Monday, October 13, 2014

Technical difficulties resolved!

The October results are now up on Practiscore.  Enjoy.



Greg Senft said...

I think the scoring on Stage 2 is inconstant. My squad treated all targets as Long Range with 20 or 30 second penalties. I see some penalty times in multiples of 5 suggesting some squads did not treat targets as Long Range.

Howard C. Thompson said...

I see two cases of that. One was Brennan Keil, the other was Jim Fort. Whoever scored them did it wrong for sure. All the targets on the rifle range were 20 seconds if un-hit and 30 seconds if un-hit and not engaged. Your squad and most of mine apparently did it correctly for sure. Luckily it will not effect the payouts.

Howard C. Thompson said...

One other issue was that before I could get Division results the pistol only and carbine only guys were skewing the stage 2 results badly. As a fix I added 500 seconds to each of their scores. It won't effect their ranking within pistol only, but that's why it's screwed up.

Rob said...

OK, I've fixed all of the +500 for the pistol guys. I've also reviewed all of the penalties assessed on Stage 2, rifle range. These should be correct now.

Anonymous said...

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Titles of broken links:

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Doug Hansen