Monday, October 12, 2015

3M3G results

And a good time was had by all!  Especially on the micro paper targets on Stage 2.  No team escaped unscathed.  As for the scores, there was an issue with one Nook, which required some percussive maintenance.  The prelims were posted from the range, but the finals are now up:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Shoot off results

The shoot off for the point series went off extremely smoothly.  Congratulations to our Winner Joe Pitha.  Thank you to all our sponsors.  We will be doing it again next year.  Expect details here sometime around the first of the year.  Maybe earlier, like a Christmas present.

For more information, pictures, and videos check out the official facebook page at

Monday, September 14, 2015

AB Arms Point Series Final Standings

Congratulations to the top 16 shooters who are headed to the shoot off on October 4th, as well as the top 2 seniors and super seniors who will be shooting against each other too.

Joe Pitha 249
Buddy Knight 246
Rick Torres 240
Todd Sindelar 233
Howard Thompson 226
Rich Yoder 224
Kevin Downing 223
Mike Stephens 222
Robert Schmelz 213
Mike Sherman 211
Garrett Boop 208
Mike Williamson 187
Robert Tumberlinson 186
Joe Padian 186
George Dorbert 178
Brennan Keil 176
Jim Stauffer 172
Jim Scheler 166
Mike Gregorio 166
Bill Hostler 159
Rob Burkindine 156
Allen Evler 154
Steve Schroyer 151
Greg Senft* 148
Dave Stephens** 139
Paul Nowotarski 139
Dave Williams* 135
Marty Kalister* 125
Bob Fanjoy* 110
Jim Fort* 110
Jim Gable* 102
Bernie Rhee 99
Phil Matte** 96
Adam Towle 93
Lou Levy 81
John Lerch 76
Tom Levenhagen** 75
Chris Davis* 72
Jim Sheehy 70
Paige Keil 58
Tom Clayton 40
Bob Spangler** 35
Lee Hankey** 16

September 2015 Multigun Results

The prelims were posted from the range at about 1500 hrs.  Due to a scoring glitch, some changes had to be made for those who timed out on certain stages.  This has been fixed and the finals are posted.  So if you looked at your scores last night, you may want to check them again as your overall standing may have gone up (or down).  Go to Practiscore:

Monday, August 10, 2015

August Multi-gun Results

Results are up, actually they've been up since yesterday afternoon.  If I fail to get the link up here fast enough you can go to and search the match results.  I always use York and the Month in the name of our matches.  Except the MAMGC.

It was a great match, and we enjoyed having you all there.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Follow by email

If you're on a computer (as opposed to a mobile device) you will see a box just to the right that says "follow by email" and has a blank to put your email address.  I just added that.  I suggest you fill it in.  The August match filled in 8 hours.  If you get an email telling you the match invite has been posted you are less likely to be number 12 on the waiting list.  Someone else might be, but that's not your problem.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


It was a long, but fun and challenging day.  Congratulations to Joe Pitha our match winner and Buddy Knight who have locked into the AB Arms Point Series Championship top 16 and thereby guaranteed themselves spots in the shootoffs.  To lock in you need at least 192 points.

The results are available at

Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Challenge Results

Results have been final for days and I forgot to post that, but here's the link: 2015 MAMGC Results

Now the winners have been figured out and rechecked and here they are with the amounts.  I will have checks in the mail by the end of the week.

100% - 1st - Rick Torres $750
          - 2nd - Joe Pitha $500
          - 3rd - Rich Yoder $250

90% - 1st - Daniel Goodwin $600
         - 2nd - Erik Scott $400

80% - 1st - Matt Pittman $500
         - 2nd - Mike Sherman $300
         - 3rd - Nate Tabbert $150

70% - 1st - Garrett Boop $400
         - 2nd - Matt Goldrick $200
         - 3rd - Frank Mazella $100

60% - 1st - Lou Levy $300
        - 2nd - Mike Lockyer $150
        - 3rd - Brennan Keil $75

50% - 1st - Melissa Feigleson $200
         - 2nd - Paul Krick $100
         - 3rd - Rick Zapf $50

Open - John "Mig" Migliaccio $150
   2nd - Robert Barry $50

Limited - Brian Sundberg $150

Sunday, June 7, 2015

MAMGC Schedule for the weekend

All shooters and staff should report to range at 8:00 both on the day they are shooting and working.

Registration will occur from 8:00 am until 8:30 am.

Mandatory match briefing at 8:45 am.

Shots will be fired at 9:00 am.

This is a rain or shine event and things will be on schedule either way.  Please dress and gear up accordingly.

For the guys who asked, I've never added up the round count, but the stages were posted here a couple weeks ago.  I always pack twice what is required, for reshoots, the occasional miss, etc.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship stages

The stages for the Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship are now available for your viewing enjoyment.  Feel free to spread the word.

Here's the link

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Match results and Point Series Standings

Match results are up (and have been up since about 3:00) at

and here are the updated point series standings.

Joe Pitha 100
Buddy Knight 96
Rick Torres 94
Howard Thompson 93
Kevin Downing 91
Mike Sherman 90
Robert Schmelz 83
Joe Padian 81
Robert Tumberlinson 74
Mike Williamson 74
Bill Hostler 72
Brennan Keil 71
Paul Nowotarski 71
Jim Stauffer 70
Mike Gregorio 68
Jim Scheler 63
Rob Burkindine 62
Allen Evler 58
Dave Williams* 57
Bernie Rhee 53
John Lerch 51
Mike Stephens 48
Todd Sindelar 46
Jim Fort* 44
Bob Fanjoy* 43
Rich Yoder 43
Tom Levenhagen** 42
Garrett Boop 42
Tom Clayton 40
Marty Kalister 40
Jim Gable* 38
Adam Towle 37
George Dorbert 36
Bob Spangler** 35
Gary Swope 33
Jim Sheehy 30
Greg Senft* 29
Dave Stephens** 27
Lou Levy 22
Paige Keil 18
Phil Matte* 17

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May Action Match is full

We will start a waiting list, and it is possible someone will drop out between here and the weekend, so follow the directions on the post below.  It's worth a shot, but there's no guarantees.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Point Series Standings

With our first match in the books here are the standings.   Remember there are 5 more matches to go and only your best 5 count, so if you're not where you want to be there's plenty of time to improve.

Joe Pitha 50
Buddy Knight 49
Rick Torres 48
Kevin Downing 47
Todd Sindelar 46
Mike Sherman 45
Howard Thompson 44
Joe Padian 43
Robert Schmelz 42
Bill Hostler 41
Tom Clayton 40
Jim Scheler 39
Jim Stauffer 38
Robert Tumberlinson 37
Brennan Keil 36
Mike Williamson 35
Mike Gregorio 34
Gary Swope 33
Dave Williams 32 (Senior)
Paul Nowotarski 31
Allen Evler 30
Rob Burkindine 29
Bernie Rhee 28
Marty Kalister 27
Jim Gable 26
Bob Fanjoy 25
John Lerch 24
Jim Fort 23
Tom Levenhagen 22 (Super Senior)
Adam Towle 21
Bob Spangler 20

April multi-gun results are posted

See link below:

Thanks to all that came out and made it a successful match.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

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Go to and sign up.  Bookmark the page so every time you use it you are automatically signed in through your donate page.  You can still use all the features of Amazon including prime if you have that, and our chapter gets 0.5% of all applicable purchases.  Most things they sell are eligible for the donation.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February FunShoot Cancelled

Sorry folks, the ranges are all covered in ice and snow that has created conditions that are just too unsafe to do anything of substance. The weather forecast for the next week is not helpful, so I am going to call this one off. Large scale ice is the only thing we really cannot deal with.

This is a serious situation that has postponed our  3 man 3 gun match (see below post).  Please note, the new date for the 3M3G is our next FunShoot date, so we may be on the sidelines for that date too.
Please keep watching this here blog for details as the dates get closer (or better yet, subscribe to it). If the 3M3G can't get off the ground, we may FunShoot that day, it is just too early to tell.

See you on the range someday.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

3M3G Postponed

The York 3 Man 3 Gun will be postponed until Saturday, March 28th due to ice accumulation on the ranges.  I have studied the conditions at length and looked at the 10 day forecast and I don't believe there is any way we can safely host a match less than three weeks from now.  I wanted to give you as much notice as possible.

I have been anxiously watching the conditions and feel it is better to pull the plug sooner rather than later since there is little to no hope of improvement in the near future.  There has been a series of thaws and refreezes that have left us with up to 6 inches of ice covering almost all of the surface on most of our ranges.  There is only one day of the next 10 that is forecast above freezing and 2 with potential for more snow or wintry mix.

We will be planning on using our first alternative date of Saturday, March 28th to hold the scheduled match.  I know this won't suit everyone and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We will be refunding entry fees as necessary.  If you would like an immediate refund let me know.  However, if some of your team can make it we encourage them to attend and we'll match up the loose parts as well as possible.  Also, if you want to wait until closer to the 28th, to see if we can have the match that day please do.  It is possible we will not be able to shoot that day either.

I'll keep you informed as much as possible, Howard

Saturday, February 14, 2015

3M3G Stages are out!

I have emailed all the team captains the stages for the 3M3G on March 8th, and some other useful information.  If you haven't gotten it yet talk to your captain.  If you are a captain and haven't gotten that email contact me.

Range conditions

The back pits are ridiculous.  Several inches of ice in some spots and almost everything is covered to some degree.  There has been snow, thawing and freezing repeatedly, and it's worse every time I get there.  The chances of us postponing the 3M3G scheduled for March 8th are probably about 99% unless something changes dramatically very quickly.  Even our fall back date of March 28 looks like 50%. at this point.  I'll keep you informed.

The good news is we built over 40 new wall sections today.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Action Match

I should be announcing the January Action Match right now, but I'm not.  It has been cancelled.  The weather forecast for next weekend is bleak.

However, if the forecast should improve we might do something.  I have an idea.  Check back here before the weekend.  I'll let you know no later than Thursday night.  There will not be an advanced sign up for this match (if it happens at all).

If we do something it will be rifle only.  Be prepared to shoot 1-2 MOA targets from 100-200 yards from supported positions.  Entry fee will be cheap and round count will be on the low side.  Less than 50 rounds for sure.  Semi-autos will be the best choice, but others are not out of the question.  No calibers larger than .308 for sure.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Mid AtlanticMulti-gun Challenge

The application for the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Multi-gun Challenge is now available at

This is our annual major match at York.  We expect this year's event to be a huge step forward with our back pits now more than twice as big.  Right now we're thinking 7 stages and around 210 rounds evenly divided between the 3 guns.  This match can be shot in a single day and we keep our squads reasonably sized so it is a very pleasant experience.

The match fee is $100 per shooter and includes lunch and a t-shirt.  We also do generous cash payouts based on a modified Lewis system where you choose your own class.  It's easier than it sounds.  Just look at where you have finished in the past and plan on shooting at least that well.  You can shoot under your chosen class and if you're the best in that bracket you get paid.  Just remember if you go over your chosen percentage you're out.

Here's what the payouts looked like last year:

100% 1st Place Greg Jordan $750

100% 2nd Place Todd Jarrett $500

100% 3rd Place Dean DeTurk $250

90% 1st Place Howard Thompson $600

90% 2nd Place Dave Marques $400

90% 3rd Place Doug Gross $200

80% 1st Place Mark Mazzota $500

80% 2nd Place Brian Christ $300

80% 3rd Place Matt Olinchak $150

70% 1st Place Brian Cashman $400

70% 2nd Place Colin Wynne $200

70% 3rd Place Jimmy Sheu $100

60% 1st Place Bill Hostler $300

60% 2nd Place Jim Sheehy $150

60% 3rd Place Matt Goldrick $75

50% 1st Place Walt Romaniw $200

50% 2nd Place John Lerch $100

50% 3rd Place Rachael Granico $50

1st Limited Mike Stephens $200

2nd Limited Garrett Boop $100

3rd Limited Frank Santini $50

1st Open Al Zitta $200

2nd Open Brian Shank $50

That might help you figure out where you belong.  We expect more shooters and larger payouts this year.

This match may fill up fast so don't delay mailing in your application and check.

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments.