Monday, August 19, 2019

August FunShoot

This Saturday, August 24th  we will be hosting our monthly FunShoot.
We will present you with 6-7 stages of 20-25 falling steel targets each.
Setup will be this Friday (the 23rd) at 5pm. Remember, the quality of the event depends on setup turnout.

This months special will be the killing of tomatoes. Yes, ripe, red tomatoes. Think 12ga slug.....

Fee will be $20 for adults and $5 for anyone under 18.
Signup by 8:15ish, safety brief at 8:45ish, shooting at 9ish.

Boilerplate follows:

Firearm choice will be standard pistol caliber handgun, standard pistol caliber carbine, or shotgun (7 1/2 lead shot or smaller). You may bring all 3 types to the shoot, and you can change the choice of guns on different stages, but only two guns max per stage.
Yes, .22's and  .300 BO subsonic are acceptable.

York is a cold range. Unloaded firearms are carried around the range holstered, boxed, bagged, slung, carted or in a sock. Long guns require a chamber flag, and they will be for sale.

Bring family and friends, we are very new shooter and kid friendly. Spectators are welcome!

Everyone on the range MUST WEAR EYE PROTECTION WITH SIDE SHIELDS. We will be shooting steel, and it creates little flying bits of metal that can hit you on occasion. There will be eye protection for sale.



Wednesday, August 14, 2019

PA State Falling Steel Championship

On Sunday, October 13th we will be hosting the PA State Falling Steel Championships.  This is an opportunity to shoot a lot of steel really fast.   We plan on having 7 stages with around 200 pieces of steel.  What makes our Falling Steel matches different from the others is that we allow standard capacity magazines, shotguns, pistol caliber carbines, and even two person teams!  You can even shoot twice in the same same time slot and there are two time slots.  This match will cap out at 84 shooters per time slot so do not hesitate to get your application in the mail, or use the online option.

If you shoot our Fun Shoots, USPSA, 3 Gun, or steel either at our club or elsewhere you are going to love this match.  It's also so simple that fairly new shooters will do well too.

At $40 it is a bargain, and this year we will experiment with some small payouts to divisions with three or more shooters in them.  This is interesting as there are 22 divisions for you to choose from when you consider the team option.

The application is at the following link -  Falling Steel Application - and the rules and explanations of the different divisions is part of the application.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

August 18th York USPSA Match - Updated with Scores


Registration for the August 18th York Practical Shooters USPSA match will open in Practiscore on Sunday August 11th at 7:00 PM.

Here are the match details:
Match date: Sunday August 18th
6 stages, round count approximately 150
All USPSA divisions recognized
The match fee is $25 for adults and $5 for juniors.
Check-in on the day of the match will start at 8:00 AM at the stat shack.
The match briefing will start around 9:00 AM in the back pits near the big shed.
Shooting to start after the briefing and should end around 2:00 PM.
Setup will be Friday August 16th starting at 10:00 AM.

Link to registration:

Link to matchbook:

Scores have been posted to Practiscore and submitted to USPSA today (in case anyone is looking for a classification bump prior to Area 8!).

Congrats to the winners:

Open - Dave Healey (he just came for some practice but won the match)
Limited - Nick Reynolds
Production - Bennet Boyer
Single Stack - Andy Pershall
Revolver - Rob Naulty
Carry Optics - Jeff Emrich
PCC - Who cares...just kidding...Gary Parsons

We took a few videos today and posted them to our YouTube page:

We also got a few pictures that we'll post to our Facebook page.

We're always looking for feedback or recommendations on how to make our stages or matches better. If you have any, feel free to email us at

We're both working Area 8 (Jim on stage 5, Russell on stage 6), so we'll see many of you there.

Jim and Russell

Sunday, August 4, 2019

York's August 11th 3 Gun Match Sponsored by FM Products

We will be hosting this month's 3 Gun Match, August 11th.  It will be 6 stages and all 3 guns will be used.  We could be using slugs, rifle and shotgun slings this match, and we do expect to use most of, if not all, of the 200 yards available on the rifle range.  The match fee will be $30.

The match day schedule is as follows:

7:00 finish set up (help is always appreciated)
8:00 registration begins
8:30 registration ends (anyone arriving after 8:30 is a spectator)
8:45 mandatory match briefing
9:00 shooting begins

To sign up for this match email us at with your name, division, and squad requests.  You should receive a confirmation within a day or two.

Don't take too long to sign up.  We do have a maximum number of shooters we will take for each of our matches and we do expect the matches to fill quickly.  Conversely, don't sign up if you don't intend to shoot, and if something comes up and you're not going to make it please let us know as soon as possible.  The Thursday before the match at midnight is the cut off for backing out without penalty.  People who persist in not showing up after signing up will not be invited back.  We want to benefit as many shooters as possible this season.

Chris Webb

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Falling Steel results

Thanks to all for coming out.  I believe everyone had a great time, though equipment issues can be frustrating.

Keep an eye out for the Application for the October Falling Steel.  I should post it in the next few days.

Without further ado here are the results:

Phil Gray OA170 121.83
Justin Hartman OA170 222.53
Art Lee OA170 233.65
Don Vetter OA170 309.37
Mark Rodriguez Open Shot 244.89
Linda Sarine OSC 188.90
Scott Sarine OSC 199.29
Paul Nowotarski PCC 91.10
Howard Thompson PCC 95.95
Joe Curtis PCC 100.29
Brad Shaw PCC 112.18
Don Harris PCC 119.60
Jeremy Lange PCC 142.18
Becky Levy PCC 147.16
Caterina Zaninno PCC 149.96
Joe Clark PCC 152.45
Heather Harris PCC 161.82
Dave Ragland PCC 206.08
Harley Green PCC 217.90
Paul Mason PCC 276.53
Clancy Shipley PCC 319.82
Lou Levy SA140 152.92
Chris Webb SA140 167.12
Tom Symonds SA140 176.64
Gary Swope SA140 187.08
Dave Williams SA140 188.43
Marty Kalister SA140 207.92
Tom Levenhagen SA140 269.19
Tyler Webb SA140 304.60
Chris & Jean Team OA 150.38
Howard & Joe Team PCC 55.67
Mark & Joe Team PCC 57.41
Dave and Paul Team PCC 57.70
Harley & Don Team PCC 75.99
Phil & Craig Team SA140 173.87
John & Rob Team TOSC 86.31
Leroy & Victor Team TOSC 103.70