Friday, May 15, 2009

Area 8 Multi-gun championship cancelled

Wow, another match cancelled? Unfortunately yes.

I'm sure some of you have heard by now, the 2009 Area 8 Multi-gun Championships at Topton has been cancelled. A lighter than expected registration has led us to pull the plug. It is not financially viable, and the low turnout would not justify running an Area level match, we cannot move forward with it.

Now the good news: Dean and I have decided because we already have the stages planned, some time off from work, and Topton's ranges for the weekend we might as well do something with them. Although, we can't justify a $125 match fee and an Area Championship level match we can still put on a pretty good show, and we think we can get enough shooters to make it a very competitive event. So we are hosting a 7 stage multi-gun match the same weekend, June 19th and 20th. The match fee will be $75, and we plan on doing some really nice cash payouts, and we have some sponsor prizes to give out as well. Dean told the sponsors already committed we were downsizing and most of them said to keep the stuff they had already donated and give it out.

The details as we currently know them:
- Dean and a few of his guys, and a few of us from York will set up the stages on Thursday.
- There will be a limited number of squads shooting on Friday, mostly staff
- The majority of competitors will shoot Saturday.
- Immediately after shooting ends we will tear down stages. All competitors will be asked to help at match briefing.
- After teardown is complete we will give out prizes and checks. You must be present to win prizes. Checks will be mailed.

If you have already paid to enter the Area match you have two options. You can email Dean at and ask for a full refund and opt out of the new match. Or you can do nothing and remain signed up for the new match and get a refund of $50. You can email Dean if you want the $50 now, or you can collect it at the match.

If you haven't signed up yet contact Dean. It's not too late, but this new leaner match has a very limited number of spots available and it will fill up. Do it soon.

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