Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Greg Jordon places 3rd in 3GN shoot off

Greg fought his way to the semi-finals before losing to Barry Dueck (who earlier eliminated legends Jerry Miculek and Daniel Horner then lost in the finals to Keith Garcia).  Greg then beat Taran Butler to win $5000 as 3rd place.

I spoke to him just moments ago and although he is disappointed with 3rd, he understands that I, and by extension all of us at York, are proud of him for making it that far.  He says he shot consistently well and that it was the most pressure he's ever shot under.  He knows he didn't lose the match by any failure of his own but that Barry was on fire.  Greg also says he is more confident than ever that he can hang with any multi-gun shooter there is.  I know he's right.