Sunday, July 13, 2014

Results are up

  There are also a couple of scores that look fishy to me.  Let me know if any of your times look wrong and what you remember them to be.  There's no money at stake but...

Apparently, there is no way to change divisions after the match.  I can input any divisions I want before the match, but afterwards the only choices I have are IDPA divisions.  I guess from now on we will have to be sure what division we're shooting when we first sign up.

The following people switched their divisions and it will not be reflected in the results:
Bernie Rhee SCCAR
Brennan Keil Lim
Dave Albanese OpenCP
Gary Swope OpenCP
Jim Fort TOCP
Nazar Skydov Lim
Paige Keil Lim
Paul Nowotarski OpenCP
Richard Knight Lim

Still it was a fun day.  The after match canoeing/kayaking thing was a lot of fun.  We'll be doing it again sometime.

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