Monday, January 20, 2014

February WAIT!!! ITS JANUARY!!!! FunShoot!

Ok, so maybe this is why registration is slo, I mistakenly posted this as February's shoot, not January's! Funny thing is, only one of you told me, and it took me several days to see that, even after reading it!


Welcome to the start of another exciting year for the FunShoot.  We have lots of fun planned, and a new idea or two to throw out, so stay tuned to this here Blog for all the grisly details.

So,  the first FunShoot for 2014, will be held this Saturday Jan 25th.  It will be a 5 stage shoot, held in the back pits only, comprising 3 or 4 stages from last weeks Action Match, and a couple of little twists that are still forming themselves inside my brain...........

This should be a fast moving shoot, as it will be mostly steel, for quick resets in the cold, and I am going to try to limit squad size to 8 shooters.

Round count will be under 100 rounds nominal, with the usual caveats, so bring more if you got 'em, less if you don't.
Scoring options will be Timed, Untimmed and IDC.  Shooting for score is totally optional.
Guns allowed are any standard caliber handgun, pistol caliber carbine or shotgun. Yes, .22lr is acceptable, in both handgun and carbine. If you are unsure if your toy qualifies, please email me.
All stages will be setup as 1 or 2 gun, you may bring all 3 if you like, but you may only shot 2 of the 3 on any particular stage, shooters choice of which 2.

Remember, this is an option filled fun day at the range, as long as you are safe, and tell your RO what you are up to, you can shoot the stages pretty much however you like.  For those in more of a competitive mindset, I will have specific stage descriptions to follow.

Since the forecast is for a bit of a chilly day, we will start registration at 10:15 and be shooting by 11am.
Registration will be in the back, $15/ shooter ($5 for under 18).  I expect to be clear of the ranges by 1:30pm or so.

To preregister (recommended,but not mandatory), email to

As always, safety is the prime directive.  New shooters check in with me before handling any gear, experienced shooters, helps the new folks.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Block Shoot February 9th

On February 9th we will be hosting a block shoot at York Izaak Walton.  This is the normal date of our Action Match so if you're a regular you should come shoot this with us. A block shoot is also known as a turkey shoot, or dead mark shoot.  It is done with a shotgun and requires a little skill and a lot of luck.

The will be one main event and several side matches.

The main event costs $25 and will be for 64 shooters only.  All shooters in the main event will use a shotgun, and shells we supply.  The object of the game is to shoot one round and have a pellet closer to the center of the card than your competition.  The 64 shooters will shoot man vs. man leaving only 32, who will shoot man vs. man leaving only 16 and so on until there is only one shooter left.  The winner will keep the shotgun, which will be brand new at the beginning of the day, and $100 cash.  The last guy he beats will get $200 cash.  The previous two eliminated each get $75.

But wait, there's more... The 32 losers of the very first round will enter a second "consolation" bracket where they will whittle themselves down to a winner who receives $100 cash, and the last guy he beats gets $50.

We will also be running several side matches where you may use our guns or your own depending on the rules of each match.  They will cost varying amounts and the prizes will be cash.

It is best to sign up for the main event ahead of time.  Once we have 64 paid shooters that match is filled.  To get that done you can either try to catch Howard or Gary at a meeting or event prior to Feb 9th or you can mail a check for $25 made to "York Izaak Walton #67" to:
Howard C Thompson
53 N Main St
Stewartstown PA 17363
Enclose your email or phone number if you want a confirmation.

You may not sign up for side matches in advance.

Please bring eye and ear protection.

Frequently asked questions:
- Do I have to bring a gun?  No, but you can.
- Do I have to bring ammo?  No, and we'd prefer you didn't.

It's simple really...

All it takes to win the 3 Gun Nation Shoot offs is a a very understanding wife, a supportive family, an incredible drive to devote several years at the range 4 or 5 days a week shooting hundreds of thousands of rounds, dry firing like a mad man, countless hours shooting airsoft, more hours reading and studying the mental game than you can imagine, more than that watching video of himself and others, taking tips from anyone you think might know anything about shooting or equipment, some natural talent, and earning some great sponsors along the way, all of this while holding down a job. 

York county native and local shooter Greg Jordan!  No one has ever deserved it more.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 12th Action Match

Sorry the match is now full.  We will not be taking any more entries.

The long range forecast looks very favorable for Sunday, January 12th so we are moving forward with our plans at this point, subject to further review later in the week.   We will cancel if the forecast on Saturday calls for temperatures below 35 degrees or more than a 30% chance of precipitation, so don't worry about the weather being too bad.  We won't show up either.

The plan for this month, being winter and all, is rather simple.  We will host a 4-5 stage match entirely in the back pits.  The round count should be in the 120 rounds range.  This match will be all non-falling steel and thus will be very 22lr friendly.  We will allow the use of centerfire handguns or carbines in pistol calibers but would prefer you to use 22lr rifles or handguns if you have them.  Shotguns and rifles (in rifle calibers) will not be allowed this month. There will be no provision for using multiple guns.  Holsters will not be required for pistols.  There will also be minimal movement required.  This will be a perfect match to bring someone new to action shooting to.  The match fee will be $20 and there will be no payouts.  The match will start at noon and there is only one time slot.  We will limit the number of shooters and this match may fill rather quickly.

To sign up send your name, and anyone you wish to be squadded with to   You should receive a confirmation email within a day or two with more match details.