Sunday, June 22, 2014

FunShoot, June 28th - With a Special Shotgun Side Match!!!

You are not gonna want to miss this!

This his coming Saturday, June 28th, York IWLA presents its monthly FunShoot, along with a seperate Shotgun only Side Match being held on our trap range.

First the FunShoot: I will recycle 4 of the awesome stages from the Multigun Challange, along with our old friends Bulls-eye, choose your own clays, and some kind of food and paint cans to blow up.  There will be a total of 7-8 stages, with a target count of 100-125.  Round count is entirely up to you.

I envision the following guns, pistol, shotgun and pistol caliber carbine (.22lr too), in any combination, with a pistol only option. There will be stage descriptions for those in need, and the usual scoring options of points, timed or IDC will be in place.

Setup/registration starting long about 8am, shooting brief by 8:45am shooting as soon as I can get it going.

Fee is $20 for adults, $5 for those under 18.

We require chamber flags for long guns, and we will definitely have them for sale if you need them.  

Preregistration is not mandatory, but it is extremely helpful, at

Now, the shotgun Match: This will be a 20 or so target, 60 second max run. Score will simply be time to complete the course, or 60 seconds plus penalties for un-kilt targets.  Targets will be flying birds, static birds, steel, steel launched birds and whatever those devious fellows come up with.  Don't be surprised if you see a star.

High capacity shotguns will be necessary.  Don't have one? No problem, we will have loaners.  Don't have ammo? No problem, we will be selling ammo. Don't have shell caddies? No problem, we will have loaners, and instructors.So, there is no excuse, come on out and play.  The fun starts at high noon, and will continue until we run out of shooters.

Registration is not necessary, just show up and shoot.

The cost of admission for the side match is the purchase of one $10 raffle ticket, to benefit the IWLA Trout folks.  So for $10, you get to shoot a really cool action shotgun stage, and get the chance of winning cash, each day for the month of July, based on the daily lottery.  How cool is that!

 And yes, you can shoot this after you finish the FunShoot, or shoot this if you are not shooting the FunShoot, they are totally separate things.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Preliminary bracket results

100% 1st Place Greg Jordan $750
100% 2nd Place Todd Jarrett $500
100% 3rd Place Dean DeTurk $250

90% 1st Place Howard Thompson $600
90% 2nd Place Dave Marques $400
90% 3rd Place Doug Gross $200

80% 1st Place Mark Mazzota $500
80% 2nd Place Brian Christ $300
80% 3rd Place Matt Olinchak $150

70% 1st Place Brian Cashman $400
70% 2nd Place Colin Wynne $200
70% 3rd Place Jimmy Sheu $100

60% 1st Place Bill Hostler $300
60% 2nd Place Jim Sheehy $150
60% 3rd Place Matt Goldrick $75

50% 1st Place Walt Romaniw $200
50% 2nd Place John Lerch $100
50% 3rd Place Rachael Granico $50

1st Limited Mike Stephens $200
2nd Limited Garrett Boop $100
3rd Limited Frank Santini $50

1st Open Al Zitta $200
2nd Open Brian Shank $50

The amounts for the payouts are exactly what I forecast on this blog many weeks ago based on 105 shooters in Tac Ops which is exactly what we had.  So they are set.

I figured the bracket winners by using the order of match finish and them comparing to the spreadsheet I had the chosen classes on.  A few people shot above their chosen classes so they were out.  If someone wants to check my math I'd be happy to send them the spreadsheet.  Email me, or comment, if you do.

Results are up!

Thanks to all who shot and helped.  I think things went very well.  We'll do it again next year.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Everything was smooooth!

Today went great!  Interim results at

Registration is from 7:30 to 8:30 tomorrow.

Staff reports to new shed at 7:30 for stage reset.

Friday, June 6, 2014

We're ready. Are you?

Registration starts tomorrow at 8:30 am, and all systems are go for a 9:45 match briefing and a 10:00 start.

Please remember to drive slow coming in the driveway.

Hope to see you there.

By the way, Log road has reopened.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More clarifications

You are not allowed to use 6 shot or anything larger at Izaak Walton.  It is a club rule.  You won't need it anyway.  No buck shot will be needed or allowed either.

We will add the stage times up to determine a winner.  We will not be factoring stages.

We will be posting scores to practiscore at the conclusion of the match.

We will mail checks to the winners.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Multi-gun challenge update

Things are looking great for next weekend.  We have about 120 shooters now, and my predicted payouts for Tac Ops look very promising.  We will be paying out  $6000 in cash prizes.

Please note the following changes from the published stage drawings/clarifications:

Stage 2 - There will only be 12 clays.  4 groups of 3.
             - The pistol must be grounded safely, not completely empty.

Stage 3 - All rifle steel will be considered "long range" regardless of distance.  20 second un-hit target penalties will apply.  The penalty for un-hit target that was not engaged is 30 seconds.

Stage 7 - There will only be 12 4"x4" squares.
            - We will be using water bottles instead of the drink bottles.

On stages 6 and 7 the rifles will not have to be grounded completely empty.

The penalty on stages 1 and 2 the rifles will still be grounded completely empty, but the penalty for grounding them safely , and not completely empty will be one procedural rather than a match DQ.

I'm looking forward to the match, and hope you are too.