Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shameless Team Trophy Funshoot pre-promotion

Time to plug the Annual Team Trophy Funshoot, as planning for this event is well under way.

For those of you not in the know, this annual event is set apart from the usual mundane shooting kind of thing, in that it is the only Funshoot that is actually designed and intended to be competitive.
After registration, shooters qualify for skill level with 18 rounds of bulleseye. All shooters are then split up into 4 skill classes A, B, C and D. Teams are made up of one shooter from each class, in random order. (Kids that need to stay with Mom or Dad will be, we have a plan to keep you together).

Then we all get to shoot just under 100 rounds (only need to buy 2 boxes of ammo!), of individual and team participation stages, that's right, there are stages where all 4 team members have to shoot at the same time, but at different combinations of targets, of different combinations of difficulty; that is where strategy and teamwork come into play. Then all team and individual sores are added and turned in. Results are ready before tear down is complete.

Why do we do this? Well for the trophies, of course! Impressive trophies are given for First, Second and Third place teams, as well as top shooters in each gun type (Iron Auto, Scoped revolver, etc), all right there at the range, before you go home.

The Date? Saturday Aug. 22, we should finish up early afternoon. Be there or be square.
More details to follow. You don't want to miss this one.

Monday, July 27, 2009

3 man team 3 gun Rocks!

That was great fun. I feel sorry for you if you missed it. If anyone has any pictures or video please let me know and I'll post it or link to it.

The match ran smoothly, and was quick, about 3 hours from start to finish. I think everyone had a wonderful time.

My most memorable moment: About 9:00am it is raining and everyone is standing around thinking about what they're going to do with the day because shooting in the rain sucks, and surely I would cancel the match, and I announce "OK we are going to shoot today, so start loading you mags, and it will quit raining and then we'll set this thing up and shoot it before it rains again." the look on everyone's faces was like they couldn't believe what I was saying. The cool thing is not only did everyone start loading mags, but it did stop raining, and we had great weather for the next several hours.

Thanks to all for coming out. I can't wait until next year. We'll do it again.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Funshoot sucess

What a good day. The few changes we made, resulted in a huge success, by all accounts. We finished up about 1:00p, and I believe most folks left the range with a smile, regardless of their performance. I think we are on to something. If you missed out today, I'm sorry, it was a lot of fun, few backups, fast moving and simple targeting; pictures of critters, who would have thunk?

Next month is the Team Trophy shoot.

In the mean time, 3 man, 3 gun Team tomorrow, if you aren't shooting it, come out and watch a while, it is a real rush, you'll want to do it next year....

Friday, July 24, 2009

3 man team 3 gun

1. We will not have food this match. We're tired of messing with it and because this is a special match, and should be short, we didn't make any. Please bring a sandwich or something if you think you'll need it. We will have drinks available.

2. Drive slowly on the way in and out.

3. The match fee is $20 per person, and there will be no discounts this month (except juniors).

4. Set-up begins at 8:30am. Please come early and help if you can. We'll start registration when set-up is complete, and start shooting when registration is complete, hopefully around 10:00am.

5. There are still some spare shooters I haven't put on teams yet. If you're one of them don't panic. You will get to shoot.

6. If one or even both of your team members cancel still come to shoot. We'll get you fixed up with new shooters.

7. Bring some extra ammo. In some instances we could end up a team member short and we'll look for volunteers to shoot on a second team (as well as your original team) There won't be any charge if you get to shoot twice, but you'll need more ammo. More shooting is a good thing is it not?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Funshoot Reminder

This Saturday, July 25th is our next funshoot. What is a funshoot you ask? Why take a gander at the sidebar to the right for more info, as well as important links.

We expect a faster moving shoot this month, which will be a relief for July heat.

This month's shoot is open to pistol caliber carbines.

Expect to shoot about 85 rounds at things from steel to paper to bowling pins to pictures of critters.

Setup at 8:30, shooting as close to 10:00 as we can.

Please review our safety and handling policies at

For preregistration, email
For questions or any thing else email


Sunday, July 19, 2009

New idea for 3M3G

One team has decided to use pistol caliber carbines for both the rifle and pistol parts. So I guess they are shooting 3 man 2 gun, carbines and shotguns. If all three members of your team have pistol caliber carbines and you want to give this a try let me know.

Also, I had a guy ask me if it was OK to use an M16. It is if you keep the switch set to Semi. we are not allowed to shoot full-auto at our club. No matter how cool it is.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 man team 3 gun

The invite for the 3 man team 3 gun match was sent out Sunday night and the immediate response is impressive. Everyone who has previously shot this match is signing up quickly. They know you can't have more fun with a firearm. It's not too late to sign up though. Just email us at with your name, division, team mates if you have any, what division you would like to shoot and if you will be shooting shotgun. If you don't have a team you can sign up as an individual and we'll match you up with others in the same predicament. It usually works out very well.

Now the details of the match:
-Cost $20 per man
-No payouts
-All three team members must have pistols and rifles
-At least one member on each team must have a shotgun, more than one can shoot shotgun, but only one per stage
-Somewhere between 42 and 90 pistol will be required (min)
-Somewhere between 44 and 88 rifle will be required (min)
-Armor piercing, steel core, steel jacketed ammo, or anything else that hurts our steel will get your whole team DQed, and you will not be allowed back to Izaak Walton to shoot anything, ever.
-Somewhere between 25 and 50 shot, size 7.5, 8, or 9 will be required for shotgun (min)
-Round counts are so variable because it depends on your role within your team. Just bring plenty
-Expect 5 or 6 stages, we're not sure yet, with outageous round counts (divided by 3 shooters)
-Some stages will be shot as relays, where each shooter goes in turn
-Some stages will be free-for-alls, where all 3 shooters shoot at once
-Everything will be scored major for scoring simplicity

Divisions include:
-Open (one open gun makes the whole team open)
-Tactical - Limited pistols and shotguns, one optic allowed on rifle, no bipod
-Limited - Iron sights all around
-Heavy Metal - 308 or larger rifle (may be scoped), 45 pistol, and 12 gauge shotgun (may be semi-auto, but must be iron sighted)
-He Man - 308 or larger rifle, 45 pistol, and 12 gauge PUMP shotgun, All iron sighted

-We want all shooters there at 8:30am to help set up. We'll register as soon as we're done setting up, and shoot as soon as we're registered (hopefully 10:00)
-This match moves very quickly becuase there are a third of the usual resets. We will be done at the usual time or sooner.
- We will use Palm scoring and the results should be available by the time we've put stuff away

Monday, July 13, 2009

Steel Challenge Complete and Successful!

The 1st Annual PA State Steel Challenge is complete and it was very successful. I would like to thank all of our competitors, staff and sponsors, for their support.

The results are available at

Match Director Kirk McWilliams did an incredible job, especially when you consider it was his first attempt at the MD position. He has told me it was quite the learning experience. Be sure to thank the guys who take on that responsibilty when you see them. If you've never done it you cannot imagine the time and energy it requires. Without them there would be no matches.

Though we didn't have as much staff as we would have liked, we are thankful for the extremely dedicated crew we had. Several of them didn't even have time to shoot the match they worked so diligently. Again, be sure to thank your ROs as we need them too.

We are thankful to our sponsors Nevco Targets, AC Delco, Shooting Sports Training, GT Targets, and 511 gear. Be sure to remember them when you're shopping. Between these sponsors and some cash we set aside we were able to give out almost $3000 in door prizes. We hope to have back all of these sponsors and more for next year.

We will also be mailing checks totaling over $1500 to the following based on their performance:

1st Lim Todd Jarrett $220
2nd Lim James McGinity $120
3rd Lim Scott Warren $60

1st Open Todd Jarrett $137.50
2nd Open James McGinity $75
3rd Open Mike DiGennaro $37.50

1st Prod Dave Ohlhasso $170.50
2nd Prod Greg Jordan $93
3rd Prod Noel Robleto $46.50

1st Rev Iron Dave Ohlhasso $60.50
2nd Rev Iron Josh Lentz $33

1st Rev Optic Dave Ohlhasso $38.50

1st RF Iron Greg Jordan $99
2nd RF Iron Bucky Pollard $54
3rd RF Iron Jeff Bucchin $27

1st RF Optic James McGinity $126.50
2nd RF Optic Rich Labrocca $69
3rd RF Optic Paul Dandini $34.50

We learned a lot this year and have many improvements coming for next year. We hope to see you then.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Steel Challenge

First day of Steel Challenge went extremely well. Everybody had a great time and we saw some incredible shooting. This is really fun, and pretty good to watch too. Scores from today should be posted at our website momentarily, if they're not already there (Thanks, Kevin) and we'll continue to post daily throughout the end of the match.

We are looking at a full compliment of shooters tomorrow. If you're not busy come give us a hand. We could use a few people on clipboards (or timers). We are a little short staffed but we will endeavor to persevere.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three man three gun

Things look great for the PA State Steel Challenge set for this weekend, so it's ime to start thinking about our Annual 3 man 3 gun match which will be held Sunday, July 25th. This is not our regular match day. We decided to add a special date to the calendar for this one.

This match is 3 years old already, and it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Each team consists of 3 members. All 3 must have pistols and rifles. Only one per team needs a shotgun. Sometimes all three shooters shoot at the same time, sometimes they run a relay. We use a lot of steel, some paper, and some clays. Anything is possible.

Expect an email shortly. Start getting your team together now. If you don't have a team we'll set you up with one. Our matchmaker service is free.

There is video of some of last years on youtube. Here's one, look for more too.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Steel Challenge tip

Ben and I have been practicing for the PA State Steel Challenge, and although I don't know a lot about it I have found this out: You can't afford to miss. Missing and making up shots takes a lot of time. If your time between shots on ost steel challenge courses are around a half second you're doing a pretty good job. But, if you miss one time, that adds 1/2 second to your time because of the make up shot. You would be better off spending a 1/4 second longer getting a better grip and even .05 longer per shot. Not to mention the fact that on average you would have far fewer misses.

Aim for a particular spot on each plate, follow through just an instant, call the shot as you're moving on to the next plate, and repeat. If you call a miss, then finish the shot you're working on then go back.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and very educational.