Thursday, April 19, 2012

My target bag

I was at the range the other day and it occured to me that not everyone carries a "target bag" to practice.  It is really handy and somehow I assumed everyone had one, but that is not the case.

I have a gym bag kind of thing.  I guess technically it is a cheap fishing tackle bag probably from Walmart.  In it I keep things that really come in handy for practicing a wide variety of things.  Here's my list:

Tan pasters for IPSC targets
White pasters for no-shoots, and lots of other things
Black pasters for hard cover and lots of other things
1", 2", and 3" orange self adhesive target spots which have a million uses
6" round "Shoot and See" self adhesive targets
Plain white paper to put target spots on
Maybe some preprinted targets
A can of white  or grey spray paint
Binoculars (sometimes they're handier than a spotting scope)

From this bag I am pretty self sufficient and can accomodate a wide range of goals from precision to speed, with a variety of firearms at any range up to 300 yards or more.

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