Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship results

The results for the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship are available at https://practiscore.com/results/21385

Congratulations to Greg Jordan on his win!  We are especially proud of Greg because he is our hometown hero.  He is hard working and humble to a fault.  He is the perfect role model for aspiring shooters.  However, the competition is creeping up him a little.  James McGinty was closer in second place than anyone has been to Greg at any of our matches in a very long time, and Joe Pitha is no slouch, coming in third.  The competition was stiffer than ever.  There are a few guys who are always in our top ten: Buddy Knight, Rich Yoder, and Todd Sindelar.  Some new guys to the top ten: Pierre LeClair, Blaese Romano and pistol phenom Dave Olhasso.  And one guy who is really an up and comer at 8th place: Garrett Boop who finished 28th last year and hadn't even gotten started by the  2014 MAMGC.

We also want to congratulate Brian Miller for winning Open, and Paul Weichec for his win in Limited.

A big thanks to all of our competitors and staff for making this the best MAMGC yet!

We will wait a few days to call the results final, and then we will post the winners of the brackets, and the amounts won.  We will be mailing checks.

Expect the applications for next year's MAMGC around Christmas time.  We're looking forward to another great match in 2017, and we expect it to fill up quickly.  Don't delay getting yours in the mail.

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