is a small registration fee.


Monday, June 18, 2012

June Funshoot

This Saturday, June 23 rd, York Pistol will be hosting our monthly FunShoot.

Consisting of just under 100 rounds (Minimum). This shoot will be open to all standard pistol caliber handguns and carbines, with a modified class for auto loading and pump shotguns (bring along a few slugs....).

This month we will be returning to our roots a bit, and our targets will be steel, PPC, a  little moving USPSA action (by shooter request!), things close and far away, and a new non food item in pit 8.

To get things moving faster and hopefully get everyone on the road by 12-1 o'clock, we will only accept 50 shooters maximum.  There will be 7 gun divisions: Rimfire Handgun, Centerfire Handgun, Handgun Caliber Carbine, each in scoped and iron sighted, and Shotgun.

There will be 3 scoring classes;
"Points", where you will be scored by total points in an exact round class, or
"Timed", where you will be scored based on the quickest overall time to smash all targets, regardless of the number of rounds used, or
"I don't care", where you don't turn in a score sheet and you are shooting just for fun pretty much however you want, under the watchful eye of  your Range Officer.

Registration will start round 8am, shooter brief 'bout 8:45 and shootin 'bout 9am.
There will not be food or drinks for sale.

Remember, York is a cold range, please have all firearms unloaded and secured when you arrive at the range, including CC permit holders.  Handle firearms only after you register, and only at the safe tables and under direction of a range officer. I want everyone to go home safe.

Pre-register now at, while not mandatory, it is extreemly helpful to me, especially if you wish to be squadded with your buddies.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

June match results are up!

Sorry for the delay,  but I've been out of town.  The results are posted on the regular York website: 

If you should discover any problems, like wrong division or major vs. minor, place a response here and I will address it with the next update.  Congrats to the winners and thanks for playing our game.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shotgun results

I don't know when we'll have pistol results up.  Rob is away for work and Dave is trying to get them to me in some kind of format I can post here.  I haven't even seen them yet, though I know they are complete.

Meanwhile, here are the shotgun results:

Div 1 2 3 4 Total
Howard Thompson Lim 10.08 20.13 45.36 51.22 126.79
David Olhasso Lim 11.00 19.05 39.77 83.00 152.82
Mike Stephens Lim 20.70 33.95 45.74 66.55 166.94
Kirk McWilliams Lim 13.91 22.60 47.15 85.21 168.87
Jeremy Missimer Lim 14.52 24.23 76.75 63.61 179.11
Robert Schmelz Lim 13.19 22.67 66.48 80.88 183.22
Brian Cashman Lim 14.24 27.29 52.54 97.21 191.28
Bob White Lim 26.75 30.79 51.86 93.13 202.53
Valentine DiMattina Lim 13.20 28.71 53.20 112.11 207.22
Barney Night Lim 52.33 20.98 74.73 67.00 215.04
Paul Nowatarski Lim 17.53 26.24 83.36 107.12 234.25
Tim Bacus Lim 14.41 29.74 66.87 123.35 234.37
Dave Williams Lim 22.33 31.91 97.28 89.29 240.81
Joe Padian Lim 20.90 22.19 70.53 136.11 249.73
Myron Pollard Lim 15.93 28.58 101.69 112.02 258.22
Rob Leftridge Lim 44.57 26.14 81.16 109.01 260.88
Jim Stauffer Lim 25.62 26.26 65.71 147.69 265.28
Rachael Granico Lim 32.79 27.09 121.35 135.71 316.94
Jason Schmelz Lim 17.40 29.59 116.24 156.34 319.57
James Sheehy Lim 38.15 45.52 65.11 174.11 322.89
John Migliaccio Lim 36.49 22.82 64.46 220.07 343.84
Rick Zapf Lim 46.77 47.21 103.05 174.38 371.41
Allen Evler Lim 59.85 46.42 96.27 187.86 390.40
Jessicca Leftridge Lim 32.97 89.63 131.13 182.21 435.94
Nathan Olhasso Lim 44.74 40.85 154.72 203.22 443.53
Paul Scarborough Lim 34.20 151.07 104.20 177.11 466.58
Jeff Potter Lim 62.81 39.79 115.12 283.39 501.11
Dave Stephens   None 38.50 29.05 58.19 123.09 248.83
Cassio Menezes None 65.75 40.74 77.80 154.02 338.31
Mike Sheckells None 34.18 62.46 121.33 151.75 369.72
Gary Parsons Open 16.15 19.67 40.68 80.53 157.03
Barbara Dimattina Open 35.55 24.31 80.76 125.97 266.59
David Albanese Open 35.51 27.12 86.41 146.92 295.96
Jim Fort Open 76.20 47.84 107.47 134.50 366.01

Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 10th Matches

On Sunday, June 10th we are going to host a 5 stage USPSA match in the back pits, and a 4 stage shotgun/pistol multigun match up front at York Izaak Walton. There will be two time slots available for this match. We will finish setting up at 7:30am and we appreciate your help. Registration for the morning time slot will be from 8:00 until 9:00. Mandatory match briefing will be at 9:15 and we will start shooting at 9:30. Registration for the afternoon time slot will be from 12:00 until 12:30. Mandatory match briefing will be at 12:45 and we will start shooting at 1:00pm. You will be able to shoot the front pits match in the AM and the back pits match in the PM, or vice versa. You may not shoot the same match twice.

There will be 2 options for the back pits USPSA match:
1. You may shoot this match with Pistol only. A minimum of 120 rounds will be required. The cost will be $20 and we will do cash payouts to division and class winners with minimum levels of participation. To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "Pistol only", AM or PM, your USPSA #, division, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

2. You may shoot this 5 stage match with a rifle and a pistol as a multigun match.   Minimums of  60 rifle and 60 pistol rounds will be required. The cost will be $10 for the back pits multigun match and we will NOT be doing any payouts for it regardless of participation. We will be using USPSA rules and scoring in the back pits for everyone. To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "Shotgun/pistol multigun", AM or PM, your USPSA #, division, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

The front pit Multigun match:
Will require a shotgun and a pistol. You will not be able to shoot it with just a pistol because there are claybirds in shot-only stands. You can't shoot with just a shotgun because of the paper targets that must be engaged with a pistol. This 4 stage match will be scored using time plus scoring and IMGA rules. Round counts are not set yet but expect somewhere in the neighborhood of a minimum of 60 pistol rounds, 6-10 slugs, and 50 or more shot (7.5 or smaller only please) to be required. You will not need a sling for your shotgun. The fee for the front pit match will be $20 and we will pay divisions based on participation. To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "rifle/pistol multigun", AM or PM, division, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

If you are shooting both the front pits match, and back pits match, and don't really care what order you do it in you don't have to put any time slots down. It is actually beneficial to us for squadding if you don't.

This match will fill quickly. Do not hesitate to get signed up. You should receive a confirmation email from us within a day or two. If for some reason you have signed up but will not be able to make it to the match please let us know. Persistent no-shows will not be invited to shoot in the future.

If you have any questions you may email me at

Thanks, Howard