Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Sensibly Armed Point Series, hosted by York IWLA

You may now sign up for the 2016 Sensibly Armed Point Series hosted by York IWLA #67.   There are only 50 slots available for the point series.  I expect it to fill very quickly.  I will be going by post mark to determine who is in and who is on the waiting list.   Last year was a great success.  It was fun and made our matches much more interesting, and our very generous sponsors and great competition gave the shoot-off at the end a bit of real excitement.
We’re making some changes for this year:
- There will still be 6 matches, April through September, but only 4 will count.  You may use your best 4 of the 6, or you may miss 2 without penalty.
- None of the component matches are included in the Point Series entry fees, but you will get an early chance to sign up for the matches so you don't get shut out (with the exception of June, and those apps are already out).
- The point structure will change a little.  Now instead of all matches being worth 50 points each they will be worth 10 points per stage.  Most matches will be 6 stages and thus worth 60 points.  The June match or Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship will be 7 stages and be valued at 70 points, making it slightly more important.  If we have any 5 stage matches they will be worth only 50 points.
- The entry fee for the Point Series will be $100, and does not include any entries to individual matches.  This will give us additional funds for supplementing the Point Series prize table and for Shoot-Off payouts.
- The prize table will be for the Point Series (not the Shoot-Off) and everyone in the Point Series will be eligible for prizes in order of finish.  Prizes will be given to everyone who participates in order of finish first to last. If you can’t be there someone will be allowed to pick for you.
- Shoot-Off prizes will be cash, and will be generous.  We have not determined the exact structure of payouts yet, but the Point Series and Shoot-Off are to be 100% payback.  We won’t keep any of this money for the club.
- The top 16 Point Series finishers will be invited to take part in the Shoot-Off, as will the top 2 Seniors, Super Seniors, Ladies, and Juniors.
- The top finishing Seniors will shoot the Shoot-Off first and the winner will then shoot against the 16th seed and may take his spot in the Shoot-Off with a win.
- The top finishing Super Seniors will shoot the Shoot-Off second and the winner will then shoot against the 15th seed and may take his spot in the Shoot-Off with a win.
- The top finishing Ladies will shoot the Shoot-Off third and the winner will then shoot against the 14th seed and may take his spot in the Shoot-Off with a win.
- The top finishing Juniors will shoot the Shoot-Off fourth and the winner will then shoot against the 13th seed and may take his spot in the Shoot-Off with a win.
We have already heard back from a lot of sponsors this year.  Many of last year’s sponsors are returning, and we have some new ones already.  If you have a lead on any others who may be interested in sponsoring our Point Series please let me or Sponsor Coordinator Buddy Knight know as soon as possible.  Last year's prize table was impressive but we want to eclipse it this year.
To enter our Point Series all I need you to do is mail a check made out for $100 to “York Izaak Walton #67” to Howard C. Thompson 53 N Main St.  Stewartstown PA 17363.  If you're a senior, super senior, lady or junior let me know on a quick note in the envelope.

If you haven’t sent in your application for the Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship in June you may send them together.  It is very close to full.  This match is an optional component match of the Point Series, has it’s own generous payouts and is filling up quickly. If you don't get in you may still shoot the point series.  You only need 4 of 6 matches.  Don’t miss out.  The application for that match is


Thursday, January 21, 2016

A more special announcement!

I'm scrapping everything for Saturday. No FunShoot, no Youth Pistol thing.  Lets try for next month.

....of course if this thing takes a right turn, and I see grass at 9am, I'll be up there shooting at 11am...just sayin.


Special Event Announcement: 3-Gun Nation Classifier Match

York 3-Gun Nation Club Series Classifier Match (special event)

ONLINE registration is open

(payment is due at time of registration & is only accepted online)

Date:  May 1st, 2016

Location:  York IWLA (7131 Ironstone Hill Rd, Dallastown, PA)

Match starts at 9AM

Limited to 72 Shooters

Description:  This is a 3-Gun Nation Club Series match (This is a special event.  Please do not confuse with our regular monthly 3-Gun action matches).  The York 3GN May Classifier Match will be a 6 stage event that includes (4) 3-Gun Nation classifier stages.  You do not have to be a 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Member to shoot this match.  However, successful completion of this match as a 3GN Member will give you a 3GN classification, automatically put you on the nationwide 3GN club series scoreboard, & you will be qualified for the 3GN National Championships event this October at Virginia International Raceway in Danville, VA.  Round count, classifier information, & additional event details will be emailed to registered shooters & available on the 3-Gun Nation website before the match.

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016 FunShoot

Our 2016 FunShoot season kicks off this coming Saturday the 23rd, maybe.......

Snowmaghedden 2016 is predicted to hit Friday/Saturday with upwards of whotheheckknowsatthispoint inches of snow. If that happens, we all stay home by the fire and watch it fall.

If it misses us, we will be shooting steel in the back pits, I'm thinking of keeping it simple in the snow/ice/definitely cold, and running up to 4 stages of steel, of various complexity, with no movement, in pistol only this month.

Show up 'round 10, start shooting by 10:30.  We'll play it by ear.
 $20 to shoot all you want for a couple of hours, best deal of the weekend in town.

Again this year, we will be sponsoring the Mason Dixon Claybusters SSP team.  This is a group of kids, ages 12 thru 23, and they will be shooting speed steel.  This is similar to Steel Challenge, is shot with .22 pistols only, and practices are held at IWLA after each of our FunShoots, January thru June. There is a regional match at IWLA in early June, and national competitions in July. And guess who is their head coach this year, yup, me.

If your child is interested please visit for more information on registration. There is also an informal "meet the coaches night" at Jefferson Sportsmans club, this Wednesday the 20th at  6pm.

The first practice will be this Saturday at 2pm, starting in the IWLA clubhouse with a safety orientation, followed by some range time, weather permitting. Please email coach Roger at Mason Dixon Claybusters (see previous link) or myself ( with any questions.

Look here Thursday and Friday for weather related schedule updates.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship

The 2016 MAMGC is filling up.  We already have more participants signed up than last year.  If you haven't sent your application in yet I suggest you do it soon, particularly if you want to shoot on a specific day or to be squadded with your friends.  

You can expect the format to be very similar to last year’s match.  We plan on having 7 great multi-gun stages that test your full array of skills again. If you’ve ever shot our matches you recognize we don’t have trickery at York, just the opportunity to outshoot the other competitors.  You won’t win our matches by having great memorization skills, unusual physical abilities, or specialty equipment.  We just challenge your shooting prowess.  The stages will be posted for you to study well ahead of time like they were in previous years so nobody has an advantage there either.

This year we will also be including lunch and T-shirts in your match fee again, and we will be upgrading to moisture wicking (Under Armor type material) shirts.  In 2015 Magpul generously supplied magazines that every competitor received at registration.  We’re going to try to top that in 2016, adding value to all shooters without taking from the prize table.

The feedback about our range expansion and prop improvement was overwhelming.  The quality and quantity of hard-working staff was also very much appreciated by all the shooters.  We are already working on some new ideas and we will continue to improve this match for you.

This is a great match and we offer things no one else in our area does:
- The ability to shoot a 7 stage multi-gun match in a single day.
- No need to take off multiple days of work to shoot a major match.
- Savings by not needing hotels and expenses necessary for most majors.
- Cash payouts that mean you don’t have to wait around for prize table.
- Generous prizes using a unique system that pays some people farther down the list than most matches.

You may notice that we have raised the match fee from $100 to $120.  We think this is still a great value and this allows the club to make a little more profit.  More importantly we will be able to add more cash to the prize table.  In 2016 if we sell out we will pay out almost $8000, with the match winner taking home $1000.

Here's the link to that application

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Action Match / 3 Gun dates

2016 Action Match / 3 gun dates

January 10
February 14
March 13
April 10 *
May 15*
June 11 and 12 – Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship*
July 10*
August 14*
September 11*
October 2 – Shoot-off (shoot by invite only)
October 9 - Probably 3 man 3 gun
November 13
December 11

* Point Series match