Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 man 3 gun details

A few important details regarding our 3 man 3 gun Sunday:

The schedule:
8:00 we will finish set-up - all help is appreciated

9:00 - 9:20 Captains check in at the stat shack. If there are any changes in division be sure to let us know at check in.

9:30 Captains briefing - I will take all of the captains around for a really short stage introduction.

As soon as the captains return from the stage tour we will do a short match briefing and send the squads out.

- All firearms must be unloaded prior to entering club grounds, and remain that way all day, unless under RO supervision. Your vehicle is not a safe area. If you are a CCW holder please leave it locked in vehicle. If you're using you carry gun for the match unload it at home and keep a loaded mag handy.

- It is acceptable to carry long guns from stage to stage in cases, on carts, or muzzle up. We just don't want to see them carried haphazardly. We will require everyone to use a chamber flag in all long guns. We will be giving them away at the stat shack if you don't have them.

- We will be preloading shotguns on some stages, but only under RO supervision. Even then the guns must have empty chambers. You will be instructed when and how to do this. Don't do it until told by an RO.

- Whenever a gun is staged on a table, or laid down during a course of fire it must either have the safety on, or be unloaded with an empty chamber. The penalty for leaving a firearm in an unsafe manner will be a match DQ. At no point in this match will anyone be downrange of any guns loaded or unloaded.

- Unsafe gun handling will result in a match DQ. If you don't know be sure to ask.

- At times your team will firing from a common firing line at the same time, be especially mindful of the 180 in these situations. The stages that require this will be set up to be extremely safe, but be careful, especially during reloads, draws etc.

- Stacking of shots will never be allowed on any of the stages. It will result in a zero for the stage. An example of stacking would be on stage 1 where 6 shots are required on each target, and each shooter is supposed to shoot 2 on each target, some team decides the fastest way would be for the first shooter to shoot 6 on each of the first 4 targets, then the second shooter to just shoot 6 each on the next 4 targets, then the last shooter to shoot 6 on each of the last 4. On this stage every shooter must engage every target at least twice. Stage 6 also requires two shooters to engage the same targets, so both shooters must engage each target there at least twice.

- We will be using palm pilots for scoring. On the palms clay birds and drink bottles will be scored as "steel". One pellet hole in either a clay or a drink bottle will count as a hit. If a drink bottle is knocked down but doesn't have a hole in it we consider it a miss, not a range equipment failure.

- At this match you may never shoot paper with a shotgun. The penalty is one procedural for each occurrence.

- At this match you may never shoot clay birds with either a rifle or a pistol. The penalty is one procedural per occurrence, and you will be responsible for damage to clay bird holder(s) if there is any.

- At this match you may never shoot steel closer than 80 yards with a rifle. The penalty for this is a match DQ, and you will be responsible for any damage to the steel.

- We do not allow green tip, AP, API, penetrator, tracers, steel core, or any other kind of bullets that may damage our steel, or are more prone to ricochet at our club. The penalty for using this ammo is a match DQ and you will be responsible for any damage caused by it. FMJ, HP, polymer tip, or soft points are allowed as long as the core is lead, sintered materials, or something safe.

- If a member of a team is DQed, the rest of the team may continue without him.

Just so you know, we've been running these 3 man 3 guns for years at York, and no one has ever been DQed. We just want you to know ahead of time some of the things that are unacceptable.

- The minimum caliber for pistol is 9mm, rifle is .223, and shotgun is 20ga. We will be scoring everything as major.

-Everyone on your team must meet division requirements and shoot in the same division. Change them at check-in if you need to.

Divisions we will be using:
Limited - iron sighted handguns, iron sighted shotguns, rifle may have iron sights or one non-magnified dot scope. No porting on pistol or shotgun. Shotgun capactiy 8+1. Pistol mags limited to 140mm in length.

Tactical - iron sighted handguns, iron sighted shotguns, rifle may have one scope, and it may be magnified (or dot with magnifier). No porting on pistol or shotgun. Shotgun capactiy 8+1. Pistol mags limited to 140mm in length.

Open - scopes and porting allowed on all guns. Rifle may have more than one scope. Shotgun capactiy 10+1. Pistol mags limited to 170mm in length.

Outlaw Open - anything goes, unlimited capacities, drums for Saigas are fine.

- No guns may be used on full auto, though if you keep the selector on semi it is OK. Full auto = DQ. Supressors are encouraged in Open and Outlaw.

- We will have food and drinks available for purchase. Bring some ones and quarters please.

- Please drive slowly entering and exiting the club grounds. The club speed limit is 10mph.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Results are up!

Check the website. Link

And check this out too..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures from today's match

I don't have the results back from the stats guys yet, but here are a few pictures. The match went very well today. Gary S. did a great job designing the shotgun stages today. Be sure to give him all the blame, I mean credit for them.Staale preparing to load his pump shotgun on the fun shotgun stage.
Logan working the tough side of the barricade.
Mark C. ROing a shooter on the rifle range. The slug shooting on this stage ate everyone alive.
The unofficial results I saw at the range had Ben T. winning open.
Phil G. tore Production up!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Fun Shoot

This month's funshoot is this Saturday, the 26th, and we are back in full swing, with lots of steel, poppers, floppers and the wicked wheel. Our old friends choose your own (modified this year), PPC/Bull's-eye, the gallery, and two stages I'll just keep to myself. Super simple scoring. No pre-registration is necessary for this shoot.

An important change this year, I am lifting the 6 round minimum capacity requirement. this means that if you want to bring your Lady Smith, bring it, you just cant shoot for score, and will only be able to run 5 rounds on the 6 round stages. This doesn't apply to single shot things like TC's, that would just take way too long.

Pistol caliber carbines are welcome.

Round count is around 100, setup at 8:30, registration 9:00 to 9:30, shooting by 10:00.

Fee is $15 for majors, $5 for minors

Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

As always remember the range safety rules

General info about the funshoots

Hope to see you Saturday, Gary

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March USPSA matches

Sunday, March 27th York Izaak Walton league will be hosting two USPSA matches.

One will be a pistol match consisting of at least 4 stages and 116 rounds, and maybe a 5th if the weather cooperates. It will cost $20, and you can shoot it either at 10:00am or 1:00pm. There will not be a classifier this month, and we will recognize all of the normal USPSA divisions and carbine. (pistol claibers only)

The other will be shotgun match and according to Shotgun Match Director of the month Gary Swope will consist of "4 stages, 35 shot, 8 slug minimum, and I stress the minimum. Slugs to 50 yards, shot to 25 or 30. Expect a fair amount of loading, movement and rudeness. Make sure you are on your game". This match will also cost $20 and you can shoot it at either 10:00am or 1:00pm. We will recognize 4 divisions of shotguns. Pump (4+1 capacity), Limited (8+1 capacity), Open (10+1 capacity, porting, scopes) and Outlaw Open (anything goes, even drums)

To sign up for either or both email us at and tell us your name, USPSA #, which match or matches you want to shoot, your division for each (they are two seperate matches so you can shoot two different divisions) and any squadding preferences.

You should receive an email in a day or two confirming your entry and containing more details.

Do not hesitate to get signed up, we are only taking 36 pistol shooters and 24 shotgun shooters for each time slot. We expect these matches to fill up quickly.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The welcome back nice weather shooting tip

So Spring is here and you're itching to burn up the ammo you've been loading all winter. We all are. But take this friendly advice to heart. Start out slow and simple. Don't expect to be as fast as you were at the end of last season. Months of TV and holiday parties didn't make you any better. In fact, if you're human like the rest of us you're rusty.

Start off with the basics. Every Spring Ben and I do an entire practice working on the draw, the reload, and shooting nothing but As. We start off ridiculously close to the targets and work ourselves away from them progressively, only as fast as we can hit all As. We also put a lot of emphasis on being smooth and efficient in both the draw and the reload. The mechanics are more important than the speed at this point. In fact we only use the timer for a start signal. We go as fast as we can shoot all As. No faster. If we're not shooting all As we're either going too fast or too far away. It's better to slow down on this set of drills. Time doesn't matter until you are nearing perfection. We try to work our way back to 50 yards doing this. If we're shooting well enough we make it back there pretty quickly. If we're not we stay close as long as it takes.

These simple skills are used on every stage and are the foundation you have to build properly in order to do everything else well. Transitions, and movement are equally important but wait until you put a day or two in on these basics and it will pay off in the long run.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steel Challenge results with payouts

First, let me explain the procedure we used for figuring these out:

All divison winners get $40, and in divisions with 10 or more shooters 2nd in division gets $30. In divisions with 15 or more 3rd gets $20 unless they win their class which pays $20 anyway.

Class winners within each division get $20 with a 3 shooter minimum (not counting division winners) 2nd in class with more than 7 shooters gets $10. We're not doing payouts smaller than $10 so third is irrelevant this match.

We had a lot of classifed shooters so that part was easy. To classify people without USPSA classifications I used the average scores of classified shooters and assigned classifications to those witout them based on whether they were better or worse than those averages.

Is it a perfect system? No, but it does get some people further down the list some money back for their efforts, without relying on dumb luck scoring(lewis) and it gives unclassified shooters a chance to win too. Many of them did.

Winners: Your envelopes will be available at the next York USPSA match or Steel Challenge.

Rimfire scoped
46.96 Ben Thompson M $40 (1st division)
48.72 Robby Orent A $30 (2nd division)
58.40 Louis Lara M $20 (M)
59.52 Brian Stupar M
61.20 Brian Shanholtz M
69.08 Michael Shoemaker B
71.66 Paul Nowotarski A
71.93 Brian Shank B
74.30 Bill Hearne M
76.91 Kent Gittings C $20 (C)
100.24 Will Hearne C
104.88 Bob Schmelz C
106.93 Angie Jordan C
150.91 Jared Jordan D

60.21 Mike Stephens C $40 (1st division)
61.40 Kirk McWilliams M $30 (2nd division)
64.81 Bill Hearne M
69.09 Howard Thompson A
72.64 Rob Burkendine B
76.31 Gary Swope C $20 (C)
77.61 Colin Wynne C
78.97 Bryan Charboneau C
81.33 Kent Gittings C
87.14 Jeremy Missimer D $20 (D)
92.69 Mike Albanese D
95.11 Dave Albanese C
98.58 John Zeigler C
128.35 Jerry Missimer D

Open Centerfire
61.97 Ben Thompson M $40 (1st division)
69.62 Louis Lara M $30 (2nd division)
77.49 Tom Gallup A
80.09 Gary Parsons B $20 (B)
87.87 Dave Minnich B
88.77 Michael ShoemakerB
91.86 Mike Gottlieb B
104.46 Dave Scordy C
133.46 Darryl White C
140.50 Art Lee D

63.84 Greg Jordan M $40 (1st division)
108.16 Paul Ellis B $20 (B)
114.19 ColinWynne B
117.54 Brian Stupar B
121.22 Gerry Velasco C
160.30 Tom Levenhagen D

Rimfire Irons
64.69 Brian Shanholtz M $40 (1st division)
66.86 Howard Thompson A $30 (2nd division)
77.84 Dave DiFonzo B $20 (B)
78.02 Kirk McWilliams M
79.16 Mark McCullough B
79.24 Mark Cooper B
89.70 Walt Romaniw B
92.93 Dan Stumpf C $20 (C)
101.21 Gary Swope C
128.51 Roger Beardsley C
149.76 Kevin Myers C
150.22 Nina Williams C
164.49 Chet Wise D

99.36 Lucito Lara B $40 (1st division)
100.59 Rob Burkendine B $30 (2nd division)
104.44 Paul Ellis B $20 (3rd division)
104.69 Steve Mease C $20 (C)
106.67 Walt Romaniw C $10 (2nd C)
107.71 Marty Kalister C
115.57 Bob Schmelz C
117.88 Mike Stephens C
118.50 Glen Mattheu C
119.04 Bryan Charboneau C
119.52 Darryl White C
119.73 Logan Brown C
127.22 Debi Buffington D $20 (D)
131.38 Jim Stauffer D $10 (2nd D)
143.39 Bernie Fallert D
144.19 John Lerch D
146.69 James Evans D
147.11 Roger Evans D
148.17 Jeremy Missimer D
152.84 Paul Krick D
171.69 Bob Spangler D
177.57 Ed Reinhart D
183.89 Jerry Missimer D
201.49 Greg Hofstrand D
217.14 Phil Matte D
234.54 Bob Whiteford D
257.06 Lee Hankey D
389.38 Sonia Williams D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pictures from Steel Challenge

Louis with pistol, and John Z running the timer.

The bridge we built to get from Pit 5 to Pit 4 without getting our feet wet. It worked.

Our Steel Challenge Match Director, Kirk.

Mike A. shooting, with Mike S. running the timer, and Phil M. looking on. There were a lot of guys shooting carbines Sunday, and these S&W 22s are extremely popular and reliable.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Steel Challenge Results

I'm really glad I cut off sign up when I did! Some good people were left out today, but the squads were already huge, and the day was very long. But, from all reports everyone had a good time. Kirk and I thank everyone who came out today and shot and especially those who worked to make this thing happen. From what we saw the experienced guys did a great job of working the rust out, and the new guys did really well too. We look froward to shooting with all of you again this season.

I haven't figured out the payouts yet, and I'm not going to post pictures tonight, but I wanted to get the results up. So without further ado here they are:

Rimfire scoped
46.96 Ben Thompson
48.72 Robby Orent
58.40 Louis Lara
59.52 Brian Stupar
61.20 Brian Shanholtz
69.08 Michael Shoemaker
71.66 Paul Nowotarski
71.93 Brian Shank
74.30 Bill Hearne
76.91 Kent Gittings
100.24 Will Hearne
104.88 Bob Schmelz
106.93 Angie Jordan
150.91 Jared Jordan

60.21 Mike Stephens
61.40 Kirk McWilliams
64.81 Bill Hearne
69.09 Howard Thompson
72.64 Rob Burkendine
76.31 Gary Swope
77.61 Colin Wynne
78.97 Bryan Charboneau
81.33 Kent Gittings
87.14 Jeremy Missimer
92.69 Mike Albanese
95.11 Dave Albanese
98.58 John Zeigler
128.35 Jerry Missimer

Open Centerfire
61.97 Ben Thompson
69.62 Louis Lara
77.49 Tom Gallup
80.09 Gary Parsons
87.87 Dave Minnich
88.77 Michael Shoemaker
91.86 Mike Gottlieb
104.46 Dave Scordy
133.46 Darryl White
140.50 Art Lee

63.84 Greg Jordan
108.16 Paul Ellis
114.19 ColinWynne
117.54 Brian Stupar
121.22 Gerry Velasco
160.30 Tom Levenhagen

Rimfire Irons
64.69 Brian Shanholtz
66.86 Howard Thompson
77.84 Dave DiFonzo
78.02 Kirk McWilliams
79.16 Mark McCullough
79.24 Mark Cooper
89.70 Walt Romaniw
92.93 Dan Stumpf
101.21 Gary Swope
128.51 Roger Beardsley
149.76 Kevin Myers
150.22 Nina Williams
164.49 Chet Wise

99.36 Lucito Lara
100.59 Rob Burkendine
104.44 Paul Ellis
104.69 Steve Mease
106.67 Walt Romaniw
107.71 Marty Kalister
115.57 Bob Schmelz
117.88 Mike Stephens
118.50 Glen Mattheu
119.04 Bryan Charboneau
119.52 Darryl White
119.73 Logan Brown
131.38 Jim Stauffer
143.39 Bernie Stauffer
144.19 John Lerch
146.69 James Evans
147.11 Roger Evans
148.17 Jeremy Missimer
152.84 Paul Krick
171.69 Bob Spangler
177.57 Ed Reinhart
183.89 Jerry Missimer
201.49 Greg Hofstrand
217.14 Phil Matte
234.54 Bob Whiteford
257.06 Lee Hankey
389.38 Sonia Williams

Check back tomorrow or Tuesday and I should have some pictures from today here. And if you enjoyed today be sure to sign up for the PA State Steel Challenge we'll be hosting in July. Link to application

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Steel Challenge 3/13

All systems are go for tomorrows match. Please remember to wear boots. Things are a bit muddy. If this were a USPSA match footing would be treacherous, but for a stand and shoot Steel Challenge match we'll be fine.

All the bridges in the area are open, so getting to the club will be easy.

We will be shooting 7 stages, so I recommend bringing 200 rounds or more. You should make up misses and there is always the possibility of a reshoot.

The match is still full.

We will start set-up at 9:00am and all help is appreciated.
Registration will begin at 10:00am and close at 10:30am. We will be shooting by 11:00am at the latest.
We will have hot dogs and drinks available for purchase.
Please drive slowly entering and exiting the club.

Remember we need everyone signed up by 10:30 at the latest.

Did I mention you're going to want to wear boots?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pictures from the range this afternoon

If you show up for the work detail tomorrow you may want to park up front. As you can see the walnut grove is a little wet.

Pit 7 has a litle water left in it. Keep in mind it had quit raining several hours before this picture and the water level in the creek had already dropped over 2 feet, and was back in it's banks.

Pit 8. I guess we won't be using it this weekend, unless you want to waterski or something.

Steel Challenge Status

Well, we dodged the bullet this time. We got a lot of water last night, and it did overflow the banks, but it didn't do any damage to the ranges, and it is receding slowly but surely. Pit 8 is so full of water that it is overflowing into pit 7. So 8 is not usable and won't be on Sunday, but 7 and the rest are.

The match is full and we will not be taking anymore shooters. No sign-ups, no waiting list, and no walk ons. No exceptions, sorry.

Set up is still on tomorrow, and it won't be a recovery effort! Today the bridge on Log rd. and Ironstone Hill Rd. were closed so getting from the 83 to the club is tricky. Study a map, and allow some extra time to get to the club.

I will update this blog with more information for Sunday tomorrow after the set-up detail. Check in Saturday night.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rifle for sale

This is a Marlin 15YN "Little Buckaroo" 22lr I am selling. It is made just for little kids to learn how to shoot. Both of mine are done with the basic learning. One of them kicks your butt on a regular basis(mine too). So we've progressed beyond this gun. It is in excellent condition and is barely used. It has a 16" barrel and a 12" length of pull making it just right for your kids or grandkids. It has adjustable iron sights and is grooved for easy scope mounting. These sell for about $150-175 new. I want someone to get some use out of it so I'm letting it go to anyone on this blog for $100. I'm not interested in shipping it, so for now I'm only considering face to face sales. No taxes, no transfer fees. Email me if interested.

I can bring it to the Steel Challenge Sunday if you'd like to see it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steel Challenge update

Sign up for the Steel Challenge Sunday is going extremely well. If you're not signed up yet you should do it very soon. Based on promised participation it looks like we will be going with 7 stages/ 175 rounds minimum at this point. We may have to go to 8 stages and 200 rounds.

And don't forget to move your clocks forward Saturday night before you go to bed. (thanks for the reminder Mark)

I've got a lot of new people signed up for this match, and that's great, but I fear many of you are not on my regular invite list. If you are on the invite lists you got an email Sunday night with the match details. If you are not on my list but want to be email me at and ask. If you local to the York county area and want to be notified about set up details and practices at our club let me know that too.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Steel Challenge 3/13

On March 13th York Izaak Walton will host it's first Steel Challenge match of the year. We will start this match at 11:00am so things have a chance to warm up a little. We will be shooting 5-7 stages depending on the weather. The better it is, the more we will shoot. The minimum round count could be as little as 125 if it is cooler, and 175 if it is nicer. Bring plenty.

We will have several divisions for all combinations of centerfire and rimfire, scoped and iron sighted, revolver and automatic handguns. We will also have divisions for rimfire and centerfire carbines (pistol calibers only)

There will be a 150 power factor maximum allowed, and we don't allow hyper-velocity 22s or 22magnums, and we will check any suspect loads. Some 40s&w, and almost all factory 45acp are too powerful. 38 supers etc must be loaded down, and all 357 mag and 44 mag and the like are out. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. We can chrono before the match starts if necessary, but damaging our steel will result in your banishment from our kingdom.

For centerfire handguns you will be starting from the holster. Rimfire handguns do not.

It is preferred that you have 5 magazines or speedloaders for each gun you would like to use.

The entry fee will be $20 per gun. Two guns max. We will payout based on divisions and classes. If you have a USPSA classification we use it, if not we assign one. You do not have to be a member of USPSA, SCSA, or Izaak Walton to participate in this match, and no safety check is required for this match.

To sign up email us at with your name, USPSA class if you have one, division(s), and anyone you would like to be squadded with. You should receive a confirmation email within a day or two with some more details about the match.

Our next USPSA match will be on Sunday, March 27th. With the invite for it coming out about a week before.

York Izaak Walton will be hosting the Mid-Atlantic Section Championship on June 11th & 12th. We're the little Section match with the big cash payouts. Be sure to sign up before it is too late. Follow this link to the application

We will also host the 3rd Annual PA State Steel Challenge on July 9th and 10th. Here is the application for that

And in August we will host Area 8's first ever Junior Shooters Camp. Check our Area page at for more details.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Area 8 Junior camp

We will be hosting the first ever Area 8 Junior Camp at York Izaak Walton on August 20th and 21st. Juniors are truly the future of our sport, and we intend to give them as much instruction and encouragement as we possibly can. This 2 day clinic will benefit juniors from around our region and is to be free to the participants. Area Director Harry Foltz is working towards sponsorship to help defray the costs of travel, hotels, and ammo to juniors and their parents/guardians, and several instructors have volunteered their time. Other than the fact that we will be using our facilities this will not require much of us at a club, though myself and at least a couple others have volunteered to help instruct and help with props and targets.

If you are intersted in donationg some time to instruct or help contact me. If you are, or know a junior who is interested in participating, contact Harry Foltz at

If you or someone you know would like to sponsor this event please contact Harry also. I think this event should get a lot of positive press.