Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Action Match

I should be announcing the January Action Match right now, but I'm not.  It has been cancelled.  The weather forecast for next weekend is bleak.

However, if the forecast should improve we might do something.  I have an idea.  Check back here before the weekend.  I'll let you know no later than Thursday night.  There will not be an advanced sign up for this match (if it happens at all).

If we do something it will be rifle only.  Be prepared to shoot 1-2 MOA targets from 100-200 yards from supported positions.  Entry fee will be cheap and round count will be on the low side.  Less than 50 rounds for sure.  Semi-autos will be the best choice, but others are not out of the question.  No calibers larger than .308 for sure.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Mid AtlanticMulti-gun Challenge

The application for the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Multi-gun Challenge is now available at

This is our annual major match at York.  We expect this year's event to be a huge step forward with our back pits now more than twice as big.  Right now we're thinking 7 stages and around 210 rounds evenly divided between the 3 guns.  This match can be shot in a single day and we keep our squads reasonably sized so it is a very pleasant experience.

The match fee is $100 per shooter and includes lunch and a t-shirt.  We also do generous cash payouts based on a modified Lewis system where you choose your own class.  It's easier than it sounds.  Just look at where you have finished in the past and plan on shooting at least that well.  You can shoot under your chosen class and if you're the best in that bracket you get paid.  Just remember if you go over your chosen percentage you're out.

Here's what the payouts looked like last year:

100% 1st Place Greg Jordan $750

100% 2nd Place Todd Jarrett $500

100% 3rd Place Dean DeTurk $250

90% 1st Place Howard Thompson $600

90% 2nd Place Dave Marques $400

90% 3rd Place Doug Gross $200

80% 1st Place Mark Mazzota $500

80% 2nd Place Brian Christ $300

80% 3rd Place Matt Olinchak $150

70% 1st Place Brian Cashman $400

70% 2nd Place Colin Wynne $200

70% 3rd Place Jimmy Sheu $100

60% 1st Place Bill Hostler $300

60% 2nd Place Jim Sheehy $150

60% 3rd Place Matt Goldrick $75

50% 1st Place Walt Romaniw $200

50% 2nd Place John Lerch $100

50% 3rd Place Rachael Granico $50

1st Limited Mike Stephens $200

2nd Limited Garrett Boop $100

3rd Limited Frank Santini $50

1st Open Al Zitta $200

2nd Open Brian Shank $50

That might help you figure out where you belong.  We expect more shooters and larger payouts this year.

This match may fill up fast so don't delay mailing in your application and check.

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments.