Monday, January 27, 2020

February Long Range Egg Shoot

On Sunday, February 2nd we will be hosting a Long Range Egg Shoot.  This is the one on the rifle range where you use a 22lr to shoot egg size, and shaped steel at 50. 75, 100 and 125 yards from the benches.

This year when you will sign up for a specific time, between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and you will be expected to be there 20 minutes before your start time to prep your gear, and check in.  The match fee is $20.  At your designated time you will shoot 50 yards.  10 minutes later you will shoot 75 yards, and so on.  So theoretically you may be on the range for as little as 40 minutes.  Of course you're welcome to come earlier, and stay as long as you want to watch, but if it is cold you won't have to suffer as long.  That being said we will need spotters so everyone can't just shoot and scoot.  Plan on helping a little if you don't mind.

If the weather is extremely cold or treacherous I will cancel the match well ahead of time, but because everyone has a scheduled time being a no show or late has no remedy and will be frowned upon.

I have a two page document with some tips for beginners that may be of interest to you.  If you'd like a copy of that, and/or you'd like to sign up email me at

Monday, January 13, 2020

2020 3 Gun Point Series

We are opening up the signup for the 2020 3 Gun Point Series hosted by York IWLA #67. The entry fee for the Point Series is $100, which does not include any entries to individual matches. Only finishes in Tac-ops and Limited will earn points for the series.  The prize table will be for everyone in the Point Series in the order of finish.  If you cannot be there, someone will be allowed to pick for you. 

The top 16 Point Series finishers will be invited to compete in the Shoot-Off, as will the top 2 Seniors, Super Seniors, Ladies, and Juniors. Shoot-Off prizes will be cash. The payout structure will be the same as last year for the shoot-off. 

We have already heard back from several sponsors and the list is growing every week. We are excited about the new partners coming on board for this year.

Dates for Point Series matches:
April 5th
May 10th
June 13th and 14th Invictus Practical MAMGC (signup is open on practiscore)
July 12th
August 9th
September 13th

All matches are worth 70 points except for the MAMGC which is worth 75 points.

Your best 4 of 6 matches will count.

The prize table and shoot-offs are October 11th.

The Shoot off payouts are:

1st $1,000  
2nd $600 
3rd & 4th $300 
5th-8th $100

The Point Series and Shoot-Off are to be 100% payback.  We don’t keep any of this money for the club.

To sign up for the point series first send an email to, with the following information:

· Name
· Class- Senior(55), Super Senior(65), Junior(<18 14="" ages="" all="" and="" april="" before="" lady="" nbsp="" on="" or="" sup="">th
· Shirt size
· Email (if different than the one you are responding from) 

Chris Webb

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Long Range Egg Shoot Results

Thanks to all who braved the wind and cold today.  I guess for the 5th of January it could have been worse.  A special thanks to those who helped set up and tear down as well as all of you who helped spot and score.  It was really a group effort.

Congratulations to our winners Don Vetter and Jay Heydt.  Your scores were impressive, especially considering the weather.

I hope to see all of you at our next long range egg shoot, Sunday, February 2nd.  Expect sign up information around the 26th of this month.

Name Div 50 75 100 125  total
Don Vetter Bolt 55 55 55 40   205
Josh Metz Bolt 55 52 53 35   195
Greg Harle Bolt 54 45 51 40   190
Howard Thompson Bolt 55 53 45 25   178
Rob Chard Bolt 55 40 50 25   170
Heather Harris Bolt 55 25 51 35   166
Lou Levy Bolt 55 35 45 30   165
Don Harris Bolt 54 52 45 10   161
Brad Shaw Bolt 52 54 35 15   156
Phil Matte Bolt 52 50 20 30   152
Ray Travers Bolt 54 51 25 10   140
Jeff Chalk Bolt 51 40 20 5   116
Jim Fort Bolt 25 20 30 15    90
Harley Green Bolt 45 25 10 10    90
Jay Hedyt Semi 55 55 51 10   171
Brian Shimer Semi 55 51 35 15   156
Justin Hartman Semi 53 52 40 10  155
Dave Williams Semi 54 51 25 10   140
Rob Burkindine Semi 55 15 52 15   137