Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steel Challenge results

The Steel Challenge was a success today thanks to my dedicated staff and 40 brave shooters who proved that being hard-headed trumps temperatures in the teens. Quick set up and 17 degrees led me to the decision to send some squads out early and we had some shooters finishing up around noon. By 1:15pm we were putting stuff away and the last shooters to hit the ranges were wrapping up, and no one froze to death. I believe a good time was had by all.

Our January Steel Master was Greg Jordan completing all 6 stages in a combined 67.75 seconds. He won Iron Sighted Rimfire.

Ben Thompson wasn't far behind in either of the two divisions he shot, posting 70.27 seconds in Scoped Rimfire, and 71.50 in Open.

Chris Rhines won Carbine Optics with a 72 flat against stiff competition in that division.

I got lucky and won Production with a total time of 82.54 seconds. Not too shabby for an old man with a tupperware gun.

Brian Shank won Limited with a total of 140.18 seconds.

The full results should be posted to our website soon, and I have them available now as a word document. If you haven't received a copy by email yet, but would like one let me know.

Thanks again to all involved, H-

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Steel challenge is still on

We hope to see you in am, but we understand if you can't make it. Real men will be there!

Friday, January 29, 2010

We're definitely on for Sunday

Sunday is all systems go. Dress warmly, although I believe this will go quickly. We will set-up at 9:30am get everyone signed up and explain the rules real quickly and we'll be shooting not later than 11:00am I promise. With squads of 6 and 7 I think we can get this done in 2 hours if everyone keeps things moving.

What can you do to help keep running smoothly?
-Have your mags loaded and gear organized when it is your turn to shoot.
-As soon as the range is declared "clear" get down there and paint the steel.
-Volunteer to run the timer if you know how. If you don't watch and learn, it's really pretty easy.
-Take your turn with the clipboard. Writing down the times is really simple and anyone can do that.
-Don't pick up brass until after the shoot is over. Afterwards you may pick it up.

See you Sunday

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steel Challenge Clarifications

-There was a contradiction between my email and this website. The email said only one gun and this blog said two are allowed. You may use two different guns Sunday. You must have enough mags for both (5) and be ready to go when it's your turn. You must also pay the full registration fee for each.

-As to power factor; we are limiting the power factor to 150, and velocity to 1350 fps on all ammo ( primarily for hyper velocity 22lr ) to protect the steel.
Let me be crystal clear here, if we believe that your ammo exceeds this and is damaging our steel we will take you and your gun to pit 8, set up a chronograph, and shoot 3 rounds through it. We will take the average velocity in feet per second multiply it by your bullet weight, and divide that number by 1000. If that number, also known as power factor is greater than 150, you will be disqualified for the day. You will not get a refund, and you cannot change to a different gun or ammo. Maybe, depending on your attitude and/or the level of damage you caused, you will not be allowed back to our club. You will have messed up by ignoring all the warnings, and probably have damaged our $6500 set of steel. All you need to do is make a mark on the steel, not run a round thru it.

-There will be a chronograph setup on pit 1, the morning of the shoot that all may use (when supervised) to check the power factor and velocity of your ammo, if you need to. Remember most box .40 and .45 will be too hot, so plan accordingly.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Steel Challenge

It looks like the January Steel Challenge is on. The weather is supposed to be OK, so at this point we are moving forward with the Jan. 31 Steel Challenge at York.

It will be 6 stages and about 150 rounds minimum. Remember that full house loads are not allowed for many calibers. Most standard velocity 22lr is fine, most factory 9mm is fine. Most factory 40 and 45 is not. No magnum calibers for sure. We will chrono and disqualify any ammo we think may damage our targets.

The fee will be $20 and we will do generous payouts. There will only be one time slot, 11:00am. Sign up will begin at 10:00.

We are going to allow people to shoot 2 different guns, and we are going to allow both centerfire, and rimfire carbines, as long as they are not using ammo that will damage our steel.

The invite emails will go out tomorrow(1/26), and sign up will begin then at our email address

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smokin' funshooters!

All I can say is Wow! What a day, even with temps in the mid 20's and low 30's all day, a big bunch of shooters showed for an easy fun day of shooting. There were 20 new shooters, and I don't believe there were any problems. That in itself is a testimonial to all the regular shooters, you all helped the new folks learn the ropes, and kept things running smooth.

I look forward to what February brings, and I'll see if I can have a few more things for you to shoot at.

Scores will be sent to shooters this afternoon, and posted on our website in a few days. I'll let you know when the website is updated.

Don"t forget, Steel Challenge next Sunday, always a good time!

Thanks so much


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Funshoot Clarifications

To answer a few of your questions:

1) No advance registration is necessary, just show up.

2) Carbines should be bagged if possible. Optionally, slings with chamber flags can be used, with EXTREME awareness of muzzle control.

3) I will be there in the cold, rain, snow (front wheel drive car friendly) or shine, Saturday morning at 9:00am. My setup crew didn't do it for nothin'.....

4) Those USPSA guys are pansies.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funshoot fun!

Welcome to the 2010 season, this year is planning out to be our best and most exciting yet, stay tuned!

The long range forecast looks good, so the funshoot for next Saturday the 23rd is a go.

Many thanks to the hardworking setup crew that showed today, the 3 of us got a lot done. The shoot will be about 1/2 steel. The rest will be the usual variety of stuff, but for a very evil mover we have never used before.

Round count will be between 50 and 100, and this month is open to pistol caliber carbines.

The schedule is like this, I'm starting a little later, to let the sun do a little more warming
9:00 setup
10:00 registration
10:45 walkthru
11:00 noise

There will be food and drink for purchase.

As always, we run a cold range, please review the range safety rules at

For more info, read the sidebar on the right hand side of this page.
For even more info, drop me a line at

See you Saturday.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Correction to Fun Shoot set up

Gary has informed me that the fun shoot set up will be this Saturday (16th) at noon, not Thursday(21st) as I had said in the previous post.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gazing into my crystal ball....

I see the future. Not too far off on the 23rd we have a fun shoot scheduled. The 15 day forecast, as much as it can be trusted, is forecasting temps in the 40s. That is very shootable. So it looks like the fun shoot will be on. Start getting geared up for that now. Even you USPSA shooters can benefit from the fun shoots. The emphasis is on accuracy, and that's a great thing this time of year, and just breaking the rust out would be good for you too. Bring your friends to this one. Even the non-shooters. The relaxed atmosphere, and safety oriented structure is perfect for novices.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January match cancelled

I just sent out the message below to our mailing lists. If you didn't receive it then your current address is not on the lists. Please email me at and request to be added.

" For the record, we are cancelling the match we have scheduled for this weekend. Yes, it may seem wimpy but we're not willing to set up a match in this cold to find out that only 6 people are hard-headed enough to shoot in the freezing cold. It's not what we call fun. Maybe we'll catch a break in February. This global warming isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Also, please note that Topton is hosting a 3 man 3 gun on June 20th. Dean has posted the announcement on Brian Enos. Here is a link to that thread If you've never shot 3 man 3 gun you're missing out. It is the most fun shooting you can imagine. We pioneered this at York a few years ago and we are very pleased that another club has joined us in this adventure. Topton is running this as a serious match with a respectable entry fee, but they put on a first class show, and they pay genorously, and deep into the results. Dean has also said they are doing some random draw prizes in addition to the traditional prize table. He really knows how to stroke the sponsors.

Stay warm, H- "

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

List of matches

Jim Norman has spearheaded a thread on Enos that has all the match dates for every kind of major action match in the country. It is a great tool and you should check it out.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not quite time yet

We gave it serious consideration, but due to a bleak weather forecast we have decided to pull the plug on the January 10th USPSA match. Hopefully we'll be luckier for the fun shoot.