Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tip of the day

Buy a 22lr converion or dedicated 22lr AR-15. I bought one of the S&W AR-15 22lr rifles a this year and I love that thing. It works all the time with all kinds of ammo, and feels just like and AR-15. All the controls are in the right places. The only diffence is it's a little lighter. A couple of my friends bought Tactical Solutions uppers and they are great too.

A buddy and I went out and practiced for a few hours yesterday for the upcoming rifle matches and we used our 22lr ARs the entire practice. We simply moved our scopes over to the 22s and shot just like would have with the 223s. We shot 8" plates at 100 yards from various positions, and then practiced movement and transitions up close on bigger steel. We shot over 400 rounds each.

The advantages are:
- Of course it's cheaper. We each saved about $100 on ammo cost for the day.
- We could shoot steel at 20 yards and not punch holes in it.
- We never had to wait for barrels to cool.
- No brass to pick up.

There are bonuses too:
- You can use them for Steel Challenge or Fun Shoots.
- They are quiet and kids and women like that.
- You always need another gun.

At $100 a practice how long would it take to pay for a $400 rifle or a conversion?


Paul M said...

I agree with everything you said. Bought one of the S&W Model 15-22, it is a blast to shoot. Ordered one of the offset mounts from Brownell's and put a C-More on it with a 2 minute dot, it great for shooting pieces of clay pigeons. Can't say much for the factory trigger, replaced that right off the bat. You sure get a lot of bang for the buck.

Anonymous said...

Is the factory trigger that bad on the S&W 15-22?
What are the options for changing it out?


Paul M said...

It's a lot to be desired on the factory trigger, well over 5 pounds. Dave and I came up to the range to try it out, and he said, I happen to have a trigger group at the house, so I'll take it home and replace it. This one is set to around 3 pounds and what a difference. Once I had mine Jan tried it, then she bought one and Dave had me order a new trigger group for her's as well. The 25 rounds mags is another plus. If you get one, you'll never regret it.

Paul M said...


Here's a litte info for you if you're interested. We put the Jard AR-15 non-adjustable trigger group in it. It's a 2 pound trigger. We order it with the .171 holes. Also ordered the large Anti Walk pins. If I'm not mistaken the frame holes have to be drill out with an 11/64 bit. Since the frame is plastic it was real easy. Here's the 2 part numbers from Brownell's.

452-015-029 Pins $ 10.00
100-000-209 trigger $ 122.00

Hope this is of some help


Howard C. Thompson said...

I don't think the factory trigger is that bad. I still have mine in. But I shot a Glock for a lot of years and thta enables you to deal with anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips, Paul. I was looking at one last Saturday, but I was told the trigger in them kind of sucked. I was surprised to see that you were able to use standard AR trigger parts in yours.

I own a Tac-Sol upper on a dedicated stock lower and that upper cost more than the complete S&W carbine so I really don't need one, but what can I say...I have a problem. I appreciate the feedback.


gary said...

I simply pulled the trigger group out of one of my as yet to be built Olympic lowers and dropped it in to the S&W. No fuss, no muss and it is an improvement. I have to agree with Howard tho (it does pain me, once you start blasting away, it is so much fun you really don't notice the trigger, it is a rifle, after all.

If you don't own one, you should.

Tim said...

OK you guys talked me into it. I picked up my M&P 15-22 and spare magazines today. Looking forward to trying it out soon.

gary said...

Welcon=me to the dark side....

Anonymous said...

I've seen the S&W AR15-22 have problems in some matches. In the NC Ruger Rimfire event in July one had some issues with OOB firing, and 2 of them at the PSA Multigun Rimfire event in Oct blew the extractors right out in possible OOB events and disabled both guns. Maybe an ammo issue but be advised to keep checking the forums on this issue.
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