Monday, April 7, 2014

Basic Multi-gun class

We will be hosting a Basic Multi-gun class at York Izaak Walton starting April 24th.  It will consist of 3 Thursday evening sessions, a Saturday, and a York match.  The intended audience of this class is shooters who are on the cusp of starting into multi-gun but need that little push, or boost in confidence to get started.   We will be primarily focused on basic skills needed to be successful in multi-gun, and the equipment needed.  We will devote significant attention to drills that will help you improve over the long run. Mike Stephens, Kirk McWilliams, and Howard Thompson will be the primary instructors. The fee will be $200 and the money will be donated to Izaak Walton.

The class was announced to the York Pistol Committee first and it is just about full.  We have 2 spots left and it starts in less than 3 weeks so don't delay if you are interested.

For more information email Mike at

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Mike Stephens said...

Correction: First class is April 17