Sunday, November 13, 2016

November results are up!

Well, they've been up since about 2:00, maybe earlier.  Remember when you go to practiscore to look for our results the word "York" is always in the title.  Usually first.

Here's the link

Thanks for coming out this year.  Keep an eye on this blog for our activities.  We don't shoot much over the winter but if the weather is unseasonably nice you never know what we might do.

The best practice is to subscribe, follow, or join this blog.  We don't use it for much else so you won't be getting a lot of emails, but you will get timely notices of match announcements, results, and application releases for our Point Series, MAMGC, and Team three gun.


J Owens said...

Thanks for the great match Howard.

Howard C. Thompson said...

Thanks, but it wasn't just me. My crew is the best.

I made a couple changes to the results this morning. Nothing earth shattering.