Sunday, March 30, 2014

Too much rain

Kevin D sent me these pictures of the club today
 This is coming down the driveway past the clubhouse.  That little strip of green in front of the hood is the edge of the driveway.  So the driveway headed back to the ranges is pretty well covered.
Here's the parking lot behind the rifle benches.  So it's not under the pavilions yet.  I talked to Gary.  He said there is no serious damage at this point.  The traps are not under water, and it doesn't look like it's on the ranges yet.  We might get lucky if the rain lets up soon.

If there would be a recovery attempt of any kind I'll be in touch.  Wish for the best, and when I ask you to keep the flooding in mind remember this, and I've seen it at least 3 feet deeper than this one.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Deadline for 3M3G teams rapidly approaching

I will not accept any applications for teams that are postmarked in April.  That gives you tomorrow, Friday, and Monday to get your in the mail if you haven't done it yet.

We have a nice turnout right now and I want to start finalizing the details.

Hope you're already in.  It looks like a lot of fun.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FunShoot Mystery Solved

Here is the plan for Saturday:

Pit 1:  Enough steel to shoot Man-on-Man or just hose it yourself.  Pistol/shotgun/pistol caliber carbine.
Pit 2:  PPC, Bulleseye and a "scatter shoot".  Pistol / Carbine / shotgun slug


Pit 3: The rifle range: a Shotgun/rifle stage!  Yes, this is a first for the FunShoot.  I envision shotgun shot to 30 yards and slugs out to 100 yards.  Rifle from 50 to 200 yards.  This stage can be shot shotgun only or rifle only if that is what you want.

Stage 1 can be shot with any combination of Pistol/shotgun/pistol caliber carbine you wish.
Stage 2 is no shot, but you can use any combination of slugs, pistol and pistol caliber carbine or rifle
Stage 3 is shotgun and/or rifle only, no pistol.

Carbine is a pistol caliber carbine, be it 9mm, .40,. 45 or .22 rimfire
Rifle is a center fire, "high power" rifle in .223, .308, 7.62 etc.

Whatever you bring, we will work it out.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

March FunShoot

This month will be interesting, to be sure.  The back pits are still covered in ice, and I don't think the predicted temps for this week will help us out much.  That means we will be limited to the front pits.  I have an idea or two, and if the planets align, we will do something a little unusual.  I can't give enough definite detail at this time, so be prepared, our "mystery shoot" will involve some combination of all 3 guns, with the usual caveats for pistol only.

Expect a fee of $15, start time of 10am.

Please signup at



Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mifflin County Sportsman 3 gun

On March 29th Mifflin county Sportsman is having a 3 gun match.  For more info see link:

Blockshoot reminder

The IWLA Blockshoot is on for this Sunday, March 9th, 1pm, after being postponed last month.  There are still a number of spaces left for the main shoot, a 64 shooter (maximum) elimination shootoff for an 870 pump shotgun, with a losers bracket for some cash! Cost for the main event will be $25.

There will be side shoots for cash, even if you don't want to play for the 870 and food available for purchase. Cost of the side shoots will vary.

The weather is supposed to smile on us, so come on out and play, or just stop by to say howdy

Saturday, March 1, 2014

June Multi-gun Payouts

I have done some preliminary figuring on our payouts for the June Multi-gun Tac Ops division.  This is definitely a match you want to put on your schedule.  Besides being a 7 stage match that you can shoot in one day, and get a shirt, and lunch included for only $100, we are doing some serious cash payouts.

Based on 105 shooters (a realistic, but not maximum number of shooters)

100% First $750
100% Second $500
100% Third $250

90% First $600
90% Second $400
90% Third $200

80% First $500
80% Second $300
80% Third $150

70% First $400
70% Second $200
70% Third $100

60% First $300
60% Second $150
60% Third $75

50% First $200
50% Second $100
50% Third $50

These numbers are preliminary and real numbers will be based on 50% of entries collected.  Not 50% after expenses!  This is pretty serious cash.  If you look at a lot of the majors in the country you have to place pretty well to get something off the prize table you could sell for $500 or $600.

The "choose your own class" system worked very well last year, and it allowed us to get some prize money down the list, rather than a standard top down payout or some dumb luck system.  The trick is to know what you're capable of and perform to that level.  Aim a little high.  If you shoot above your chosen bracket you're out.

Expect some great shooters to be there.  Some were last year and now that we've bumped the payouts up I expect to see some more travel for this match.   We will post the list of shooters at registration and you will be able to change your class up until it's your time to shoot.