Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun shoot poll results and the decision

The fun shoot poll results were very useful. Contrary to what Gary and I surmised a large number of people were very interested in scoring. As we expected a large number don't really care either. The number against scoring was rather small. The discussion in the comments was very good and we learned some things there as well.

The decision was implemented right away Saturday and seems to be a reasonable compromise. We are going to keep scoring, but it has been simplifed and more importantly not emphasized. If you want to keep score, and have them published that is fine, and if you do not that is fine too. 30 of the 45 shooters scored their targets and returned their scoresheets. 15 people took adavantage of the relaxed procedure and did not bother. We think this should satisfy eveyone and keep the fun shoot enjoyable for all.

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