Friday, December 29, 2017

January 14th shoot

Sunday, January 14th is our next scheduled shoot date.  Considering the current ground conditions and the 10 day forecast it is becoming increasingly unlikely that we will be able to have the Falling Steel match scheduled.  We just won't be able to pound steel, or the nails that holds it into the ground.

However, some of are just bored and want to shoot.  The replacement for this will be a Sargent York shoot.  This is easier to set up and better for crappy conditions.  The firearm rules are simple:  Any AR-15 style rifle in .223 or 5.56.  The target is a simple V.  The distance is 25 yards.  The position is standing unsupported.  No slings.  The object will be to fire one round and strike closer to the bottom of the V, without touching the black, than your opponent.  We will do this as a double elimination bracket tournament until we get cold or bored.  Each tournament will cost one dollar (please bring one dollar bills) and the winner gets 80% of each pot.  We keep 20% to pay for targets.

This should move along pretty well and even if it's cold you won't need to gear up, or move away from the burn barrel for very long.  It won't use up much ammo and it should be challenging.

We will start sign up around the 7th.  I just wanted to give you time to check your sight in.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

2018 Match Dates

These dates are all subject to change.  Particularly those in the winter months.  Please check this blogsite about seven days before each for details.  Better yet, put your email address in the “follow by email” box to the right.  Then you will get an email whenever something is posted about an upcoming match, or results.  We don’t post here often so you won’t be getting spammed.

* behind the match description means that the match requires advanced sign up.  Typically one week before.  If there is no asterisk, just show up as instructed in the blog post.  If anything else is necessary it should be noted.

Sunday, Jan 14th – Falling Steel
Saturday, January, 27th – Fun Shoot

Sunday, February 11th – Egg Shoot
Saturday, February 24th – Fun Shoot

Sunday, March 11th – 3 Gun Match *
Saturday, March 17th – 22lr PRS style match
Saturday, March 24th – Fun Shoot

Sunday, April 8th – 3 Gun Match *
Saturday, April 21st – PA State Benchrest Championship
Sunday, April 22nd – Steel Challenge
Saturday, April 28th – Fun Shoot

Saturday, May 5th – Falling Steel
Sunday, May 20th - 3 Gun Match *
Saturday, May 26th – Fun Shoot

Saturday, June 9th and Sunday, June 10th – Invictus Practical Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship – Registration has already opened and this match usually fills up quickly.  See the post of December 11th for details.

Saturday, June 23rd - Fun Shoot
Sunday, June 24th- Egg Shoot

Sunday, July 8th – 3 Gun Match *
Sunday, July 22nd – Club Championship * (IWLA #67 members only)
Saturday, July 28th – Fun Shoot

Sunday, August 12th – 3 Gun Match *
Saturday, August 18th  – 22lr PRS style match
Saturday, August 25th – Fun Shoot

Sunday, September 9th – 3 Gun Match *
Saturday, September 22rd - Fun Shoot

Saturday, September 29th and Sunday, September 30th – York County Falling Steel Championship * - Expect a post about this match and applications about May 1st.

Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th – Point Series Shoot-Off, and additional shoot-offs *  To shoot in the point series shoot-off you must qualify in the point series.  The additional shoot-offs will be open to anyone but advanced registration will be required.  Watch the blog for details.

Saturday, October 27th - Fun Shoot

Sunday, November 11th – PCC or Pistol only action match *
Saturday, November 18th – Steel Challenge
Saturday, November 24th - Fun Shoot

Saturday, December 9th – 22lr PRS style match

Monday, December 11, 2017

2018 Mid-Atlantic Multi-gun match

Registration is now open for the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship.

This match is unique in the world of major outlaw 3 gun matches in several respects;

1. You can shoot the whole match in one day. 

2. Prizes are all checks.  This means you don't have to stick around for a prize table.  If you shoot on Saturday you can go home Saturday night.

3. The prizes are generous.  We pay out 50% of the gross.  That is a lot of money.  Over $12,000 last year.

4. We give prizes way down the list in Tac Ops.  By using a modified Lewis class payout scheme if you pick your class correctly and shoot to the best of your ability you have a chance to win hundreds of dollars even if you are way towards the bottom.

5. We're about as far north and east as any major 3 gun.  Only Topton's team 3 gun is farther north or east, and it's a great match but it's not for individuals.  That's why we draw a lot of shooters from the Mid-Atlantic states, the northeast and Canada on a regular basis.
6. We keep our squads to a reasonable size and there's not a lot of standing around.  We run our matches much more like USPSA than 3GN or typical outlaw matches.

This 7 stage match will fill up quickly.  Do not hesitate to sign up if you want your choice of days.

Lunch is included for all shooters.  Additional food and drinks are available for purchase.
Shooters registered before 4/1/18 get a moisture wicking t-shirt included in their entry fee.
$125 is very reasonable for a major match.

Here is the link to the application:  2018 MAMGC Application

For those of you lucky enough to live close to York our Point Series is now open for registration too.  You may include another $100 with your MAMGC application to enter that.  The first 72 shooters to pay are in.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

York Precision Rimfire results 12-10-17

It was cold but fun.  See results below:

Rank Name Division Points Overall % Eggs N Ham Small KYL Large KYL Total # shots
1 Anderson, Mark BOLT 27 100 6 54.545 10 100 11 100 33
2 McWilliams, Kirk BOLT 27 100 9 81.818 8 80 10 90.909 35
3 Burkindine, Rob BOLT 26 96.296 7 63.636 8 80 11 100 36
5 Levy, Lou BOLT 26 96.296 11 100 10 100 5 45.455 43
6 Metz, Josh BOLT 26 96.296 7 63.636 8 80 11 100 43
4 Harris, Rob BOLT 26 96.296 10 90.909 5 50 11 100 48
7 Symonds, Tom BOLT 24 88.889 8 72.727 9 90 7 63.636 44
8 Heydt, Jay SE 22 81.481 6 54.545 6 60 10 90.909 34
10 Swope, Gary BOLT 19 70.37 4 36.364 5 50 10 90.909 29
9 Miller, Jason BOLT 19 70.37 10 90.909 8 80 1 9.091 42
11 Thompson, Mike SE 10 37.037 4 36.364 4 40 2 18.182 42
12 Levenhagen, Tom SE 8 29.63 6 54.545 1 10 1 9.091 51
13 Swope, Owen BOLT 7 25.926 1 9.091 2 20 4 36.364 21

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December 22lr Know Your Limits mini match

   Sunday, December 10 will be our monthly match. This one will be 22lr only   Registration starts at 8:15. Match brief @ 8:45. 9am first shots fired . Match fee will be $20 . 

       This will be a short 2-4 stage match (only 2 stages if it will be under 40* all morning). This will be different from our usual action format. This will be a KYL style match. Bring at least 100 rounds but my suggestion is 200 in case the cold weather gives us a low turnout(more shooting), or we add extra stages for good weather. 22LR only and no velocity higher than 1300fps.

         You'll need to be able to hit targets @ 25yrds for 1 stage ranging from 2" down to 1/2"(10 targets) . Second KYL stage will be a plate rack at 100yrds with 7" down to 2" (6 targets) while every other shot will be at a 4" target @ 50 yrds.

      Both KYL stages will need to get first round hits to move on to the following shot. All shots fired from the prone position for the KYL stages. Bags and/or Bipods ok. If you miss, your score resets to ZERO and you will need to start over with the remainder of your 20 rnds. Any added stages will be between 10-50 yrds and nothing smaller than 2".
      There will be a 2 min par time. Starts will be bolt open in shooting position. All hits count as 1pt. Max score per stage will be 1 clean run on each target array. Least amount of shots fired with the most first round hits will determine winner. TIME WILL NOT BE A FACTOR, besides running out of it. Semi auto or bolt action rifles allowed. You must be able to place accurate fire in the time limit. Optics are HIGHLY recommended but open sights will be allowed if you like punishment :-).

    Please email if you plan to attend or have any questions.