Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finally we shoot sumfin!!!!!

EDIT 2/21/2016 final setup and registration 9am, first shots at 10am.

Welcome to the 2016 season, and my 11th year driving this bus. The weather looks FunShoot worthy for Saturday, so I'm gonna call it a go!

We are going to blow the dust off this Saturday the 27th, by running only 1 gun, on a bunch of steel. Bring either a handgun, pistol caliber carbine (subsonic 300BO qualifies) or Shotty (shotties may need 6-8 slugs, and will be a little target limited).

I'm thinking 5 stages, target count of 70-80ish, start time of 10am, fee of $20 for adults and $5 for those under 18. Scoring is optional, timers are optional, fun and safety are mandatory.

As always, York is a cold range, all firearms will remain unloaded until the shooter is at the firing line and directed to do so.

Conceal carry is forbidden at this event.

That being said, you can carry your unloaded firearm around the range holstered, boxed, bagged, carted or in a sock.  Long guns require a chamber flag. You can load magazines and carry them just don't put them in the gun.

Bring family and friends, we are very new shooter and kid friendly. Spectators are welcome, and will be assimilated!

Everyone on the range MUST wear eye and ear protection. We will be shooting steel, and it creates shrapnel, little flying bits of metal that can hit you on occasion.

For questions, please feel free to comment here, or email me at


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