Monday, June 17, 2013



Confirms started going out last night, if you shoulda did, but didn't git one, let me know. We are currently just over half capacity.

Registration is now open for York's June FunShoot (Saturday the 22th) at

This month will be 7 stages, beginning with 4 repeats in the back pits from this months totally awesome 3 gun match.  We will then add some more clay, Bullesyeye/PPC work and whatever food I stumble across this week....maybe Oreos....

As usual you may shoot this as a pistol or carbine only, or most any combination of multigun you like (substitute pistol caliber carbine for centerfire rifles please).

There will be stage descriptions and scoring for those so inclined, as well as the ever popular IDC class.

We'll start off with registration at 8, shooting by 9am.

cost is $15 adults, $5 for under 18.

Feel  free to email with any questions.


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