Friday, March 30, 2012

Ranges are closed all weekend

Be very very quiet, the fish are biting.....
Opening of trout season, we give it up to our finned friends.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Team Multigun Stages

The stages for the Spring Team mulitgun are now available at  There may be some small changes but these are pretty close to what you can expect on match day. 

We have also picked up Lancer as our Match sponsor.   Check out their products when you get a chance at  They build the finest magazines available, really cool carbon fiber handguards and they have expanded into building awesome entire rifles, and really trick shotgun magazine tubes as well.

We have now have Shooter's Connection as a stage sponsor.  They have about anything you could want for shooting.  Check out their website at

Uniquetek is also sponsoring a stage.  They make and sell a lot of really cool accessories including the clay bird clips we use.

Our other stage sonsor will remain a secret until match day, but you are going to love them I promise you.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Combined funshoot results

Thanks for a great turnout, we had 48 hardy shooters in the rain, I couldn't be more pleased.
Raw combined results are here, scores by division will be posted in a few days at
See you next month

Combined Scores
points time
Rick V 1002 Jim S 112.24 176
Craig S 870 Robert G 114.83 169
Greg S 861 Art L 157.47 155
phil M 842 Allen A 189.09 109
Gabrielle D 824 Steven R 223.89 110
Kimberlyn T 807 Kevin C 231.71 118
Chet W 798 Thomas K 293.4 88
Jim S Sr 781 Dusty N 407.02 109
Fred Z 778
Caleb S 731
Brandon K 647
Gary R 612
Tasha K 602

Thursday, March 22, 2012

FNH Multigun staff application

The application for FULL TIME STAFF only is now available. I am the AMD and I will be handling the staffing for Larry. If you want a staff application email me at

The staff package is incredible:
- We do collect the $285 entry fee, but at the end of the match we refund the full amount if you fulfill your obligation.
- You are guaranteed a slot in the match (they will be at a premium)and you shoot the whole match for prizes. We had a $300,00 prize table last year (over 100 guns)and we intend to do better this year.
- We pay half hotel room for the entire time, so if you share a room it's free. Tuesday through Saturday night.
- Food money for the match days.
- Per diem on the Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before if you're there to help set up.
- First class staff appreciation dinner Friday night
- An unbelievable staff drawing. Last year we gave away a SCAR, an AR, 2 FN pistols, and a custom SBR upper, in addition to a prize for every member of staff ranging from $100 to $300 in value this year will probably be even better.

We had a fantastic staff last year. Most of those guys and gals will be returning and we are adding even more. We are making several changes to the staff shooting and working schedules so everyone will have a more relaxed, enjoyable, and competitive shooting and working experience. If you've never worked for Larry and/or I you don't know how well staff can be treated. We are both driven type A personalites and we aim to run the best match in the country. For both our shooters and staff. Why not be both?

We will need people of all skill levels from RMs and CROs to ROs and people to help with scoresheets, and resetting. We want the best staff available, but don't think that you have nothing to contribute.

What we're asking for from you:
- Staff will be needed from 7:00am Wednesday, September 18th until noon on Sunday, September 23rd.
- The majority of staff will shoot in a single day on Wenesday the 18th of September. They will then work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday while the competitors shoot.
- Saturday PM wil be the banquet with prize distribution.
- Sunday AM we'll tear the match down and load it into the FNH trailers. We should be on the road by noon at latest.

Please keep in mind this early application is for FULL TIME STAFF only. Staff applicants who do not show up to work, but show up to shoot will be removed from the match and their entry will not be refunded.

Competitor-only Applications will be posted sometime in April and will be accepted beginning May 1st.

Thanks, Howard

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Funshoot

Team York proudly presents the York March Funshoot:

This shoot will consist of 102 rounds of funshoot fun, Steel, more steel, clays, gallery, PPC and food of the month.
We will accept 70 shooters maximum.  There will be 6 divisions of standard pistol calibers recognized;  rimfire, centerfire and carbine, each in scoped and iron sighted.
There will be three scoring classes, points, timed and "I dont care", where you will be scored by total points in an exact round count class, or "timed", where it will be the fastest time to smash all targets, regardless of the number of rounds shot, or "I dont care" where you don't turn in a score sheet.
Either way,  good time is guaranteed to be had by all.

Signup at now.

see you Saturday


Friday, March 16, 2012

March Funshoot teaser

On Saturday March 24th, we will be hosting our first "official" Funshoot of the year.  It will be heavy on steel, and our old friends the Clays, the Gallery and PPC will return.  It will be 7 or 8 stages and range from serious to silly.  Sadly, the bowling pins have moved away, I know you will all miss them.  I have a scoring scheme I think you will like, we will shoot under 100 rounds minimum (note the new word minimum...), and it will be open to just about any pistol caliber handgun or carbine.  All the nitty grittys will be posted Sunday evening.

This is very important.
Due to overwhelming demand here at York this spring (Thank you!!!!), we have found it necessary to go to advance registration for all of our events so we don't over book the ranges.  Therefore, registration for the Funshoot will go live at 8:00pm Sunday the 18th of March, when I post the shoot details and registration email. NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEFORE THIS TIME.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

April pistol/rifle heads up

No, it's not time to sign up yet, although we've already had one attempt.

Just a heads up: For the April pistol/rifle match on the front 3 pits you will need a sling for your rifle, and we will be shooting 180 - 200 yards also.

You have plenty of time to make the necessary preparations.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 2012 results posted

They can be found at

NOTE:  In order for the classifiers to count and be posted with the next USPSA update, they have to be submitted by 5:00 pm on Monday.  Please review the results and confirm your USPSA #, division, and power factor.  Report any discrepancies here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Match details

A few things you might want to know about the March USPSA match:

- It is full and there is an extensive waiting list.  We will notify people on the waiting list asap if anyone drops out.  We will not be taking walk-ons.

- Set up starts at 8:00am, Registration starts at 8:30am, and closes at 9:30am.

- The match briefing will be at 9:45 and we'll be shooting by 10:00am

- We will have drinks available for purchase and we will NOT be doing food.  Please bring a sandwich or something.  This will be a 5 hour match.  Food is good.

- Please drive slowly coming in the lane.

- York Izaak Walton is a cold range.  Firearms should be unloaded before entering the property.  Firearms may only be handled in the designated safety areas or under the suprvision of an RO.

- Chamber flags must be used in all long guns and will be available for $2 each at registration.

Don't forget to set your clocks one hour ahead Saturday night before you go to bed.  Time change is this weekend.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The March match is full

In about 19 hours we have filled the March match.   We will start a waiting list and if someone backs out we will notify the next in line.

If you are in you should have received a confimation, or will very shortly.

There was no invite email, in case you are wondering, the invite posted here yesterday around 3:00pm was the only one. The blog post/invite for the April match will occur at 8:00pm on Sunday,  April 1st.  Check this blog regularly to stay updated on all things York.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March USPSA match

On Sunday, March 11th we are going to host a 7 stage USPSA match at York Izaak Walton. There will only be one time slot for this match. We will finish setting up at 8:00am and we appreciate your help. Registration will be from 8:30 until 9:30. Mandatory match briefing will be at 9:45 and we will start shooting at 10:00.

There will be 2 options for this match:

1. You may shoot this match with Pistol only. 4 of the 7 stages will be classifiers. A minimum of 151 rounds will be required. The cost will be $25 and we will do cash payouts to division and class winners with minimum levels of participation. To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "Pistol only", your USPSA #, division, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

2. You may shoot this 7 stage match with a rifle and a pistol as a mulitgun match. The rifle may be any caliber from 22lr to 308 as long as it is suitable for action shooting (no bolts or weird stuff). The pistol must be a centerfire pistol. The reason for these parameters is we are shooting only paper with rifle so it really doesn't matter what caliber it is. We will be shooting steel with pistols so it has to knock them down. All of the shooting will be less than 35 yards as these are really pistol stages. Minimums of 78 rifle and 73 pistol rounds will be required. The cost will be $20 for the multigun match and we will NOT be doing any payouts for multigun regardless of participation. We will also not be differentiating between divisions so you can use any combination of firearms for the MG option. We will post overall MG results but they will be all divisions combined. It would just be too complicated to keep track of all the options for this kind of match and I really don't see much advantage in one caliber or another or type of gun this time so we're just not. Let's just use it as practice and have fun with it. To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "Multigun", your USPSA #, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

This match will fill quickly. Do not hesitate to get signed up. You should receive a confirmation email from us within a day or two. If for some reason you have signed up but will not be able to make it to the match please let us know. Persistent no-shows will not be invited to shoot in the future.

There is only one time slot, and there is a limited number of slots available so you may not shoot more than once. You may not do both the pistol and multigun options. You may not classify in more than one division.

If you have any questions you may email me at
We just finished setting up the back pits and the match looks like a lot of fun thanks to my talented and dedicated crew.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring 3 man 3 gun is full

The Spring 3 man 3 gun is full.  There is little chance that a team will back out now, but if you want me to put your team on the waiting list email me.