Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Climbing wall for the MAMGC

Paul Nowotarski and I built the climbing wall for pit 4 today.  It's a little taller than I was thinking so we're going to change the pistol to no magazine inserted, empty chamber, and holstered.  Paul took this picture of me on my first attempt.  We thought it was funny.
By the way, the penalty for going around it is only 20 seconds.


James Fort said...

Are you standing in the picture?

Dave W said...

Furniture grade I hope. I don't want to be digging splinters out of my crotch !

James Gable said...

I love it, this stage should be a lot of fun.


Lou Levy said...

Do I have to touch it on the way over???? I'm hoping to just hop over ....... :-)

Howard C. Thompson said...

@Jim, I'm about a foot off the ground trying to claw my way to the top. No, it's actually less than 4 feet tall. It's really easy.

@Dave, That's what she said.

@Lou, Of course not. We know you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.