Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Action Match

I should be announcing the January Action Match right now, but I'm not.  It has been cancelled.  The weather forecast for next weekend is bleak.

However, if the forecast should improve we might do something.  I have an idea.  Check back here before the weekend.  I'll let you know no later than Thursday night.  There will not be an advanced sign up for this match (if it happens at all).

If we do something it will be rifle only.  Be prepared to shoot 1-2 MOA targets from 100-200 yards from supported positions.  Entry fee will be cheap and round count will be on the low side.  Less than 50 rounds for sure.  Semi-autos will be the best choice, but others are not out of the question.  No calibers larger than .308 for sure.

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