Saturday, October 29, 2011



Due to deteriorating weather conditions at the range and roads, the match is cancelled for 10/30/11. The good news is we’re rescheduling the match to next Saturday 11/05/11. You will not have to re-register, but if you are unable to attended please email us at

Setup detail for the York USPSA classifier match is being rescheduled for Sunday 11/06/11.

Thanks KM

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEW UPDATE AS OF 10/28/2011

- Turn out larger than expected

- Added 7th stage!

- Round count now at 175

- Be ready, "A" game needed!

- If you haven't signed up, DO IT NOW!

Steel Challenge Update:

The match is on! Looks like we have some betting people….

Below are the stages and shooting schedule. Review previous posts on this forum concerning the steel challenge for any questions. See you Sunday “MATCH DAY” October 30th.

Stages for match:

Pit 1 – Devil’s Fangs, Pit 3 – Showdown, Pit 4 – Roundabout, Pit 5 – Hope, Smoke, Pray, Pit 6 – Muludnep, Pit 7 – Go To Five

Shooting Schedule:

Final set-up 8:30am

Registration starts 9:15am

Registration ends 10:00am

Match briefing 10:15am

Shooting 10:30am

Steel Challenge Sunday

There are currently 45 guns signed up for the SC on Sunday. There are a few more slots available, but I wouldn't wait too long to get signed up if you haven't already.

A couple observations:
- Carbine is huge. Everyone must have realized how fun it is.
- Both Rimfire Scoped and Iron sighted are very popular too. Everyone must have figured out how inexpensive 22s are when compared to centerfire.
- Everyone can't shoot on Robby Orent's squad. I understand he launched some kind of Facebook page campaign. Many thanks to Robby for promoting our match, but there are going to be about 20 disappointed people. (and 6 or 7 lucky ones, and I can be bribed)

The weather forecast is for clear but cool Saturday. It's going to be a great day to shoot rimfire or carbine. Besides the reasons stated above, you don't need a holster and belt for rimfire or carbine. I'll just carry my mags in my jacket pocket, and my pistol in a gun rug, and I'll stay toasty warm. look at me, using my head for something other than a hat rack this time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Video of Ben at World Shoot

Some of you may be interested in this video of Ben shooting the World Shoot:

Thursday, October 20, 2011


On Sunday, October 30th we will be hosting a 6 ~ 7 stage, 175 round +/- STEEL CHALLENGE match at York Izaak Walton in Dallastown PA.

Ammo used must be below 150 power factor. NO EXCEPTIONS

Two types of entry fees as follows:

No-Payout Entry - Shoot the match without any chance of winning money: $15 per gun.

Payout Entry - Shoot the match with a payout to winners: $ 30.00 per gun, Max 2 guns. 100% payout minus entry fee $ 15.00 per gun.

If you want to shoot one gun as a No-Payout entry and the other as a Payout Entry you can. Monies you would owe at registration are $ 45.00. Shooting two guns as a Payout Entry you owe $ 60.00. Shoot two guns as a No-Payout Entry is 30.00. It’s like this; if you are a betting man, go for it!

Pre-registration is mandatory. Please email us at with the following:



Division ( Open Auto, Limited, Production, Rev Iron, Rev Optic, Rimfire Iron, Rimfire Optic, Carbine):

Shooting one or two guns: (Max 2 guns per shooter).

Who you wish to be squadded with:

Do not hesitate to sign up if you want to shoot. We expect this match to fill quickly.

Shooting Schedule:

Final set-up 8:30 am

Registration starts 9:15am

Registration ends 10:00am

Match briefing 10:15am

Shooting 10:30am

Food and drink will be available for purchase.
Please be aware of the speed limit coming both in and out of the club. Anyone reported to be speeding in the club will be reported to Howard and they may not be invited back to the matches in the future.

If you need to back out on the match for any reason, please do so prior to FRIDAY October 28th. Persistent no-shows will not be invited.

Thanks and see you Sunday October 30th

If you have any questions email me by replying to:

Kirk McWilliams – Match Director

Monday, October 17, 2011

December 3 man team 3 gun

On Sunday, December 11th we will be hosting a 3 man team 3 gun. If you haven't tried one of these before you really should. There is nothing more fun in all of shooting.

The application is available at It is a fillable pdf. Fill it out, print it, and send it in with your check.

New for this match:
- The match fee is $90 per team, but you may opt to pay an additional $90 which goes to a prize pool and all of the money in the prize pool will be paid out.
- No paper targets. We will be using all steel, drink bottles and clay birds. Reactive targets are fun and it should speed up the match.
- Every team member must shoot all three types of guns a minimum of twice in the match. i.e. shotgun 2x, rifle 2x, and pistol 2x minimum.

We will only be taking 56 teams so do not hesitate to start rounding up your team. If you need team members let me know and I will help you round some up. There all always some loose people waiting around.

Some of the match details are on the application. I will posting more here. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

Friday, October 14, 2011

How not to run a match

Or "How World Shoot XVI was run"

My son Ben did very well, and none of the things that were so messed up effected him much so this is not a sour grapes kind of thing, just an observation.

First off, you know I'm a communication guy. I like everyone to know what's going on, and like to know too. I'm sure the fact that there were dozens of languages involved at World Shoot doesn't help, but the dissemination of information was horrible. Squad lists weren't final until into the first day of shooting. Schedules of times to be places and doing things were posted sporadically if at all. Website updates, even for those who had access were non-existent. There was an easel in the hotel where stuff would be posted once in a while, but not enough and not often enough. The vast majority of our information came by word of mouth often several people deep. So you know how accurate that was.

I'm also a punctual person. I'm never late, and I like things to start on time. Nothing at WSXVI started on time. Sometimes things were a hour or two late. Waiting around kills me and there was plenty of it. Sometimes 4-5 hours a day.
We were hardly ever done on time it goes without saying. Both afternoons we shot we finished up in sub-standard light. Many shooters had to shoot their last stage the following morning.

Shooting in the USA has me spoiled. I am used to the rules being followed. Particlarly by the match officials. Several stages were changed in the middle of the match. For instance: there was one stage with pull handles that opened ports for the shooter to shoot through. The intent was probably to make the shooter shoot strong hand through one, and weak hand through the other. Early in the match someone figured out that the cords were long enough to hook the loop handles over a door knob, so that it could be shot freestyle. For a day and a hlf that's how everyone shot it. Then the CRO decided that it wasn't what the intent of the stage was so they shortened the ropes. No more hooking them. They didn't consider that changing the stage. Throughout the match they added no-shoots around swingers, moved targets, and changed the angle of a slider. There were at least 10 of 30 stages changed. They should have been thrown out. Only one was.

The one that was thrown out was a stage that Eric Grauffel thoroughly trashed. He lost enough points on that one stage that he would not have won the match. He searched the stage for something wrong. He found a screw that had come loose on a prop (less than 1/4 inch I was told) and arbitrated it. AND WON! The stage was removed from the match.

Eric G. had three bad stages. He got the one thrown out and the other 2 he got reshoots on for BS reasons. The one he had an alpha-mike. The RO showed it to him, he acknowledged it, and it was pasted. Then a minute later his dad wanted to see if it was a double. Of course it had been pasted. He arbitrated that his dad never got to see the miss and was of course given a reshoot.

On another stage he got a perfect double on a 25 yard swinger. On another EG got 3 hits that clearly went through a wall. After that all walls were declared soft cover if you asked, but not if you didn't. That was halfway through the match by the way.

All in all we had a good time and Ben shot very well. All the US shooters did, but the way this match was run was very dissappointing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We are back!

We got back last night and I slept for 16 hours. I've never been so glad to be back in the USA. Glad we brought home medals to show for it. I'm very busy getting caught up but I will post some details when I get a chance.

One interesting thing about the match: We run a far superior match at Izaak Walton to the World Shoot. It was the most disorganized, poorly communicated, inconsistent, and fraudulent thing I have ever been to. Eric Grauffel is a cheater and IROA is complicit with him.

On another note: There is some question as to the shooting schedule through October. This is the final word on that subject and supercedes anything else you may hear or have read - The fun shoot is on Saturday, October 22nd and the Steel Challenge is Sunday, October 30th. Period.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Get us the he'll outta here!

Now we are stuck in the Athens airport where it looks like we are stuck for 16 hours until tomorrow mornings flight to Zurich then to Philadelphia. We can't wait to get home.

Oh yeah, how did the match go? Ben was 3rd junior behind a 20 year old (Shane Coley) and a guy from Austrailia who turned 21 yesterday. Not bad for a 16 year old. He was 35th overall out of 364 of the best open shooters in the world.

USA did great.

Not much Internet available here. Very spotty. I'll post more when possible

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October results are up!

Thanks to Rob, you can see it all for yourself at

Many many thanks to all who made it happen, it was a good day.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sundays double match.

Things are progressing well, and filling up.  We still have a few slots availble for both rifle and pistol, so if you have been on the fence, signup quick at  The weather is looking good, and it should be a great day!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More from Greece

2 of 5 days complete. Ben has not been perfect but is doing very well. All of the juniors are. I'd be very surprised if they don't bring home a team gold. US shooter Shane Coley is lighting it up and should win junior. He's 19 but still a junior by international standards and a nice kid and leader of our junior team. KC and JJ are reportedly doing well and Eric Grauffel is not. Maybe the US can take back the title.

On another note we are sick of Greek food. We miss Wendy's!!

Weather is beautiful.

There should be a link to results at but it is as disorganized as everything else here good luck!

Monday, October 3, 2011

World shoot update

Sorry I'm not able to post pictures. Access is sketchy at best. Using iPod to post. Takes to long to type too. Shooting has begun but Ben was scheduled off 1st day. He shoots the next five days and I'll keep you updated as possible. The important thing is we made it and the guns did too. We are through equipment check and ready to go. Stages don't look too tough. Reminds me a lot of Area 8 match this year. Wide open targets, a few gadgets, and just enough rope to hang yourself. Opening ceremonies were last night at an ancient arena and were pretty cool. Sights are beautiful, beaches are topless and food is ok. Good luck with match at izaak Walton this weekend.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October USPSA match

Team York proudly presents a double Rifle/Pistol match, Sunday Oct. 9.  You may shoot either or both, of a 5 stage, 111 round minimum pistol and a 4 stage, 68 round minimum rifle. Start times will be 9:00 am and 12:30 pm, with registration opening at 8 am and shooters brief 15 min prior to shooting.  We will recognize all usual pistol divisions, and Tac-irons, Tac-optics, heavy metal and open rifle.

Please email your name, USPSA#, pistol/rifle, am/pm, divisions and squadding preferences to  We will make every effort to honor your requests.

In honor of the uppcoming FNH Multigun, we will be limiting all rifle divisions but for open to 30 round magazine capacity, and I suggest you "know your dope" from 10 to 200 yards, up, down and sideways.