Friday, September 28, 2012

A few FunShoot questions answered

All starts will be nominally for the low ready, although for this one, that will be RO discretion.  If two competitors are competent in safe holster draws, they may do so.

Multiple guns may be used.  The stages are designed for one gun at a time, but if you can figure a way to safely do so, and your RO agrees, then by all means have a ball.  We have provided dump barrels and such.
This month it is about shooting options.

A note on ammo:  As usual, steel core, incindiary, etc etc, is prohibited, simply due to the damage potential to our steel and range.  Something that may not have occurred to you is rimfire ammo.  ONLY .22lr standard velocity and slower rimfire is allowed.  .22 Stinger, hyper velocity stuff, .177HMWhatever, all are fast enough to damage our steel.  Anyone caught using these destructive ammo's will be asked to leave for the day, and assessed a cash fine to replace our target  ('spensive stuff....)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September FunShoot is full

We blew right past our limit.  All who emailed by 9:45 this evening are in.  Confirms went out tonight. If you didn't get one and should have, let me know.

The advance setup crew was hard at work today, thanks Howie, C and A!  And the place is looking great.

I am making a wait list, and will take walk on's on an available space basis only this month.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Gruesome Details

This Saturday, the 29th of September, Team York will be hosting our first ever Falling Steel, Man on Man FunShoot.
The concept is like this: 4-6 stages of mirrored steel arrays, with a cross steel target in the center;  Each shooters starts at either end of the array, and the first to fell the center dual cross target wins! Its a steel shoot off!
Each squad will get to spend 45minutes or so on each stage shooting it as many times, and with as many different shooters and as many different ways, as you want.  Then all squads rotate to the next stage, and do it again.
There will not be a "multi gun" option this month, but you may shoot "multiple guns", a different gun on different strings.   We will invite handguns and carbines in all standard handgun calibers (including .22LR we have a plan) and shotguns.

For those of you in a non speed/competitive mode, just say so, and I will squad you accordingly, but be warned, this is real fun, you may be assimilated.......

Squadding is important here, if you and your buddy want to compete let me know, I'll be sure you shoot together.

We will end the day in a FunShoot final shootoff!  Taking the winners from each squad and pitting them together in a "sudden death" dual!

The round count for this shoot is simply rangerific ridiculous! Bring a s much as you want, this is a real ammo burner. Scoring?  Scoring is simple, last steel standing looses.  Don't think you are fast enough?  We can factor in handicaps, don't let that deter you.

Its starting to get a bit chilly in the mornings, so how about we start check in at 8:00, a live fire demo of the concept at 9:00 and shooting by 9:15 this month.

Cost is $15 for adults, $5 for under 18.

Preregister now, will will be accepting 50 shooters max.  Email

Stay tuned for more details this week.

Remember, York is a cold range, please have all firearms unloaded and secured when you arrive at the range, including CC permit holders.  Handle firearms only after you register, and only at the safe tables or under direction of a range officer.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Funshoot Date Change

Our September Funshoot will be held on Sept 29th, the 5th Saturday of this month.  This is a change from our published schedule, please make a note of it.  We will be hosting a many stage, ammo eating, falling steel shoot, with a YorkIWLA style twist, which is sure to be a hit. There will be many ways to shoot it, with handgun, pistol carbine or shotgun, or some combination, and the round count will be between about 75 and however much you can bring, so start loading/hoarding now.
Signup won't officially start until the 23rd, when I post the gruesome details, so all requests will be not be acknowledged until after then.
Make plans, you are not gonna want to miss this one.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Complete Team 3 Gun results

The link to complete 3 gun results

Thanks again for shooting with us and don't forget to check out our match sponsors Lancer Systems and Bagman Tactical

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I'll post a link to more complete results as soon as webmaster has them up, but meanwhile here is an abbreviated set.

Thank you to all who came out and accepted the challenges today.

Team Name Division $ Total
Victorious Secret Limited 1061.55
Peters Limited 1318.64
The Dominators Open   673.65
F3GN Tac Ops $ 438.21
Strike Force Tac Ops $ 488.57
Alias Tac Ops $ 552.59
MHI Chesapeake Tac Ops 581.70
High drag, low speed Tac Ops 593.09
Tantric Tac Ops 614.82
One man short Tac Ops 627.74
3A Tac Ops 631.39
Team Bucky Tac Ops 652.54
BMG Tac Ops 663.42
Lancer Tac Ops 672.68
Midwest PX Tac Ops 676.68
MEK Tac Ops 736.87
Essex Thunder Tac Ops 748.97
AP Tactical Tac Ops 761.01
OB Cats Rejects 2 Tac Ops 769.48
Gun Connection Tac Ops 770.65
Zeno Tac Ops 775.19
Three Stooges Tac Ops 790.25
BSP Tac Ops 813.30
Bagman Tactical Tac Ops 815.47
JVL Tac Ops 930.92
DS5 Tac Ops 946.11
We're faking it Tac Ops 949.91
Hits and misses Tac Ops 962.10
Recoil Therapy Tac Ops 997.00
Pansanity Tac Ops 1007.11
Havoc Tac Ops 1020.90
Scrapple Tac Ops 1033.30
Canned Heat Tac Ops 1035.93
Team thunderstick Tac Ops 1048.05
Cool Breeze Tac Ops 1095.55
Brass Masters Tac Ops 1129.17
Dazed and Confused Tac Ops 1273.43
Tango Uniform Tac Ops 1318.99
Mostly Harmless Tac Ops 1765.64


Friday, September 7, 2012

Team 3 gun info

- We will have food and drinks available for purchase at this match. The same group that did food at the spring match will be doing food again this match. It was very popular and they're making more this time. Bring a few extra dollars and an appetite. Their prices are always reasonable and the food is very good.

- The stages are posted and available at The walk-throughs will take precedent over anything on these working drawings. Target numbers may change. It is more likely to have more targets than less. Bring plenty of ammo.

- Match day schedule:
7:30am final set up - please lend a hand if you can

8:00am Captains check in at stats - Mandatory

8:50am Captain check in closes - You must be checked in by 8:50am.

9:00am Captain's briefing - Mandatory for team captains, optional for everyone

9:45am Match briefing - Mandatory for everyone

10:00am Shooting begins

- There will be several marked safety areas. These will be the only places you may work on your guns, make adjustments, let your buddies fondle them etc. You may uncase them and load them to your carts or holster, etc at your vehicles. During the match long guns may be carried in carts, in cases or on slings. You may not carry them carelessly between stages. Sweeping people with firearms whether loaded or not is at the very least inconsiderate, and may result in a match DQ for unsafe gun handling. We haven't had problems with this in the past I just want to remind you.

- We will require the use of chamber flags. We will have them availble for purchase if you don't have them.

- I have not attached scoresheets for this match. All shooters shoot the same guns throughout the match this time so it is not necessary to plan for rotation. There are places on the stages to shoot easier or harder targets however.

- If a team member backs out at the last minute come anyway. I know there are teams already looking for shooters, and at least one spare guy who plans on showing up to see if he's needed somewhere.