Monday, June 28, 2010

3 man 3 gun

On Saturday, July 31st York is planning on holding a special match not previously on the schedule. We will be hosting a 3 man 3 gun team match. If you've never shot one of these before it is a riot. If you have, you know it is a match not to be missed.

We're adding a couple new twists this year:

1. Two shotguns will be used on at least one stage. In years past we only required one shotgunner per team, but we have had requests for more scattergun action, and we agree.

2. We are requiring teams to sign up in advance, by completing the application at this link and returning it and the funds as designated on the entry form. There will be no exceptions, and the 1st 49 received are in.

3. Some stages will require teams to draw cards before the walk-through to see which member will shoot each gun on the stage. This adds an element of luck, and makes things more interesting, as well as ends the era of the specialists. Now every member of your team has to be ready to step up to any challenge. You may draw your optimal order or you may not.

Remember this match has no payout of any kind. You will get your money's worth, but only because it is so fun. We do results, but only for bragging rights.

Do not hesitate to get your app in the mail. We will go by postmark to determine the first 49 apps received.

If you want to shoot and need help finding a teamate or two email me and I'll try to match you up with some.

DVC, Howard

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