Sunday, February 22, 2015

February FunShoot Cancelled

Sorry folks, the ranges are all covered in ice and snow that has created conditions that are just too unsafe to do anything of substance. The weather forecast for the next week is not helpful, so I am going to call this one off. Large scale ice is the only thing we really cannot deal with.

This is a serious situation that has postponed our  3 man 3 gun match (see below post).  Please note, the new date for the 3M3G is our next FunShoot date, so we may be on the sidelines for that date too.
Please keep watching this here blog for details as the dates get closer (or better yet, subscribe to it). If the 3M3G can't get off the ground, we may FunShoot that day, it is just too early to tell.

See you on the range someday.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

3M3G Postponed

The York 3 Man 3 Gun will be postponed until Saturday, March 28th due to ice accumulation on the ranges.  I have studied the conditions at length and looked at the 10 day forecast and I don't believe there is any way we can safely host a match less than three weeks from now.  I wanted to give you as much notice as possible.

I have been anxiously watching the conditions and feel it is better to pull the plug sooner rather than later since there is little to no hope of improvement in the near future.  There has been a series of thaws and refreezes that have left us with up to 6 inches of ice covering almost all of the surface on most of our ranges.  There is only one day of the next 10 that is forecast above freezing and 2 with potential for more snow or wintry mix.

We will be planning on using our first alternative date of Saturday, March 28th to hold the scheduled match.  I know this won't suit everyone and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We will be refunding entry fees as necessary.  If you would like an immediate refund let me know.  However, if some of your team can make it we encourage them to attend and we'll match up the loose parts as well as possible.  Also, if you want to wait until closer to the 28th, to see if we can have the match that day please do.  It is possible we will not be able to shoot that day either.

I'll keep you informed as much as possible, Howard

Saturday, February 14, 2015

3M3G Stages are out!

I have emailed all the team captains the stages for the 3M3G on March 8th, and some other useful information.  If you haven't gotten it yet talk to your captain.  If you are a captain and haven't gotten that email contact me.

Range conditions

The back pits are ridiculous.  Several inches of ice in some spots and almost everything is covered to some degree.  There has been snow, thawing and freezing repeatedly, and it's worse every time I get there.  The chances of us postponing the 3M3G scheduled for March 8th are probably about 99% unless something changes dramatically very quickly.  Even our fall back date of March 28 looks like 50%. at this point.  I'll keep you informed.

The good news is we built over 40 new wall sections today.