Sunday, September 29, 2013

FunShoot results

We had a great day, with about a dozen new shooters, and half of them walk ons.  Many thanks to all of you, we worked as a team and helped everyone thru, it was a great day on the range.

Here are all of the complete scoresheets I have.  There were several that missed a stage, so I couldn't guess. Email me with any corrections at

See you next month!


Iron Auto for points
Craig S 750
Chet W 430
Scoped Revolver for points
Greg L 670
Auto handgun for time
Lee H 253.52
Randy T 293.65
Brian T 570.34
Handgun shotgun
Mike S 147.78
Tom L 252.15
Handgun Carbine
Robert G 145.72
Brian H 236.83
Chris S 289.85
3 Gun
Johnathan C 141.19
Bob O 248.87
Unknown for points
Mike B 395

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September FunShoot!

About 25 so far, confirms will start going out tomorrow.

This Months FunShoot is this Saturday Sept 28th.  

Consisting of 7 stages and just under 100 rounds minimum for score, I will be twisting 4 of Howard's stages from the action match. We will be heavy on steel, shooting some kind of foodstuffs, clays of some sort and a new game on pit 2.

As per FunShoot standard, this can be shot as a 1, 2 or 3 gun, using any combination of pistol, pistol caliber carbine and shotgun (or any of them alone, shotgun alone will be a bit limiting).  There will be an option for shotgunners to use about 5 slugs, but it is not mandatory for them.

Shooters can shoot standing in a box, running about, timed or untimed, for score or not for score.  Don't have but 50 rounds in stock?  Heck I don't care, just shoot at the targets you like.

The idea here is options and fun, shoot whatever and however you like, as long as you are safe and your assigned Range Officer approves. For those who need structure, it will be provided in stage instructions for scoring classes.

Fee is $15 ($5 for under 18), we will be registering at the stat shack between the 50 yd and 200 yd ranges beginning at 8, shooting by 9.

Preregister at, and let me know what guns you plan on shooting (always flexible on shoot day). 

NEW SHOOTERS:  Please ID yourself when registering so I can make sure someone can show you the ropes, and please, be not afraid, we like noobies!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

FNH USA 3Gun Match

Many of our own are headed the West By-God-Virginia this week.  Good shooting to all of you, it is a great match, and a great experience.  Participating in, and RO'ing a match of this caliber is something you will likely never forget.

Looks like I'll have the home ranges all to myself......

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Time Plus Scoring Quiz for your enjoyment

I sent this quiz to the FNH ROs today.  Some scoring problems you may encounter. I'll put the answers in the comments.

A. On stage 1 Competitor A only loads 4 slugs in his shotgun.  He fires all four at the first 3 slug targets to get the required hits on them.  When he gets to the 4th slug target he fires shot at it.  He does not load more slugs and never re-engages that slug target.  He finishes the stage with a raw time of 89.45.  What is the penalty if any for the target he never hit with slug, and what is the total time?

B. On stage 2 Competitor B finishes the stage with a raw time of 65.11.  All steel is down.  Upon checking the paper you find 3 of the targets have only one "C" hit each, and one of them has only one "D" hit.  What are the correct penalties and total time?

C. On stage 3 Competitor C engages on of the steel targets with shot and it turns 90 degrees but does not fall.  He re-engages it 3 more times but can't get it to fall.  He chooses to leave it and finishes the stage in 55.87 seconds.  What is the penalty if any, and the total time?

D. On stage 4 Competitor D chooses to lean beyond the fault line and use one of the hay bales for support while engaging the clays.  He gets all his hits and his raw time is 34.30 seconds.  What is the penalty if any, and total time?

E. On stage 5 Competitor E never shows up to shoot at all.  He does complete the rest of the match and has not been DQed.  What will his time for this stage be?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

preliminary pistol results

John Migliaccio Open 112.05
Dave Albanese Open 163.14
Jim Hauer Open 166.50
Rick Vahaly Lim 178.08
Mike Albanese Lim 201.39
Darren Stonesifer SS 203.13
Lee Hankey Pro 310.55
Bob Spangler Pro 339.90

preliminary rifle pistol results

Name R/P DIV Total
Joe Pitha Tac Ops 105.85
Todd Sindelar Tac Ops 108.23
Kevin Downing Tac Ops 121.47
Buddy Knight Tac Ops 127.26
Bob Schmelz Tac Ops 133.97
Pierre LeClair Tac Ops 136.90
Howard Thompson Tac Ops 139.58
Mike Sherman Tac Ops 144.87
Jim Stauffer Tac Ops 161.23
Paul Nowotarski Tac Ops 161.31
Jerry Missimer Open 163.07
Jim Scheler Tac Ops 163.21
John Lerch Tac Ops 168.92
Rachael Granico Tac Ops 178.18
Dave Williams Tac Ops 181.19
Kevin Woerner Tac Ops 181.32
Erik Scott Tac Ops 181.37
Bill Lehman Tac Ops 183.31
Peter Pan Tac Ops 187.82
Jeremy Bruner Tac Ops 188.21
Marty Kalister Tac Ops 189.22
Bob Opsitos Tac Ops 189.52
Rick Torres Tac Ops 191.64
Dave Stephens Tac Ops 193.43
Greg Senft Tac Ops 199.07
Tom Clayton Tac Ops 200.79
Jim Fort Tac Lim 201.01
Mike Scarlato Tac Ops 205.03
Art Lee Open 205.35
Kevin Kornfield Open 223.05
Ed Fowler Open 223.59
Rick Zapf Tac Ops 230.42
Paul Krick Tac Ops 232.95
Jim Liang Tac Ops 233.03
Stephen Rolando Open 235.86
Gary Swope Tac Ops 246.67
David Middleditch Tac Ops 250.55
Phil Matte Tac Ops 294.31
Aaron Uhle Tac Ops 300.94
Jim Gable Tac Ops 311.92
Tom Levenhagen Tac Ops 313.15
John Zeigler Tac Lim 347.84
Chris Dolle Tac Ops 759.90

preliminary shotgun pistol results

Todd Sindelar Tac Lim 128.26
Howard Thompson Tac Lim 147.04
Joe Pitha Tac Lim 149.89
Buddy Knight Tac Lim 155.83
Kevin Downing Tac Lim 156.06
John Migliaccio Open 173.27
John Murray Tac Lim 177.24
Mike Sherman Tac Lim 201.06
Bob Schmelz Tac Lim 201.57
Jeremy Missimer Tac Lim 206.15
Paul Nowotarski Tac Lim 217.31
Rachael Granico Tac Lim 224.03
Stephen Rolando Tac Lim 229.42
Dave Stephens Tac Lim 249.76
Pierre LeClair Tac Lim 258.99
Erik Scott Tac Lim 260.19
Gary Swope Tac Lim 260.91
Dave Williams Tac Lim 260.95
Jim Stauffer Tac Lim 263.86
Jeremy Bruner Tac Lim 285.38
Peter Pan Tac Lim 290.11
Jim Scheler Tac Lim 291.56
Allen Evler Tac Lim 293.26
Greg Senft Tac Lim 308.56
Rick Zapf Tac Lim 312.68
Paul Krick Tac Lim 325.25
Bob Opsitos Tac Lim 328.87
Bernie Rhee Tac Lim 356.60
Ed Fowler Tac Lim 367.73
Bill Lehman Tac Lim 368.50
Tom Levenhagen Tac Lim 375.13
David Middleditch Tac Lim 376.86
Kevin Kornfield Tac Lim 399.67
Kevin Woerner Tac Lim 414.47
Phil Matte Tac Lim 428.51
Doug Hansen Tac Lim 429.85
Kevin Myers Tac Lim 493.65
Aaron Uhle Tac Lim 533.41
Mike Scarlato Tac Lim 606.78
Rick Torres Tac Lim 630.35

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Action Matches

On Sunday, September 8th we are going to host a 5 stage action match in the back pits, and a 4 stage action match up front at York Izaak Walton. There will be two time slots available for this match. We will finish setting up at 8:00 am and we appreciate your help. Registration for the morning time slot will be from 8:30 until 9:15. Mandatory match briefing will be at 9:20 and we will start shooting at 9:30. Registration for the afternoon time slot will be from 11:45 until 12:00. Mandatory match briefing will be at 11:55 and we will start shooting at 12:00pm. You will be able to shoot the front pits match in the AM and the back pits match in the PM, or vice versa. You may not shoot the same match twice.

There will be 2 options for the back pits action match:
1. You may shoot this match with Pistol only. A minimum of 120 rounds will be required. The cost will be $20.  To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "Pistol only", AM or PM, division, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

2. You may shoot this 5 stage match with a rifle and a pistol as a multigun match. Minimums of 60 rifle and 60 pistol rounds will be required. We encourage the use of 22lr, or the standard 223/5.56, but anything semi-automatic will be allowed for the rifle portion as all rifle targets will be paper. The cost will be $20 for the back pits multi-gun match. To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "rifle/pistol multigun", AM or PM, division, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

The front pit Multigun match:
Will require a shotgun and a pistol. You will not be able to shoot it with just a pistol because there will be targets that are inappropriate for a pistol. You also can't shoot with just a shotgun because of the there will be paper targets that must be engaged with a pistol.  Round counts are 50 pistol. 50 shot and 5 slugs required.  The fee for the front pit match will be $20. To sign up for this option email us at and tell us your name, "shotgun/pistol multigun", AM or PM, division, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

None of these matches will be for prizes.  All will be scored time plus and we will use the 2013 FNH rules with added pistol divisions for Production, Single Stack, L10 and Revolver.

If you are shooting both the front pits match, and back pits match, and don't really care what order you do it in you don't have to put any time slots down. It is actually beneficial to us for squadding if you don't.

This match will fill quickly. Do not hesitate to get signed up. You should receive a confirmation email from us within a day or two. If for some reason you have signed up but will not be able to make it to the match please let us know. Persistent no-shows will not be invited to shoot in the future.
If you have any questions you may email me at