Friday, March 29, 2013

IWLA ranges are closed Saturday March 30

First day of trout season, we yield to the fisherfolks.

FunShoot Scores

Finally got around to looking at the pile of score sheets, and only 2 shooters bothered to fill them out completely or at all...

Centerfire, Scoped, Auto
Jim H 115.59
Centerfire, Iron, Auto
Gary P 723

Congrats on the win, guys.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rules and Scoring Quiz 3

Hopefully by now you've taken Quiz 1.  If you haven't you should probably do it first.  The post for quiz 1 also includes a link to the rules and the scoresheets we will be using.  Here is a link to that post:

And here's the link to Quiz 2 just in case you haven't done that one yet:

Here's Quiz 3, and remember this is self graded.  The answers are in the comments.  If you have any further questions don't hesitate to email me.

1. Competitor "Q" is clearing a jam in his pistol and the round goes off in a safe direction.  What is the call?  Is there a penalty?

2. In Quiz 2 I asked if you could use a 48 round magazine in your rifle in Tactical Scoped (Tac Ops) division and the answer was no.  The mag must fit in a box 3" wide, by 7.5" long by 1" tall, thereby effectively making Tac Ops (and Tac Lim) 30 round rifle divisions.   I forgot to ask what the penalty is for doing so.  Competitor "R" completes a course of fire and has used a illegal magazine.  What is the correct penalty for doing so?

3a.  In all divisions other than Open how many rounds may be in a competitors shotgun at the start signal unless otherwise stipulated?

3b. In Open division how many rounds may be in a competitors shotgun at the start signal unless otherwise stipulated?

4. What is the minimum rifle caliber for both Heavy Metal Scoped and Heavy Metal Limited divisions?

5. Competitor "S" completes stage 8 in 100.11 seconds and has his required hits on all of his targets except for one 300 yard piece of steel he had just plain forgotten about and never even shot at.  What will his total time be for this stage?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March FunShoot

Team York announces its March FunShoot.

For the record, we is full, a little over, actually.....  Thanks folks.

This month I will return to a more familiar format, with 7 stages of fun, from field of steel, choose your own, bulls eye, stationary and moving galleries, far away stuff (35 yds), and of course, a food of the month.
We will be open to most any combination of guns you can think of, standard pistol caliber pistols, pistol caliber carbines and shotguns, either alone, or in any combination.  Scoring is points, time or IDC.
Skills needed? All we ask is that you are safe when the gun goes bang and when you handle it, everything else is workable, we have challenges for the novice to the pro, variations are almost endless, all you have to do is ask.

Setup is complete, so registration starts at 9:00 am, brief by 9:45, shooting by 10:00ish.

Round count is kinda vague, there are about 90 targets out there, and it all depends on how you intend to engage them, if you are bringing more than one gun, I would bring 50 rounds for each gun, if you are shooting only 1 gun, bring 100. Of course if you only want to shoot one box of 50, then by all means, pick 50 targets from those I offer, and engage them at will.
For shotgunners, there are 2 slug targets at about 35 yards, please NO MAGNUM SLUGS, only reduced recoil slugs allowed at that short range, it helps preserve our steel.

Fees are $15 or adults, $5 for under 18.  No food or drinks will be available, so please be sure to bring your own.

We will have reduced recoil slugs and a  9mm, ammo for sale. Please, this is intended for the ammo challenged, so that they might be able to shoot, if you are a hoarder. please bring your own.

Signup is at  We will be accepting 60 shooters.

Remember, York is a cold range, please have all firearms unloaded and secured when you arrive at the range, including CC permit holders.  Handle firearms only after you register, and only at the safe tables or under direction of a range officer.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Special Orientation

We are allowed, as needed, to do orientations that are not on the schedule.  I have a guy who just can't make one on a weekend, and I have agreed to do one that suits his schedule.

I will be hosting an orientation of the club on Monday, March 18th, at 10:00am.  If this works for anyone you know better than the one scheduled for March 23rd at 3:00pm they are welcome to join us.

Orientations are mandatory for any new members and are optional for any existing members who just want a tour of the grounds and an overview of our rules.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Action Match Results Posted

York - March Action Match Results:

1st Place  - Kirk McWilliams     48.93
2nd Place - Mike Stephens        55.11
3rd Place - Howard Thompson  55.71

See you next month!

Friday, March 8, 2013

3m3g stages

The stages are posted:

If you enjoyed the stages from last year, you're going to love these!  Be sure to get your applications submitted, as space is limited.  Don't miss the most fun you can have with three firearms and three buddies.

The application is here:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time change

Don't forget to set your clocks froward when you go to bed Saturday night.  Officially at 2:00 am it becomes 3:00 am on March 10th.

If you're signed up for the 9:30 time slot you should be at the range no later than 9:00 am.  If you forget about the time change and show up at 10:00 it's not going to be a sufficient excuse to start late.  We'll all be shooting and there won't be anyone to take your entry fee and issue you a scoresheet.  You'll have to wait and shoot with the 12:30 squads.

If you're signed up for the 12:30 time slot you should be at the ranges not later than 12:00 pm.  If you forget about the time change and show up at 1:00 you'll have to wait and shoot with the April squads.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Action Match

On Sunday, March 10th York will be hosting a "Blasphemous Steel Match".  This is our new and improved Steel Challenge like shoot that allows for multi-gun options.

You can use a single gun, either a pistol, shotgun, or pistol caliber carbine, or a combination of them.  Allowable calibers include 22lr, or any pistol caliber with a power factor less than 140.  Factory 9mm should be fine, but 40s, 45's and 38 supers would have to be loaded down.  If you're not sure please ask.  We're shooting steel targets very close and don't want to damage the steel or any of us.

There will be 4 stages and you will shoot each of them multiple times.   If you are shooting a single gun the minimum round count will be 80.  If you're shooting 2 or 3 gun multi-gun you will need 40 for each firearm minimum.

Gear questions answered:
- Mags?  If you're shooting one gun it would be nice to have 4, but you only need 3 for each if you're shooting 2 guns, and you would only need 2 for each if you're shooting 3 guns.  They don't have to be high caps.  In theory you will only use 5 rounds out of each.
- Reloads? In theory you will never have to reload while the clock is running.  Everything can be done with 5 rounds from each gun (minimum).
- Shot?  7.5 or 8 please.
- Holsters?  Belts, holsters, mag pouches etc. will be handy but are not mandatory.  Everything could come from the tables if you like.  Default start positions are low ready.  Guns on tables will be loaded and safeties on.
- Beginners?  Yes, this would be a great introduction to action shooting and/or multi-gun.

The 9:30 time slot is now full.  We still have slots available at 12:30.

The entry fee will be $15, and there will be a $5 cash prize option.  To be eligible for the cash prizes, which will go deep, you will need to shoot the closest thing we have to Tac Ops:  Centerfire iron sighted handgun, iron sighted shotgun, and any pistol caliber or 22lr carbine (either scoped or irons).  This is what we expect most people to shoot, although just about anything is possible.

To sign up email us at with your name, preferred time slot, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.  We don't need to know what gun(s) you will be shooting until Sunday.

Keep an eye on for updates.  Particularly as pertains to the weather.  There is some possibility of a storm towards the weekend.  We will proceed with the match and hope for the best.   Check the blog before you leave the house in the morning Sunday if you have any doubt.