Sunday, February 23, 2020

Long Range Egg Shoot Sunday, March 1st Canceled

We have canceled this match.  It will not be postponed.  We start Falling Steel in April!

On Sunday,March 1st we will be hosting our last Long Range Egg Shoot before June.  This is the one on the rifle range where you use a 22lr to shoot egg size, and shaped steel at 50. 75, 100 and 125 yards from the benches.

This year when you will sign up for a specific time, between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and you will be expected to be there 20 minutes before your start time to prep your gear, and check in.  The match fee is $20.  At your designated time you will shoot 50 yards.  10 minutes later you will shoot 75 yards, and so on.  So theoretically you may be on the range for as little as 40 minutes.  Of course you're welcome to come earlier, and stay as long as you want to watch, but if it is cold you won't have to suffer as long.  That being said we will need spotters so everyone can't just shoot and scoot.  Plan on helping a little if you don't mind.

If the weather is extremely cold or treacherous I will cancel the match well ahead of time, but because everyone has a scheduled time being a no show or late has no remedy and will be frowned upon.

I have a two page document with some tips for beginners that may be of interest to you.  If you'd like a copy of that, and/or you'd like to sign up email me at

Thursday, February 20, 2020

PA Gun Laws bring pushed in 2020

There are a plethora of heinous gun laws being pushed by Bloomberg, Governor Wolf, and Representatives and State Senators with liberal leanings that are direct affront to law abiding citizens in the commonwealth this year.  Don't just read the following list and curse.  Take a few minutes to email your Representative and State Senator and tell them to protect your second amendment rights.  Explain to them that you enjoy semi-autos lawfully, and that you don't want your rights infringed.  Add that punishing criminals deters crimes.  Tell them anything, but be polite and as intelligent as you can.  Keep it short and on point.  Do it today!

It is easy to reach your Representative and State Senator. 

1. Go to to find out who your current Rep is by putting in your address.

2. Click on the name of your Rep or Senator.  Below their picture will be an email symbol or a link to their website.  Send a brief email to them using the appropriate link.

I have heard from these Reps and Senators that very few people actually contact them.  We need for them to hear from more of us than the enemy.  If their minds aren't already made up we want them to be swayed to our way of thinking.  If they are against us we want them to know we will vote them out of office.  Be heard.

Most of this stuff will not pass even if we do nothing.  Probably.  But it's not worth taking a chance.  We see what is being perpetrated around the country.  We must be vigilant and proactive.

Now the list of the BS they are trying to shove down our throats:

* HB 159 (Rep. Quinn) – Universal Background Checks: Subjects all firearm sales, regardless of barrel length, to background checks, and allows a person to obtain a 48-hour background check approval for a licensed gun show. Permits the issuance of a single background check approval that would remain valid for multiple days for use at gun shows across the Commonwealth.

* HB 162 (Rep. Zabel) – Firearms: One Purchase a Month: Prohibits individuals from purchasing more than one handgun every 30 days.

* HB 165 (Rep. Donatucci) – Voluntary No Firearm Purchase List: Establishes a voluntary firearm purchase exclusion list and requires the Pennsylvania State Police to check the list as part of the PICS purchase or transfer approval procedure.

* HB 202 (Rep. Cruz) – Firearm Buyback Program: Establishes a statewide gun buyback program.

* HB 204 (Rep. Cruz) – Toy or Imitation Firearms: Prohibits the importation, manufacturing, sale, presentation for sale and distribution of imitation firearms, unless the toy or imitation has been designed and manufactured in such a way that it is obvious it is not a real firearm. Provides exceptions for sales outside the Commonwealth, use in theater or film, and antiques.

* HB 307 (Rep. Gainey) – Assault Weapons Ban: Bans the possession, purchase, transfer, use or manufacture of an assault weapon.

* HB 326 (Rep. Warren) – No-Fly List Firearms Ownership Prohibition: Prohibits anyone whose name appears on the FBI’s terrorist screening database from purchasing or possessing a firearm in Pennsylvania.

* HB 336 (Rep. Cruz) – Firearms on the Capitol Complex: Prohibits the carrying of firearms, rifles and shotguns on the Capitol Complex and requires lockers to be provided for the temporary checking of firearms.

* HB 344 (Rep. Cruz) – Shooting Range Background Checks: Requires patrons of a shooting range to complete a gun rental application, which shall include a background check, before they may be approved to rent a firearm. The approval must be renewed yearly.

* HB 377 (Rep. Isaacson) – Destroying Confiscated or Recovered Firearms: Requires that law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth destroy confiscated or recovered firearms if the owner cannot be found within 120 days

* HB 378 (Rep. Isaacson) – Prohibiting the Mentally Ill from Possessing Firearms: Prohibits the possession of firearms by individuals who have been ordered to undergo involuntary mental health treatment on an outpatient basis.

* HB 459 (Rep. Cruz) – Pennsylvania State Police Notifications: Amends the Uniform Firearms Act to require that the Pennsylvania State Police be notified within 72 hours, instead of the current 7 days, that an individual has received mental health adjudication, treatment, commitment, or suffers from substance abuse or addiction.

* HB 462 (Rep. Cruz) – Pennsylvania State Police Notifications: Amends the Mental Health Procedures Act to require that the Pennsylvania State Police be notified within 72 hours, instead of the current 7 days, that an individual has been adjudicated incompetent, has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution for inpatient care and treatment, or who has been involuntarily treated.

* HB 467 (Rep. Cruz) – Firearms Eligibility License: Requires individuals wishing to purchase a firearm to first obtain a firearms eligibility license.

* HB 525 (Rep. Briggs) – Protecting Children from Accidental Gun Injuries and Deaths: Requires a person who stores or leaves a firearm on premises under his or her control, and who knows that a minor would be likely to gain access to the firearm without permission of a parent or guardian, to keep the firearm in a locked container or other secure location.

* HB 532 (Rep. Warren) – Safe Storage of Firearms When Residing With An Individual Not to Possess Firearms: Requires the safe storage of firearms if the owner resides with an individual who may not legally possess a firearm.

* HB 673 (Rep. Warren) – Background Checks: Eliminates all but the family transfer exception to the requirement of a background check prior to purchasing or transferring a firearm.

* HB 699 (Rep. McCarter and Rep. Sturla) – 3D Printed Firearms: Prohibits individuals from 3D printing a firearm and requires all 3D printed firearms to be subject to the Uniform Firearm Act.

* HB 700 (Rep. McCarter and Rep. Sturla) – Prohibiting Undetectable Firearms: Prohibits the manufacturing, sale, and possession of undetectable firearms.

* HB 724 (Rep. DeLuca) – Concealed Carry Permit Training: Requires individuals to complete a six hour firearm training program with a certified firearms instructor approved by the National Rifle Association prior to receiving a concealed carry permit.

* HB 726 (Rep. DeLuca) – Consecutive Sentences for Firearm Charges: Provides for consecutive sentences for firearm charges with respect to mandatory five-year sentencing upon conviction of a violent crime with a firearm.

* HB 738 (Rep. Kirkland) – Ammunition Purchases: Requires an individual to present photographic identification when purchasing firearm ammunition.

* HB 740 (Rep. Kirkland) – Firearm: Toy Purchases: Prohibits the purchase of realistic toy firearms by individuals under 18 years of age, unless they are accompanied by an adult at the time of purchase.

* HB 768 (Rep. Cruz) – Firearms Registration: Requires most firearm owners to register their firearms with the Pennsylvania State Police.

* HB 1028 (Rep. McCarter) – Firearm Restraining Orders: Allows a law enforcement officer, family or household member, person licensed under the Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors Act, or a health care practitioner to petition the court for a firearm restraining order enjoining a person from purchasing, otherwise receiving or possessing a firearm, ammunition or other weapon.

* HB 1162 (Rep. Schweyer) – Minimum Age of 21 to Purchase Semiautomatic Firearms: Prohibits the sale or possession of an assault weapon by individuals below the age of 21 and establishes a definition for assault weapons.

* HB 1288 (Rep. Sanchez) – Lost and Stolen Firearms: Requires a person who lawfully owns or possesses a firearm to report the loss or theft within 72 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft and establishes penalties for violations.

* HB 1289 (Rep. Sanchez) – Rapid Fire or “Multiburst Trigger Activators”: Updates the state’s definition of “offensive weapons” to include “multiburst trigger activators,” thus outlawing them.

* HB 1075 (Rep. Stephens) – Extreme Risk Protection Orders: Establishes extreme risk protection orders, which permit a judge to temporarily revoke a dangerous individual’s right to possess or purchase a firearm.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

2020 Falling Steel Dates

A couple people have asked me about these recently so I thought I might as well post this.

The dates for Falling Steel at York this year are:

Saturday, April 11th
Sunday, May 3rd
Sunday,July 5th
Sunday, August 2nd (PA Falling Steel Championship)

The first 3 matches will be 5 stages and $20 entry.  The last one will be 6 or 7 stages and it will cost $40, but include cash prizes.

All 4 matches will allow multiple entries within the same time slot, teams, lots of divisions with high cap or 10 round limits, and PCCs with almost no limitations to capacity or configuration. 

Changes for this year include the steel will be painted white after every squad, some wider arrays, ipad scoring, and no shotguns.

Applications for the August match will be available by April match.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

February FunShoot Announced!!!!!

Today a rather incredible crew put down 5 stages of PSA style steel in the back pits. The weather for our shooting time Saturday looks clear and high 30's-low 40's, so let's just do it!

This Saturday, February 22nd,  we will be hosting our monthly FunShoot.

We will present you with 5 stages of 30-35 falling steel targets each.

There will be no setup this month, it is all done.  I will put a few finishing touches on it at some point.

Fee will be $20 for adults and $5 for anyone under 18.
Signup by 9:15ish, safety brief at 9:45ish, shooting at 10ish (let it get a tad warmer...)

Firearm choice will be standard pistol caliber handgun, standard pistol caliber carbine, or shotgun (7 1/2 lead shot or smaller). You may bring all 3 types to the shoot, and you can change the choice of guns on different stages, but only two guns max per stage.
Yes, .22LR (not magnums) and  .300 BO subsonic are acceptable.

York is a cold range. Unloaded firearms are carried around the range holstered, boxed, bagged, slung, carted or in a sock. Long guns require a chamber flag, and they will be available for purchase.

Bring family and friends, we are very new shooter and kid friendly. Spectators are welcome!

Everyone on the range MUST WEAR EYE PROTECTION WITH SIDE SHIELDS. We will be shooting steel, and it creates little flying bits of metal that can hit you on occasion.
Eye protection will be available for purchase.


Sunday, February 2, 2020

February Long Range Egg Shoot results

Another long range egg shot in the books and some really fine shooting today.  Congratulations to Lou Levy for his overall win, and to Brian Shimer for his win in semi-auto division.  Thanks to everyone who came out and helped today.  We will be having another long range egg shoot on Sunday, March first if the weather allows.  Stay tuned for details.

Name Div 50 75 100 125 Total
Lou Levy Bolt 55 55 53 51 214
Don Vetter Bolt 55 55 52 40 202
Brad Shaw Bolt 55 54 50 40 199
Josh Metz Bolt 55 54 50 40 199
Howard Thompson Bolt 55 53 55 25 188
Heather Harris Bolt 54 54 40 30 178
Phil Matte Bolt 54 30 40 40 164
Don Harris Bolt 55 45 25 35 160
Vaughn Rosendale Bolt 54 55 15 15 139
Brian Shimer Semi 55 55 52 30 192
Rob Burkindine Semi 55 55 51 30 191
Joe Clark Semi 53 51 45 40 189
Justin Hartman Semi 53 50 51 25 179
Bob Berrettini Semi 53 53 52 10 168
Dave Williams Semi 45 51 20 30 146
Carl Carlcastell Semi 55 52 25 10 142
Jeff Chalk Semi 50 53 15 0 118