Friday, April 8, 2011

Weather for this weekends USPSA match

The forecast for the match Sunday looks good, but the weather betwen here and there is a little questionable. We are still moving forward, and fully intend to shoot as planned. We may be wearing boots with our shorts because of the mud, but at least we should be able to take our rain jackets off before we start shooting, and the footing on most of ranges is good even when wet.

If the weather would take a turn for the worst I will announce any changes here. You may want to check this site Sunday morning. I will make the final decision when I get home from work very late Saturday night, or very early Sunday morning.

Again, the forecast for Sunday is very promising, and we don't cancel matches easily at York. We're just hard-headed like that.


Anonymous said...

It's not like we'd ever build a bridge to get to a stage.

Steve M. said...

this time beginning of bridge will be the starting point for pit

Howard C. Thompson said...

Set up went well. No bridges needed. Stages look fun. Pits aren't too muddy, some of the parking area and between pits might be.