Thursday, November 17, 2011

FNH Multi-gun

I'm glad to see you all were able to carry on without me. I knew you could.

I have been asked about the match I attended and thought I would update you. The FNH Multi-gun was phenomenal. You really need to put it on your calendars for next year. No, really, it is September 19-23, 2012. Mark those dates now. I'll need help and you need to shoot it.

9 great stages of open terrain (no berms) and regular pits were an excellent test of all your shooting skills. The facility is amazing. 2300 acres of all kinds of ranges and fields, and woods to shoot in. Hard to believe it's only 2 hours and 20 minutes from Stewartstown.  You can drive from range to range and operate right out of your vehicle.

We got to play with some cool toys.  An FN303 was featured on one stage.  It's a less-lethal device kind of like a paintball gun on steroids.  Another stage had a PS90 bullpup 5.7x28mm and it was fun to shoot.  A SCAR heavy 10" suppressed was the prop on another stage.  I need one of those too.  But the most popular stage gun of all was the Barrett MRAD in 338 Lapua.  Holy smokes!  We had to shoot a steel silhouette at a measured 1/4 mile to start the stage and it was just a piece of cake with that thing.

Now we get to the prizes.  Friday night we had the staff banquet and the staff was given over $15,000 worth of gear by my estimation.  This includes a SCAR with all kinds of accessories, a DPMS 3 gun ready rifle, an FNX pistol, and an FNS pistol that is not even on the market yet, and an 11" Samson AR upper.  All of the staff was very pleased.  They also got some cash to offset expenses, free rooms, and free entry to the match.  They did work their tails off, so nothing was actually free, but they were very appreciated by myself and the competitors.

Saturday night was the competitor banquet and the prize table there was simply mind-blowing.  There was $245,000 in gear on those tables, including 107 guns!  This would be divided among the 238 competitors with the guys at the top naturally earning more, but the guys who finished at the bottom still got their entry fee or more in prizes.  I was 68th in Tactical Optics and still won a gun.

I gave up my Range Master job so in 2012 I could be "Assistant Match Director in charge of Operations" (sounds impressive doesn't it?) so I'll be the guy in charge of staff, and improvements to the way the match is run.  If you're interested in helping next year let me know.  I'm looking to add a lot of staff making the jobs easier for everyone.  I'm also looking for 3 Range Masters.  If you were there this year and know of ways to improve I want that input too. 


Rob said...

Where are the results? I keep checking the 3 Gun Nation website, but nada. They ought to get some palms!

Rob said...

Well, the results still aren't up, but I found this while poking around:

Congrats Greg.