Sunday, September 14, 2014

September FunShoot Announced

This FunShoot is now open to handgun caliber ammo.  I was not thinking of how deep the .22 ammo shortage still is, so I'll do a quick target change and open it up for all handgun calibers. We will not be shooting the steel challenge steel, but we will still be shooting steel, albeit a bit smaller.....

Next Saturday, the 20th of September, York, or what is left of us not shooting/working/watching FNH at Peacemaker, will be hosting our monthly FunShoot.

This weekends cancellation, due mostly to a lack of interest, has not deterred me!  The show will go on with a multi-gun type speed steel match. It will still be twisted into a rimfire/shotgun event, just because it is different.  Acceptable guns are .22lr pistols of any kind, .22lr auto loading rifles/carbines of any kind, and shotguns sporting 7 1/2 or smaller shot target loads.

We will do what the others could not.  Each of 4 stages will have 15 steel targets to engage, with whatever combination of guns you show up with. You will shoot 2 or 3 strings, based largely on how many folks show up, and the best one for a timed score.

YOU NEED NOT HAVE ALL 3 GUNS TO PLAY! This can be shot with one, two or all three guns, just bring what .22's  you gots, and we will have a ball.

A 5th stage will be set aside for some sort of foodstuff, just to keep the FunShoot spirit alive.  Yes, Paul,slugs will be allowed on that stage only....

We will be in the back pits only, and signing up at the big shed. $20 per shooter, $5 if you are under 18. There is another event/class going on in the front pits, please do not interfere with them, come straight to the back and park in the woods....hopefully.....

Signup at