Friday, December 10, 2010

2011 Schedule

2011 Pistol committee schedule, as approved by board of directors 10/05/2010

Sun 1/9 - USPSA Cancelled
Sat 1/22 - Fun Shoot

Sun 2/13 - USPSA
Sat 2/26 - Fun Shoot

Sun 3/13 - Steel Challenge (switched with USPSA due to SC Nationals)
Sat 3/26 - Fun Shoot
Sun 3/27 - USPSA

Sun 4/10 - USPSA
Sat 4/23 - Fun Shoot
Sat 4/30 - 3 man 3 gun

Sat 5/7 - USPSA (switched to Sat to avoid Mother’s day, and we will start late to avoid fishing derby)
Sat 5/28 - Fun Shoot

Sat 6/4 - Youth Field Day, all ranges closed, no set up
Sat 6/25 - Fun Shoot

Sat 7/9 and Sun 7/10 - PA State Steel Challenge
Sat 7/16 - Fun Shoot (switched to avoid BR rifle)
Sat 7/23 and Sun 7/24 - BR rifle, all ranges closed

Sun 8/14 - USPSA
Sat 8/27 - Fun Shoot

Sun 9/11 USPSA
Sat 9/24 Fun Shoot

Sun 10/9 – USPSA
Sat 10/22 – Fun Shoot
Sun 10/30 – Steel Challenge

Sun 11/13 USPSA

Sun 12/11 3 man 3gun

Monday, December 6, 2010

Noteworthy event

The York contingent arrived home this morning after shooting the very challenging Fort Benning 3 gun. Paul Nowotarski, Gary Swope, Brian Cashman, Jim Sheehy and myself all had a blast, and all shot respectably. The match was demanding and fun. We shot pistol, rifle and shotgun (sometimes all together) stages that included rifle out to 420 yards, and up to 22 slugs at a time, and trenches, and barbed wire and all kinds of crazy stuff. We got to shoot a SAW machine gun, an M203 grenade launcher and we got to ride in a Stryker.

But the big news is that our very own Greg Jordan (aka wonder boy, aka slumber boy, aka scarface) finished a very close to winning 3rd overall in a really tough field of competitors. He picked up a Remington/Bushmaster ACR off the prize table for his efforts. And he made it into the FNH shootoff where he won the first round beating Clint Upchurch and won a FN SLP shotgun. He lost the second round by the narrowest of margins to the guy who won the whole shootoffs.

His hard work really paid off and he is on his way to the top. A 3rd place finish will only encourage him to work even harder than he already does. Congratulate him when you see him.