Monday, June 2, 2014

Multi-gun challenge update

Things are looking great for next weekend.  We have about 120 shooters now, and my predicted payouts for Tac Ops look very promising.  We will be paying out  $6000 in cash prizes.

Please note the following changes from the published stage drawings/clarifications:

Stage 2 - There will only be 12 clays.  4 groups of 3.
             - The pistol must be grounded safely, not completely empty.

Stage 3 - All rifle steel will be considered "long range" regardless of distance.  20 second un-hit target penalties will apply.  The penalty for un-hit target that was not engaged is 30 seconds.

Stage 7 - There will only be 12 4"x4" squares.
            - We will be using water bottles instead of the drink bottles.

On stages 6 and 7 the rifles will not have to be grounded completely empty.

The penalty on stages 1 and 2 the rifles will still be grounded completely empty, but the penalty for grounding them safely , and not completely empty will be one procedural rather than a match DQ.

I'm looking forward to the match, and hope you are too.


Jeremy said...

hey Howard,

what time do we need to be there? registration, safety brief, and start shooting?


Howard C. Thompson said...

Depends on the day. It was in confirmation emails. If you don't have yours email me.

jeremy said...

is the 7131 Iron Stone Hill Road in Dallastown PA the correct address for the match location?