Monday, September 14, 2015

AB Arms Point Series Final Standings

Congratulations to the top 16 shooters who are headed to the shoot off on October 4th, as well as the top 2 seniors and super seniors who will be shooting against each other too.

Joe Pitha 249
Buddy Knight 246
Rick Torres 240
Todd Sindelar 233
Howard Thompson 226
Rich Yoder 224
Kevin Downing 223
Mike Stephens 222
Robert Schmelz 213
Mike Sherman 211
Garrett Boop 208
Mike Williamson 187
Robert Tumberlinson 186
Joe Padian 186
George Dorbert 178
Brennan Keil 176
Jim Stauffer 172
Jim Scheler 166
Mike Gregorio 166
Bill Hostler 159
Rob Burkindine 156
Allen Evler 154
Steve Schroyer 151
Greg Senft* 148
Dave Stephens** 139
Paul Nowotarski 139
Dave Williams* 135
Marty Kalister* 125
Bob Fanjoy* 110
Jim Fort* 110
Jim Gable* 102
Bernie Rhee 99
Phil Matte** 96
Adam Towle 93
Lou Levy 81
John Lerch 76
Tom Levenhagen** 75
Chris Davis* 72
Jim Sheehy 70
Paige Keil 58
Tom Clayton 40
Bob Spangler** 35
Lee Hankey** 16

September 2015 Multigun Results

The prelims were posted from the range at about 1500 hrs.  Due to a scoring glitch, some changes had to be made for those who timed out on certain stages.  This has been fixed and the finals are posted.  So if you looked at your scores last night, you may want to check them again as your overall standing may have gone up (or down).  Go to Practiscore: