Monday, October 5, 2015

Shoot off results

The shoot off for the point series went off extremely smoothly.  Congratulations to our Winner Joe Pitha.  Thank you to all our sponsors.  We will be doing it again next year.  Expect details here sometime around the first of the year.  Maybe earlier, like a Christmas present.

For more information, pictures, and videos check out the official facebook page at


Dave W said...

Special thanks to all of the organizers (Howard, Buddy, Kirk, et all), sponsors, and fans. I can honestly say that it was THE most fun I've ever had shooting. Got to shoot with the 'big boyz', certainly not because I'm good enough, but because I'm old enough;) I can't wait until next year. You're going down Greg! (Sneft, not Jordan)

Anonymous said...

Great idea to post the videos and picture of the shootout elimination "ladder" chart. I couldn't make it, so thank you very much for doing that.

Robert Tumb. said...

I would also like to thank everyone who made this possible. This was am awesome event.

John Adam said...
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George Dorbert said...

I agree with the above comments. I enjoyed shooting all of the matches that lead up to the shoot off. It was fun and a lot of pressure all rolled into one. I look forward to next year being bigger and better and would like to thank all of those behind the scenes for the hard work that they put in Howard, Buddy, Kevin and all of the others that are too many to list. I think all of the matches and the shoot off ran smoothly due to their dedication and time involved.

Thanks again guys,