Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brass sale for the loyal readership.

As most of you folks know, I sell range brass for the IWLA junior Chapter, that they police up from the Summer blast, and the range barrels. They do a nice job of sorting, and sell by the 1000 counts, which are all a bit heavy. The monies go 100% to the kids, and the cool projects and activities they do.

You also know, prices for all things shooting are going nuts, and it doesn't seem fair to the kids to not follow suit, although in a much less dramatic way. We have decided that there will be a price increase for the Jr's brass sales beginning in Jan. What we do is research commercial pricing for once fired brass, and sell the Jr's brass for 50-70% of those prices (depending on caliber and demand), as it is sorted, but not tumbled, and not necessarily once fired.

This is advanced notice to loyal blog readers, I will sell what is in stock for 2008 pricing until Jan 1. The kids will be sorting more, so as I run out, it will be replaced early next year. I am currently out of 38 "super stuff". As an added bonus, if you can't get to the range to meet me for pickup, send along another $10/2000, and I will drop it into a USPS flat rate box and send it to you.

Even at the new prices, it is a good deal, at the old prices it is a steal. Drop me a line at with your request, and get to reloading, spring is closer than you think.


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