Sunday, August 18, 2013

August FunShoot

This month the FunShoot is back! This Saturday August the 24st.

Consisting of 7 stages and just under 100 rounds minimum for score, I will be recycling 3 of Howard's stages from the action match, in pits 4, 5 & 7.  In pit 6 will be a gallery of some sort, 1 will be clays and 2 will be a PPC/Bulleseye option. Pit 8 will see the annual return of RED DAWN!

As per FunShoot standard, this can be shot as a 1, 2 or 3 gun, using any combination of pistol, pistol caliber carbine and shotgun (or any of them alone, shotgun alone will be a bit limiting).  There will be an option for shotgunners to use about 5 slugs, but it is not mandatory for them.

Shooters can shoot standing in a box, running about, timed or untimed, for score or not for score.  Don't have but 50 rounds in stock?  Heck I don't care, just shoot at the targets you like.

The idea here is options and fun, shoot whatever and however you like, as long as you are safe and your assigned Range Officer approves. For those who need structure, it will be provided in stage instructions for scoring classes.

Fee is $15 ($5 for under 18), we will be registering at the stat shack between the 50 yd and 200 yd ranges beginning at 8, shooting by 9.

Preregister at, and let me know what guns you plan on shooting (always flexible on shoot day).

NEW SHOOTERS:  Please ID yourself when registering so I can make sure someone can show you the ropes, and please, be not afraid, we like noobies!



Joseph Hagan said...

I'm headed to New Hampshire this weekend, I'll have to unfortunately pass for this month. However I've got a "newbie" interested in coming and checking it out!

Gary S said...

Please have you newbie register.