Friday, August 28, 2009

Set up for September USPSA match

The set up for September USPSA match will take place Saturday, September 5th at 11:00am. I know this is Labor Day weekend, but when else could we do it? If you can make it your help would be appreciated. As I predicted turnout was kind of slight last month at set up and it will likely be again this month. especially in light of the holiday. But, the help who did show up last month was among our best and they did a fantastic job, and I have no doubt that we'll knock it out again. There will likely be an opportunity tshoot the stages for score again afterwards this time too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A story with a happy ending

One of my friends sent me this and I thought it was good enough to share. It's the usual story of an anti-gun government screwing over a law abiding citizen, but this one has a happy ending due to my friend's family's tenacity.

About 5 years ago some shitbird robbed my gramp. The drug addled loser in question worked for the cleaning service we hired to clean gramp's house. They robbed him when he went to FLA for the winter. My gramp has since died. There was a bust in Vernon NY by the state police and this gun ended up on the evidence table press shot where we spotted it the newspaper. We inquired and sure enough it was Gramp's. This pistol was manufactured in 1951 and it is NRA 95% at least. I'm positive the Troopers were not going to tell us they recoverd it. My dad and uncle went to the barracks, filled out the paperwork and began a 5 year battle to recover this gun. It was clear from the outset that they really did not intend to return this gun. But my uncle jumped thru all the hoops and having worked for the troopers for 30 years, was able to get the investigator to finally release this gun. Dad picked it up friday and I shot it yesterday and gave her a good cleaning. I'm proud of my family for standing up to NY and fighting for gramp's gun. They gave it to me and it is the one gun I will never part with. My children's children will enjoy this gun.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aug Team Trophy Funshoot

Ok, it's finally right around the corner, the weather looks good, and here are the particulars.

First off, it's the Annual Team Trophy Funshoot, and if you are new, or have been asleep for the past 3 years it goes something like this, and the pic of the trophies,

In detail:

Any pistol caliber handgun, with any sights or optics, that holds a minimum of 6 rounds, there is NO carbine option.
We will be shooting clays, paper, steel, paper that moves (but that never goes away for the single action folks), more clays, the ever popular newts (insert evil laugh here), and a little fun plinkin'.

Round count is 96, with 7 stages, simple scoring, and should move pretty quickly.

There is no setup this month, this shoot is entirely on us.

Hot dogs and drinks for sale, water coolers as well, stay hydrated.

Registration and qualifying shots start about 9am, shooter walkthru 'bout 9:45, and squads out as close to 10am as possible.

Fee is $20 for this special shoot, and as always, $5 for the under 18 folks.

As always, IWLA is a COLD range, gun handling only at safe tables, and under instruction at the line. Period. Please review the range rules at

One last thing, bring on your best game, you'll need it!

see you all Saturday


Friday, August 14, 2009

Top ten reasons to shoot the fun shoot next weekend

10. Gary and Mark put on a first class show

9. Izaak Walton is beautiful this time of year.

8. Gunfire is a joyful noise.

7. You've already got the guns and ammo. You might as well use them.

6. It's cheap.

5. Shooting cans, claybirds, and steel is really fun.

4. Big Trophies.

3. Good Hot Dogs.

2. There are no other matches that day.

1. I've seen you shoot. You need the accuracy work.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So you want one of these?

Come out and shoot with us Aug 22 for the Annual Team Trophy Funshoot. It is sure to be a blast!

Monday, August 10, 2009

August USPSA Match

Thanks to all who came out for our August match. Despite the heat and humidity (and threat of rain, which didn't happen by the way) it was a fun and challenging match. I think a lot of left making a list of things we need to practice. Be patient and we'll get results out as soon as possible. It will likely be a week or so.

September 13th will be our next USPSA match and it will be a pistol only 6 stage match. 4 of those stages will be classifiers. If there's any you would like to see email me.

Gary shooting the easy stage, with Paul M ROing. This stage really wasn't that easy either. It had International targets at 20+ yards and it's fair share of no-shoots.
Wonderboy with brass, and smoke exiting his new Glock 34.
Even Todd S. had to concentrate this match.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Items up for auction at match Sunday

There are a few prizes that were no awarded at our PA State Steel Challenge match last month. Door prizes were randomly assigned before the match and as it happened some of the shooters who won did not show up. Match Director Kirk and I decided the only fair thing to do was to bring them to the next match and auction them off. So at the lunch break between am and pm squads we will have a brief auction. Bring a few extra dollars.

The items are:

- A black Camelback Motherlode hydration pack, with an MSRP of $210.
- 2 $200 certificates for Sport Shooters Training. These will be auctioned seperately.
- 1 $50 cetificate for final value fees at Sonny Boy Auctions
- A Nevco targets Portapopper with stand. This thing is reall cool and has an MSRP of $140.
- A 3 pack of Nevco Targets folding target stands. Very well made.

If you won't be at match but want to make an offer you can email me at with your instructions. Include how you want me to get them to you. (shipping etc)

Nothing more to say

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 9th USPSA match

Once again it is time to sign up for our August USPSA match. This month's match will be a 5 stage 132 round pistol match with one classifier included (03-10) We will shoot 2 time slots. The first will be at 9:00am and the second will be at 1:00pm. This match will help you prepare for the Area 8 or Nationals. It will be challenging.

There will also be a sidematch this month. 18 rounds all steel. You may use pistol, shotgun, or pistol caliber carbine (not 223, 30, or 762). It will cost $5 or 3 runs for $10. You don't have to sign up in advance for the side match. Plan on shooting it before or after you shoot the main match. We will run it from 9:00am until the pistol match is finished. We will not run it after pistol is over, so if you're shooting pistol in pm come early to shoot the side match.

We will have food and drinks available for purchase this match.

To sign up email with your name, USPSA #, division, am or pm time slot, and squadding preferences. If you are signed up you should receive a confirmation within a day or two.