Monday, April 17, 2017

April FunShoot

This coming Saturday, April the 22th, we will be hosting our monthly FunShoot.
On any stage, you can run any one or combination of two of the following guns; standard pistol caliber handgun, standard pistol caliber carbine or shotgun (7 1/2 lead shot or smaller). You may bring all 3 to the shoot, and you can change the choice of guns on different stages, but only two guns max per stage.

Target count will be around 100-125 falling steel targets (maybe more....). There will be some movement required of the shooter, but not a ton.
This is a free form shoot. I will present shooters with targets, it is up to the shooter to decide how best to engage them, as long as it is done in a safe manner.

Registration is from 8-8:30am, safety brief at 8:45, shooting close to 9am, we should be done by 1pm-ish.
Cost is $20 for adults, $5 for kids under 18.

There will be a setup for this Friday afternoon, the 21th at 3pm. Email me if you are interested in helping out, it will take less than an hour.

York is a cold range. Unloaded firearms are carried around the range holstered, boxed, bagged, slung, carted or in a sock. Long guns require a chamber flag, and they will be for sale. There is no carrying of loaded firearms, open or concealed.

Bring family and friends, we are very new shooter and kid friendly. Spectators are welcome!

Everyone on the range MUST WEAR EYE PROTECTION WITH SIDE SHIELDS. We will be shooting steel, and it creates shrapnel, little flying bits of metal that can hit you on occasion.


Monday, April 10, 2017

April 3 Gun Results

It was a long day, but the weather was perfect and the competition fierce.  When the smoke cleared Buddy Knight emerged with a victory and the early lead in the Keystone Munitions Point Series.

Here is a link to PractiScore where you can always find our results. When you search keep in mind the York is the first word in all our matches.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 3 Gun at York

This match is now full. It took less than 2 hours.  I have started a waiting list. If you haven't subscribed - "follow by email" you probably should.  That box is to the right.
We will be hosting this month's 3 Gun Match on Sunday, April 9th.  It will be 6 stages and all 3 guns will be used.  We may be using slugs, rifle and shotgun slings this match, and we do expect to use most of, if not all, of the 200 yards available on the rifle range.  The match fee will be $30.

The match day schedule is as follows:

7:30 finish set up (help is always appreciated)
8:00 registration begins
8:30 registration ends (anyone arriving after 8:30 is a spectator)
8:45 mandatory match briefing
9:00 shooting begins
To sign up for this match email us at with your name, division, and squad requests.  You should receive a confirmation within a day or two. 

Don't take too long to sign up.  We do have a maximum number of shooters we will take for each of our matches and we do expect the matches to fill quickly.  Conversely, don't sign up if you don't intend to shoot, and if something comes up and you're not going to make it please let us know as soon as possible.  Thursday April 6th at midnight is the cut off for backing out without penalty.  People who persist in not showing up after signing up will not be invited back.  We want to benefit as many shooters as possible this year.

Additionally, we have opened a second day of shooting for the PA State 3GN Championship at the end of this month.  Saturday.  Those of you who were on the waiting list need to log in a make payment very soon.  Those of you who are not on the waiting list please follow this link to that match.